Investigations on cyclo phosphamide treatment during the pre implantation period 1. differential sensitivity of pre implantation mouse embryos to maternal cyclo phosphamide treatment

Spielmann, H.; Jacob-Mueller, U.; Eibs, H.G.; Beckord, W.

Teratology 23(1): 1-6


ISSN/ISBN: 0040-3709
Accession: 005749688

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To study the effect of cyclophosphamide (CPA) treatment of pregnant mice during the preimplantation period on different embryonic cells before implantation, the cell numbers of the immunosurgically isolated inner cell mass (ICM) and the blastocyst total cell number (BTCN) were determined in late blastocysts. In animals treated at 1400 h on day 2 of pregnancy, a dose-related reduction of the cell numbers was found for ICM and BTCN in morphologically normal late blastocysts (day 4, 0800 h) at CPA doses of 20-60 mg/kg which did not induce embryonic death before implantation but did later during organogenesis. At identical CPA doses, the reduction of the cell numbers of the ICM was significantly greater than that of the BTCN. There is a differential sensitivity of the 2 groups of cells in preimplantation mouse embryos (trophectoderm and ICM) to maternal CPA treatment before implantation.