Investigation of insecticidal control of macadamia nut borer cryptophlebia ombrodelta lepidoptera tortricidae

Ironside, D.A.

Queensland Journal of Agricultural and Animal Sciences 39(1): 69-72


Accession: 005747278

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During 1978-1979 4 insecticides were tested against C. ombrodelta (Lower) on macadamia [Macademia integrifolia] at Nambour [Australia]. Mean numbers of unmarketable nuts per tree were 10.5, 12.4, 19.5, 35.6 and 293.0 for 0.005% permethrin, 0.05% methidathion, 0.075% acephate, 0.05% omethoate and control treatments, respectively. All insecticides significantly reduced losses; permethrin and methidathion were significantly more effective than omethoate. Permethrin gave the longest protection.