Investigations on the wood extractives of pine species from turkey part 2 composition of fatty and resin acids in pinus sylvestris and pinus nigra

Yildirim, H.; Holmbom, B.

Acta Academiae Aboensis Ser B Mathematica et Physica 37(4): 1-6


Accession: 005750755

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A comparative investigation of the fatty and resin acid compositions of P. silvestris and P. nigra was carried out. The same acids and a similar proportion between them were found in both species. P. silvestris contained approximately twice the amount of resin acids as P. nigra; 27.9-29.1% and 13.6-15.1% of the acids, respectively. Main fatty acids in both species were the oleic and the linoleic acids. P. silvestris showed a higher content of the triunsaturated pinolenic acid than P. nigra. Among the resin acids a higher amount of neoabietic acid was found in P. nigra. The acid distribution of P. silvestris was qualitatively identical with that of this pine grown in Finland and Scandinavia. However, the Turkish pine showed lower proportions of di- and triunsaturated fatty acids, which may be a result of the warmer climate of Turkey.