Investigations into the causes of unproductivity of old world and new world cotton hybrids 2 gossypium arboreum gossypium hirsutum and 2 gossypium arboreum gossypium barbadense

Malik, A.

Pakistan Journal of Botany 8(1): 19-25


ISSN/ISBN: 0556-3321
Accession: 005748919

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Tetraploids of G. arboreum synthesized by colchicine treatment were successfully utilized in crossing with G. hirsutum and G. barbadense. These tetraploids had low pollen fertility, 53.8%, but were gigantic morphologically. Hybrids with genomic constitution (C-4x G. arboreum) .times. G. hirsutum) and C-4x G. arboreum .times. G. barbadense) were obtained successfully and studied cytologically. The backcross studies were undertaken, but failure in this regard is due to some mechanical and genetic obstacles. The frequency of chromosome association at the Metaphase-I was 13.41 I + 18.55 II and 0.5 III and 14.2 I + 18.1 II and 0.55 III, respectively.