Investigations on cyto genetics and development of improved pest resistant eggplant germ plasm

Rao, G.R.

Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences Plant Sciences 90(1): 59-70


Accession: 005749689

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Cytomorphology of Solanum melongena L. cv. Nurki Baigan, S. incanum L. and their F1 hybrids was studied. The fertility of the hybrids was as high as 48.60. A study of meiosis of the hybrids revealed a close genetic relationship between the 2 spp. The plants of F3 progeny were tested against Phomopsis vexans and Leucinodes orbanlis. Two plants of high yield with resistance to both organisms were selected. The F4 progeny of each selection was morphologically homogeneous and resistant, under field conditions, to P. vexans and L. orbonalis. The fruits matured to edible stage .apprx. 16 days earlier than the fruits of 'Nurki Baigan'.