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Investigation of the lanthanum induced aggregation on human red blood cells

Lerche, D.; Hessel, E.; Donath, E.

Studia Biophysica 75(2): 95-106


Accession: 005748071

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Aggregation measurements were carried out with washed human erythrocytes in a NaCl-PBS[phosphate-buffered solution]-solution under laminar shear conditions (D = 78.6 s-1) in a gap of a horizontally arranged, coaxial cylinder system. For a L concentration of 3.7 .times. 10-3 mol m-3, the collision efficiency .alpha. was 2.1% and increased with higher LaCl3- concentrations (c = 7.4 .times. 10-2 mol m-3; .alpha. = 10.3%). Unexpectedly the electrophoretic mobility of the cells did not change significantly under comparable conditions (pH = 7.4). Formation of La-phosphate-sols or adsorption of La3+-ions in the depth of the glycocalyx were discussed in connection with experiments showing that with increasing pH-value (5.4-7.5) and decreasing buffer-concentration, respectively, efficiency .alpha. was increased.

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