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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 5761

Chapter 5761 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Satterfield, R.G.; Williamson, H.O., 1976:
Isolated ACTH deficiency and pregnancy

Nakagawa, H.; Nagasaka, A.; Koie, K.; Yuasa, T.; Sakabe, Y.; Kato, O.; Suzuki, T.; Hattori, K.; Katada, K., 1982:
Isolated acth deficiency associated with an empty sella

Kojima, I.; Nejima, I.; Ogata, E., 1982:
Isolated acth deficiency associated with poly glandular failure

Fernandez Vazquez, G.; Pico Alfonso, A.; Estopinan, V.; Tovar, J.; Zurita, P.; Hurtado, A., 1986:
Isolated acth deficit associated to primary empty sella turcica

Fossati, P.; Hego, M.F.; Romon, M.; Racadot, A.; Wemeau, J.L.; Fourlinnie, J.C.; Courtin, V., 1981:
Isolated acth insufficiency

Dikshteĭn, E.A.; Kurennaia, S.S.; Gandera, V.F., 1984:
Isolated actinomycosis of the spinal cord

Dittel, K.K.; Weller, S., 1980:
Isolated acute ruptures of fibular ligaments of the ankle joint in volleyball games

Huebsch, P.; Pichler, W.; Lang, I.; Mlczoch, J., 1987:
Isolated agenesis of the right pulmonary artery with late manifestation of pulmonary hypertension

Elliott, G.F., 1986 :
Isolated algal cysts in the paleocene lower eocene of kurdistan iraq

Alekseev, V.G.; Sinopal'nikov, A.I.; Iakovlev, V.N.; Seleznev, I.K.; Kochneva, D.Ia., 1986:
Isolated amyloidosis of the trachea

Starke, W.; Leithe, J.; Amon, K.; Schilling, H., 1981:
Isolated and combined abdominal traumas

Aitbaev, T.K. ; Almaniyazova, V.M.; Abylkasymova, A.S., 1976:
Isolated and combined activity of low concentrations of hydrogen fluoride and sulfur di oxide in a chronic experiment

Molitor, V.; Trnka, M.; Peschek, G.A., 1987:
Isolated and purified plasma and thylakoid membranes of the cyanobacterium anacystis nidulans contain immunologically cross reactive aa 3 type cytochrome oxidase

Thomas, I.T.; Frias, J.L.; Felix, V.; Sanchez de Leon, L.; Hernandez, R.A.; Jones, M.C., 1986:
Isolated and syndromic cryptophthalmos

Nagaratnam, N.; James, W.E., 1987:
Isolated angiitis of the brain in a young female on the contraceptive pill

Hertler, A.A.; Rosenwasser, G.O.; Gluck, W.L., 1986:
Isolated anterior chamber relapse in acute monoblastic leukemia

Werner, B.G.; Dienstag, J.L.; Kuter, B.J.; Polk, B.F.; Snydman, D.R.; Craven, D.E.; Crumpacker, C.S.; Platt, R.; Grady, G.F., 1985:
Isolated antibody to hepatitis B surface antigen and response to hepatitis B vaccination

Gonzalez Radillo, L.; Palacios Macedo, X.; Arauco Ibarra, V.; Meneses, O.R., 1979:
Isolated aortic prosthesis surgical evaluation and results

Jegaden, O.; Bonnfoy, J.Y.; Rumolo, A.; Mikaeloff, P., 1987:
Isolated aortic valve replacement at the asymptomatic or oligosymptomatic stage results and prognostic factors in 203 cases

Copeland, J.G.; Griepp, R.B.; Stinson, E.B.; Shumway, N.E., 1977:
Isolated aortic valve replacement in patients older than 65 years

Hamby, R.I.; Aintablian, A.; Wisoff, B.G., 1977:
Isolated aortic valve stenosis in the 8th decade

Womack, C.; Ansell, I.D., 1985:
Isolated arteritis of the epididymis

Haque, K.N., 1984:
Isolated asternia an independent entity

Kaye, G.C.; Butler, M.G.; d'Ardenne, A.J.; Edmondson, S.J.; Camm, A.J.; Slavin, G., 1986:
Isolated atrial amyloid contains atrial natriuretic peptide: a report of six cases

Steele, P.M.; Fuster, V.; Cohen, M.; Ritter, D.G.; Mcgoon, D.C., 1987:
Isolated atrial septal defect with pulmonary vascular obstructive disease long term follow up and prediction of outcome after surgical correction

Gambhir, S.S.; Tripathi, R.M., 1977:
Isolated auricles of frog in pharmacological evaluation of cardioactive drugs

Geven, W.B.; Monnens, L.A.H.; Willems, J.L.; Buijs, W.; Hamel, C.J., 1987:
Isolated autosomal recessive renal magnesium loss in two sisters

Torisu, T., 1977:
Isolated avulsion fracture of the tibial attachment of the posterior cruciate ligament

Gibson, C.T.; Manske, P.R., 1987:
Isolated avulsion of a flexor digitorum superficialis tendon insertion

Snyder, B.D.; McClelland, R.R., 1978:
Isolated benign cerebral vasculitis

Lowe, P.; Hardy, B.R., 1982:
Isolated bilateral blunt renal trauma with pelvi ureteric disruption

Grimson, B.S.; Cohen, K.L.; Peiffer, R.L.; Bouldin, T.W., 1982:
Isolated, bilateral orbital mass lesions during childhood

Gupta, N.M.; Chaudhary, A.; Talwar, B.L., 1985:
Isolated biliary tuberculosis

Yalla, S.V.; Blute, R.D.; Snyder, H.; Yap, W.; Fraser, L.; Friedman, E., 1981:
Isolated bladder neck obstruction of undetermined etiology primary in adult males recognition and management

Monsanto, E.H.; Johnston, A.D.; Dick, H.M., 1986:
Isolated blastomycotic osteomyelitis: a case simulating a malignant tumor of the distal radius

Donati, E.; Bistaffa, R., 1974:
Isolated bone metastases in a foot report of 2 cases

Goeksan, A.; Yazicioglu, O.; Oezger, H.; Temelli, Y.; Toezuen, R.; Tuerkmen, M., 1984:
Isolated bone tuberculosis on the talus a case

Isenberg, G.; Klöckner, U., 1982:
Isolated bovine ventricular myocytes. Characterization of the action potential

Ferbert, A.; Buchner, H.; Ringelstein, E.B.; Hacke, W., 1986:
Isolated brain stem death case report with demonstration of preserved visual evoked potentials

Yarchoan, R.; Davies, S.F.; Fried, J.; Mahowald, M.L., 1979:
Isolated Candida parapsilosis arthritis in a heroin addict

Lazarus, S.C.; DeVinney, R.; McCabe, L.J.; Finkbeiner, W.E.; Elias, D.J.; Gold, W.M., 1986:
Isolated canine mastocytoma cells: propagation and characterization of two cell lines

Johnson, R.B.; Wing, E.J.; Miller, T.R.; Rosenfeld, C.S., 1987:
Isolated cardiac aspergillosis after bone marrow transplantation

Bing, O.H.L.; Brooks, W.W., 1978:
Isolated cardiac muscle performance during fluoro carbon immersion and effects of metabolic blockade

Freudenberg, H.; Bornemann, H.; Brennecke, J., 1979:
Isolated cardiac tumor metastasis of an osteogenic sarcoma in the heart diagnosis and control of treatment

Simko, F.; Turcani, M.; Fizel, A.; Fizelova, A., 1987:
Isolated cardiomyocyte and the calcium paradox

Elzinga, G.; Westerhof, N., 1982:
Isolated cat trabeculae in a simulated feline heart and arterial system. Contractile basis of cardiac pump function

Hartse, K.M.; Zorick, F.J.; Sicklesteel, J.M.; Roth, T., 1988:
Isolated cataplexy: a familial study

Pascual, J.M.; Villoslada, C.; Michavila, J.; Belda, A.; Redon, J., 1986:
Isolated chin neuropathy and systemic cancer

Yamazaki, K., 1988:
Isolated cilia and crystalloid inclusions in murine bone marrow stromal cells

Rod, J.L.; Bakst, A.; Gotsman, M.S.; Lewis, B.S., 1980:
Isolated circumflex coronary artery obstruction

Farge, D.; Chatellier, G.; Pagny J Y.; Jeunemaitre, X.; Polouin P F.; Corvol, P., 1987:
Isolated clinical syndrome of primary aldosteronism in four patients with adrenocortical carcinoma

Carroll, D.; Garrett, J.E.; Lam, B.S., 1984:
Isolated clusters of paired tandemly repeated sequences in the Xenopus laevis genome

Schumacher, G.; Peters, D.R.; Schreiber, R.; Meisner, H.; Heimisch, W.; Sebening, F.; Buehlmeyer, K., 1984:
Isolated coarctation of the aorta indication for surgery and results

Koman, L.A.; Nunley, J.A.; Goldner, J.L.; Seaber, A.V.; Urbaniak, J.R., 1984:
Isolated cold stress testing in the assessment of symptoms in the upper extremity preliminary communication

Katz, S.; Izhar, M.; Ashkenazi, S.; Halpern, Z.; Mirelman, D., 1982:
Isolated colonic loop in the rabbit: an in vivo system for studying intestinal mucus

Di Fabio, D.; Pardini, S.; Milano, S.; Petroboni, V.; Niccoli, L.; Mombelloni, G., 1980:
Isolated communication between the left atrium and the coronary sinus

Müller-Vahl, H., 1985:
Isolated complete paralysis of the tensor fasciae latae muscle

Buckmiller, J.F.; Rickard, T.A., 1987:
Isolated compression neuropathy of the palmar cutaneous branch of the median nerve

Foale, R.A.; Baron, D.W.; Rickards, A.F., 1979:
Isolated congenital absence of coronary sinus

Kapur, S.; Van Vloten, A., 1986:
Isolated congenital bowed long bones

Lee, C.K.; Weiss, A.B., 1981:
Isolated congenital cervical block vertebrae below the axis with neurological symptoms

Jaureguy, B.M.; Hall, J.G., 1979:
Isolated congenital ectopia lentis with autosomal dominant inheritance

Hirase, Y.; Masuzawa, G.; Kim, M.; Marumo, E., 1987:
Isolated congenital familial thumb deformities in a mother and daughter

Schwartz, B.R.; Lage, J.M.; Pober, B.R.; Driscoll, S.G., 1986:
Isolated congenital renal tubular immaturity in siblings

Hochberg, M.S.; Levine, F.H.; Daggett, W.M.; Akins, C.W.; Austen, W.G.; Buckley, M.J., 1982:
Isolated coronary artery bypass grafting in patients 70 years of age and older early and late results

Dueholm, S.; Fabrin, J., 1986:
Isolated coronary artery rupture following blunt chest trauma. A case report

Thompson, R., 1986:
Isolated coronary ostial stenosis in women

Shtern, S.V.; Struchenevskaya, I.L., 1986:
Isolated coronary stenosis clinical picture left ventricular contractility and central hemodynamics

Bukharin, V.A.; Podzolkov, V.P.; Bondarev-Yu, I.; Pogorelova, A.A.; Ivanitskii, A.V., 1975:
Isolated corrected transposition of the major cardiac vessels

Sellner, F.; Jelinek, R.; Dinges, H.P., 1980:
Isolated Crohn's disease of the appendix

Lynn, A.M.; Redding, G.J.; Morray, J.P.; Tyler, D.C., 1985:
Isolated deafness following recovery from neurologic injury and adult respiratory distress syndrome. A sequela of intercurrent aminoglycoside and diuretic use

Borody, I.B.; Carlton, M.A., 1981:
Isolated defect in human placental lactogen synthesis in a normal pregnancy a case

Krendel, D.A.; Gilchrist, J.M.; Johnson, A.O.; Bossen, E.H., 1987:
Isolated deficiency of vitamin E with progressive neurologic deterioration

Lopez-Martinez, R.; Mariat, F.; Dominguez, L., 1978:
Isolated dermatophytes from the clean scalp

Buxton, A.E.; Morganroth, J.; Josephson, M.E.; Perloff, J.K.; Shelburne, J.C., 1976:
Isolated dextroversion of the heart with asymmetric septal hypertrophy

Maze, S.S.; Kotler, M.N.; Parry, W.R., 1987:
Isolated diastolic tricuspid regurgitation demonstrated by two dimensional color flow doppler imaging

Nagelberg, S.B.; Marmorstein, B.; Khazaeli, M.B.; Rosen, S.W., 1985 :
Isolated ectopic production of the free beta subunit of chorionic gonadotropin by an epidermoid carcinoma of unknown primary site

Hauer, B.; Fisch, P.; Arnold, P., 1987:
Isolated electrical alternation of ventricular repolarization a report of 2 cases

Jones, S.N.; Beynon, G.P.; Askew, C.M.; Croker, J.R., 1982:
Isolated elevation of serum alkaline phosphatase and biliary disease in the elderly

Udassin, R.; Aviad, I.; Vinograd, I.; Nissan, S., 1984:
Isolated emphysematous gastritis in an infant

Quagliarello, J.; Coppa, G.; Bigelow, B., 1985:
Isolated endometriosis in an inguinal hernia

Baur, X., 1981:
Isolated enzymes of bacterial plant and mold origin as potent inhalant and potential ingestive antigens

Niizuma, K., 1979:
Isolated epidermolytic acanthoma. A histological study

Titti, G.; Agresta, V.; Bonci, M.; Naccarato, A.; Spadaccini, N., 1981:
Isolated epispadia in a female a case

Murshidi, M.S., 1988:
Isolated extraperitoneal trauma of the urinary bladder a review of literature and presentation of cases

Aigner, K.; Hild, P.; Breithaupt, H.; Hundeiker, M.; Schwemmle, K.; Henneking, K.; Illig, L.; Merker, G.; Paul, E.; Brodkorb, J.; Jungbluth, A., 1983:
Isolated extremity perfusion with dacarbazine an experimental and clinical study

Ishioka, H., 1983:
Isolated fin muscles of red sea breams pagrus major for the in vitro metabolic studies

Kokina, N.N.; Zdor, V.I., 1976:
Isolated fish head preparation and possibilities of its use for the analysis of brain structure activities

Hyams, J.S.; Borisy, G.G., 1978:
Isolated flagellar apparatus of Chlamydomonas: characterization of forward swimming and alteration of waveform and reversal of motion by calcium ions in vitro

Bertin, K.C.; Horstman, J.; Coleman, S.S., 1984:
Isolated fracture of the lesser trochanter in adults: an initial manifestation of metastatic malignant disease

Althaus, R.J., 1981:
Isolated fracture of the os trapezium a rare injury

Pollock, F.H.; Pankovich, A.M.; Prieto, J.J.; Lorenz, M., 1983:
Isolated fracture of the ulnar shaft treatment without immobilization

Starke, W.; Straube, J., 1982:
Isolated fractures of the external lamina of the skull

Papavasiliou, V.A.; Beslikas, T.A.; Nenopoulos, S., 1987:
Isolated fractures of the olecranon in children

Buschmeyer, R.; Moschinski, D., 1984:
Isolated fractures of the posterior tibial margin so called volkmann triangle

Hooper, G.; Buxton, R.A.; Gillespie, W.J., 1981:
Isolated fractures of the shaft of the tibia

Marciniak, M.; Staniszewski, A., 1987:
Isolated fractures of the sternum

Aragno, R.; Bettini, V.; Fabro, P.; Ton, P.; Munari, L.; Munari, P.F., 1986:
Isolated frog neuromuscular preparations and calcitonin influence on the mechanical responses

Schmidt, C.L.; Epstein, J.A.; Sarosi, P.; Wolman, S.R.; Weiss, G., 1982:
Isolated fsh deficiency in a woman with x chromosomal mosaicism

A.A.sari A.A K.; Khalil, T.H.; Kelani, Y.; Mortimer, C.H., 1984:
Isolated fsh deficiency in men successful long term gonadotropin therapy

Johnson, W.R.; Harris, P., 1982:
Isolated gallbladder injury secondary to blunt abdominal trauma a case

Bilbaut, A.; Meech, R.W.; Hernandez Nicaise M L., 1988:
Isolated giant smooth muscle fibers in beroe ovata ionic dependence of action potentials reveals two distinct types of fiber

Van Dop, C.; Burstein, S.; Conte, F.A.; Grumbach, M.M., 1987:
Isolated gonadotropin deficiency in boys: clinical characteristics and growth

Eshghabadi, M.; Shojania, A.M.; Carr, I., 1986:
Isolated granulocytic sarcoma: report of a case and review of the literature

Wagenaar, S.S.; van den Bosch, J.M.; Westermann, C.J.; Bosman, H.G.; Lie, J.T., 1986:
Isolated granulomatous giant cell vasculitis of the pulmonary elastic arteries

Vannasaeng, S.; Vichayanrat, A.; Ploybutr, S.; Inthuprapa, M.; Tandhanand, S., 1982:
Isolated growth hormone deficiency: a study in 14 Thai patients

Eichler, I.; Frisch, H.; Eichler, H.G.; Soukop, W., 1988:
Isolated growth hormone deficiency after severe head trauma

McNeil, L.W.; Daniell, J.F.; Russell, M.H.; Rabin, D., 1981:
Isolated growth hormone deficiency, ovarian dysgenesis and Turner stigmata with normal chromosomal complement

Tyson, J.E.; Barnes, A.C.; Merimee, T.J.; McKusick, V.A., 1970:
Isolated growth hormone deficiency: studies in pregnancy

Goossens, M.; Brauner, R.; Czernichow, P.; Duquesnoy, P.; Rappaport, R., 1986:
Isolated growth hormone deficiency type 1a associated with a double deletion in the human growth hormone gene cluster

Nishi, Y.; Aihara, K.; Usui, T.; Phillips, J.A.; Mallonee, R.L.; Migeon, C.J., 1984:
Isolated growth hormone deficiency type 1A in a Japanese family

Krawinkel, U.; Cramer, M.; Imanishi-Kari, T.; Jack, R.S.; Rajewsky, K.; Makela, O., 1977:
Isolated hapten binding receptors of sensitized lymphocytes part 1 receptors from nylon wool enriched mouse thymus derived lymphocytes lack serological markers of immuno globulin constant domains but express heavy chain variable portions

Cramer, M.; Krawinkel, U.; Melchers, I.; Imanishi Kari, T.; Ben Neriah, Y.; Givol, D.; Rajewsky, K., 1979:
Isolated hapten binding receptors of sensitized lymphocytes part 4 expression of immuno globulin variable regions in 4 hydroxy 3 nitrophenyl acetyl specific receptors isolated from murine bone marrow derived and thymus derived lymphocytes

Kapel'ko V.I.; Popovich, M.I.; Golikov, M.A.; Novikova, N.A.; Shul'zhenko V.S., 1987:
Isolated heart contractility in the presence of chronic myocardial damage caused by adriamycin

Robinson, T.F.; Hayward, B.S.; Krueger, J.W.; Sonnenblick, E.H.; Wittenberg, B.A., 1981:
Isolated heart myocytes: ultrastructural case study technique

Segel, L.D.; Rendig, S.V.; Mason, D.T.; Stern, J.S., 1980:
Isolated hearts from obese rats show impaired function during hypoxia

Rikans, L.E.; Hornbrook, K.R., 1986:
Isolated hepatocytes as a model for aging effects on hepatotoxicity studies with allyl alcohol

Fontijne, W.P.J.; Mook, P.H.; Elstrodt, J.M.; Schrafford Koops, H.; Oldhoff, J.; Wildevuur, C.R.H., 1985:
Isolated hindlimb perfusion in dogs the effect of perfusion pressures on the oxygen supply tissue oxygen tension histogram to the skeletal muscle

Tibbs, P.A.; Challa, V.; Mortara, R.H., 1978:
Isolated histiocytosis X of the hypothalamus. Case report

Zeman, V.; Nemee, J.; Nahodil, V., 1981:
Isolated hodgkins disease in struma lymphomatosa hashimoto

Algom, M.; Schlesinger, Z.; Horowitz, M.; Pick, A., 1987:
Isolated huge vegetation in the right ventricular outflow tract due to anaerobic infective endocarditis complicating ventricular septal defect

Wyse, D.G., 1981:
Isolated human cystic artery: responses to common agonist and antagonist drugs

Aigner, K.R.; Jungbluth, A.; Link, K.H.; Walther, H.; Mueller, H.; Schwemmle, K.; Ringenberg, T.; Boerger, G.; Ruppel, R.; Illig, L.; Voigt, H., 1984:
Isolated hyperthermic extremity perfusion for malignant melanoma with dacarbazine vindesine and cis platinum

Kaufman, J.S.; Peck, M.; Hamburger, R.J.; Flamenbaum, W., 1986:
Isolated hypoaldosteronism and abnormalities in renin, kallikrein, and prostaglandin

Seagraves, A.; Rutherford, R.B., 1987:
Isolated hypogastric artery revascularization after previous bypass for aortoiliac occlusive disease

Alvarez, L.; Aranega, A.; Garcia-Tortosa, M.C.; Guirao-Pineyro, M.; Roman-De-La-Rosa, A., 1976:
Isolated hypoplasia of the aorta stereo cardiometric study of 5 cases

Kirby, R.S.; Bultitude, M.I.; Lloyd Davies, R.W., 1983:
Isolated ileal loop augmentation of existing ileal conduit

Perbellini, A.; Lievore, R.; Mazzilli, G.; Gandolfi, P.; Candiani, P.; Rossi, M., 1987:
Isolated iliac artery dissection a case report

Lim, D.T.; Freel, B.J.; Ghani, M., 1978:
Isolated immuno globulin a deficiency associated with upper airway obstruction sleep dys rhythmia and failure to thrive a case report

Grafman, J.; Salazar, A.M.; Weingartner, H.; Vance, S.C.; Ludlow, C., 1985:
Isolated impairment of memory following a penetrating lesion of the fornix cerebri

Gratsianskii, N.A.; Zimin-Yu, V.; Merkulova, I.N.; Smirnov, V.P., 1978:
Isolated infarction of the right auricle manifested as arrest of the sino atrial node and terminating in death

Scott, W.E.; Nankin, S.J., 1977:
Isolated inferior oblique paresis

Pusateri, T.J.; Sedwick, L.A.; Margo, C.E., 1987 :
Isolated inferior rectus muscle palsy from a solitary metastasis to the oculomotor nucleus

Lambert, D.; Guy, H.; Baudet, D.; Bonhomme, J.; Cortet, P.; Michiels, R.; Chapuis J L., 1980:
Isolated infiltrated cutaneous nodule revealing acute leukemia

Fiocchi, R.; Adani, R.; Salsi, A., 1987:
Isolated injuries of the posterior cruciate

Alvarez Guisado, L.; D.L.R.sa R.; Jimenez, A.; Garcia Garcia, A.Y.; D.D.0s J., 1979:
Isolated inter auricular defect fossa ovalis type pulmonary stenosis

Kirkpatrick, J.B.; Potts, B.M., 1987:
Isolated intermediates products of long distance gene dispersal phantom hybridity or convergent evolution the case of the half barked eucalyptus amygdalina

Manaster, B.J.; Greenberg, M.; Rubin, J.M., 1982:
Isolated internal iliac artery aneurysms

Nelson, R.P., 1980:
Isolated internal iliac artery aneurysms and their urological manifestations

Ziegler, M.M.; Maguire, H., 1978:
Isolated interruption of the afferent limb of the immunological reflex. A murine model

Jaffray, D.; O'Brien, J.P., 1986:
Isolated intervertebral disc resorption. A source of mechanical and inflammatory back pain?

Hegazy, E.; Lopez del Pino, V.; Schwenk, M., 1983:
Isolated intestinal mucosa cells of high viability from guinea pig

Putman, C.E.; Smith, G.J.W.; Mcloud, T.; Ravin, C.E.; Berd, D., 1976:
Isolated intra pulmonary adenopathy in leukemia

Lesoin, F.; Rousseaux, M.; Pruvo, J.P.; Villette, L.; Jomin, M., 1986:
Isolated intramedullary dorsal neurinoma one observation

Hallman, M.; Miyai, K.; Wagner, R.M., 1976:
Isolated lamellar bodies from rat lung: correlated ultrastructural and biochemical studies

Malo, J.L.; Carter, A.; Gagnon, G.; Evans, S.; Dolovich, J., 1985:
Isolated late asthmatic reaction due to nickel sulfate without antibodies to nickel

Yocum, L.A.; Kerlan, R.K.; Jobe, F.W.; Carter, V.S.; Shields, C.L.Jr; Lombardo, S.J.; Collins, H.R., 1979:
Isolated lateral meniscectomy a study of 26 patients with isolated tears

V"rbanov, M.; Slavova, J.; Ivanova, G.; Zakhariev, A.; Zantova, R., 1980:
Isolated leaf protoplasts and callus cultures of plants from beta 1. production growth division and development on fluid nutrient media

Starnes, V.A.; Oyer, P.E.; Portner, P.M.; Ramasamy, N.; Miller, P.J.; Stinson, E.B.; Baldwin, J.C.; Ream, A.K.; Wyner, J.; Shumway, N.E., 1988:
Isolated left ventricular assist as bridge to cardiac transplantation

Goei The, H.S.; Cats, A.; Van Der Linden, S., 1986:
Isolated lesions of the manubriosternal joint in patients with inflammatory back pain and negative sacroiliac and spinal radiographs

Tsai M F.; Tsai C H.; Lee D F.; W.T.C., 1986:
Isolated levocardia with interruption of infrahepatic inferior vena cava a case report

Barrie, W.W.; Schenk, W.G.J., 1977:
Isolated limb perfusion a canine model for the study of vascular resistance/

Ashcroft, P.; Bell, J., 1987:
Isolated limb perfusion for regional chemotherapy

Schölmerich, J.; Kremer, B.; Schmidt, K.; Setyadharma, H.; Richter, I.E.; Schoenenberger, G.A., 1980:
Isolated liver cells of the rat under the influence of a toxic factor from burnt human and animal skin

Spray, D.C.; Saez, J.C.; Brosius, D.; Bennett, M.V.L.; Hertzberg, E.L., 1986:
Isolated liver gap junctions gating of transjunctional currents is similar to that in intact pairs of rat hepatocytes

Beije, B.; Jenssen, D.; Arrhenius, E.; Zetterqvist M A., 1979:
Isolated liver perfusion a tool in mutagenicity testing for the evaluation of carcinogens

Beiger, M., 1986:
Isolated locations of mountain species of flies on lowland diptera agromyzidae

Avril, A.; Bonichon, F.; Durand, M.; Mauriac, L.; Novick, K.; Maree, D.; Mage, P.; Renaud Salis, J.L.; Faucher, A.; Trojani, M., 1986:
Isolated locoregional recurrence after total mastectomy and axillary node dissection for breast carcinoma prognostic implications a study of 77 recurrences among a series of 2362 patients

Gallousis, S., 1979:
Isolated lung metastases from pelvic malignancies

Jeejeebhoy, K.; Phillips, M.J., 1976:
Isolated mammalian hepatocytes in culture

Gross, J.A.; Hamilton, W.J.; Swift, T.R., 1980 :
Isolated mechanical lesions of the sural nerve

Fryns, J.P.; Hofkens, G.; Fabry, G.; Van Den Berghe, H., 1988:
Isolated mesomelic shortening of the forearm in father and daughter a new entity in the group of mesomelic dysplasias

Stulc, J.P.; Petrelli, N.J.; Herrera, L.; Lopez, C.L.; Mittelman, A., 1985:
Isolated metachronous metastases to soft tissues of the buttock from a colonic adenocarcinoma

Pal, A., 1983:
Isolated micro spore culture of the winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus growth development and chromosomal status

Goovaerts, H.G.; Metselaar, J.W., 1987:
Isolated microelectrode amplifier for measurements on papillary muscle subject to a rapid temperature step

Datta, S.K.; Wenzel, G., 1987:
Isolated microspore derived plant formation via embryogenesis in triticum aestivum l

Zernicki, B.; Doty, R.W.; Santibanez, G., 1970:
Isolated midbrain in cats

Bertelsen, S.; Struve Christensen, E.; Aasted, A.; Sparup, J., 1980:
Isolated middle lobe atel ectasis etiology pathogenesis and treatment of the so called middle lobe syndrome

Sundheim, G.; Bengtsson Olivecrona, G., 1987:
Isolated milk fat globules as substrate for lipoprotein lipase study of factors relevant to spontaneous lipolysis in milk

Van Der Bel Kahn, J.; Duren, D.R.; Becker, A.E., 1985:
Isolated mitral valve prolapse chordal architecture as an anatomic basis in older patients

Gosalbez, F.; D.L.nera F.A.; Cofino, J.L.; Naya, J.L.; Rodriguez, J.; Ortuna, A., 1981:
Isolated mitral valve replacement and ventricular rupture presentation of 6 patients

Ferrini, M.; Roche, J.F.; Deyrieux, F.; Blum, J.; Tartulier, M.; Mikaeloff, P., 1986:
Isolated mitral valvular replacement operative results and intermediate term development

Schmid, V.; Alder, H., 1984:
Isolated mononucleated striated muscle can undergo pluripotent transdifferentiation and form a complex regenerate

Andersson, A., 1978:
Isolated mouse pancreatic islets in culture effects of serum and different culture media on the insulin production of the islets

Hewett, K.; Legato, M.J.; Danilo, P.Jr; Robinson, R.B., 1983:
Isolated myocytes from adult canine left ventricle calcium tolerance electro physiology and ultrastructure

Hanley, M.J.; Davidson, K., 1982:
Isolated nephron segments from rabbit models of obstructive nephropathy

Hanley, M.J., 1980:
Isolated nephron segments in a rabbit model of ischemic acute renal failure

Said, G., 1976:
Isolated nerve fibers in primary hypertrophic neuritis

Vanhaudenarde, J.M.; Berrier, A.; Parent, M.; Martiat, B.; Piquet, J.J., 1987:
Isolated neurilemomas of the larynx study of 4 cases and a review of the literature

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Isolated nodular cutaneous histoplasmosis. The initial manifestation of recurrent disseminated disease

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Isolated odontogenic keratocyst

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Isolated ophthalmic migraine in the differential diagnosis of cerebro ocular ischemia

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Isolated organisms in ocular infectious diseases

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Isolated osteoclasts and their presumed progenitor cells, the monocyte, in culture

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Perry, S.F.; Booth, C.E.; Mcdonald, D.G., 1985:
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Isolated perfused rabbit lung as a model to study the absorption of organic aerosols

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Isolated perfused rat kidney and liver combined. A new experimental model

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Isolated perfused rat liver a model for the study of hepatic metabolism of drugs example of 5 fluorouracil

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Isolated peri cardial metastasis of parotid tumor origin

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Isolated peripheral lymph node recurrence of endometrial carcinoma

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Isolated phosphoryl choline binding lymphocytes 1. use of a cleavable cross linking reagent for solid phase adsorbent isolation of functional antigen binding cells

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Isolated plantar and palmar lesions of tuberculoid leprosy

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Isolated plasma membranes regulate neurotransmitter expression and facilitate effects of a soluble brain cholinergic factor

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Isolated pneumaturia

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Isolated popliteal vs. distal bypasses for limb salvage

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Isolated population of honey bees in australia

Bol'shakov, V.N.; Vasil'ev, A.G.; Mendakov, M.N., 1985:
Isolated population of the large toothed suslik citellus fulvus on island barsakel'mes kazakh ssr ussr phenetic and morphometric aspects of comparison of the island and continental populations

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Isolated presence of the illyrian black pine pinus nigra along the eastern rim of the alps

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Isolated profundaplasty for limb salvage

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Isolated prolapse of the tricuspid valve

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Isolated protoplast culture from cotyledons of cotton gossypium hirsutum

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Isolated proximal median neuropathy

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Isolated pulmonary lymphoma in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

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Isolated pulmonary valvular insufficiency in a dog

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Isolated rapid eye movement sleep facilitates recall of complex associative information

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Isolated rat hepatocyte couplets a primary secretory unit for electrophysiologic studies of bile secretory function

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Isolated rat hepatocytes and 9000 gravity rat liver supernatant as metabolic systems for the study of the pharmaco kinetics of barbiturates

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Isolated rat hepatocytes as a model system for screening chelators for use in cadmium intoxication

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Isolated rat hepatocytes as a tool for the determination of antibodies against human liver cell membrane

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Isolated rat liver needs calcium to make bile

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Isolated rectal gland cells: oxygen consumption and hormonal stimulation

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Isolated replacement of a prosthesis or a bioprosthesis in the aortic valve position

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Isolated replacement of a prosthesis or a bioprosthesis in the mitral valve position

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Isolated reservation areas as pseudoinsular biotas

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Isolated retained antrum diagnosis by gastrin challenge tests and radio scintillation scanning

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Isolated retinal arterial aneurysms

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Isolated retinal hemorrhages associated with oral contraceptives

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Isolated retinas synthesize visual pigments from retinol congeners delivered by liposomes

Kunst, M., 1986:
Isolated rhabdosomes of retiolites geinitizianus geinitzianus graptolithina from the silurian of the barrandian area czechoslovakia

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Isolated rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament clinical and morphological studies

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Isolated sarcoidosis of the upper mediastinal lymph nodes

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Isolated secretion granules from parotid glands of chronically stimulated rats possess an alkaline internal ph and inward directed proton pump activity

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Isolated seizure discharges in the hypothalamus

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Isolated senile plaque cores in Alzheimer's disease and Down's syndrome show differences in morphology

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Isolated sensory deficit of one side of the body due to a pontine hematoma

Bonduelle, M., 1978:
Isolated sensory trigeminal neuropathy

Suaudeau, J.; Kolobow, T., 1977:
Isolated sheep heart hypo thermic 5 13 celsius perfusion with fresh blood successful preservation for 24 72 hours with continuous strong ventricular activity

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Isolated sieve tubes elements in the barks of some angiosperms

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Isolated single coronary artery: diagnosis, angiographic classification, and clinical significance

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Isolated skeletal involvement in Cushing's syndrome: response to therapy

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Isolated small bowel obstruction as the presenting feature of colonic disease

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Isolated smooth muscle cells 6. dispersion procedures for acetyl choline sensitive smooth muscle cells of guinea pig

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Isolated smooth muscle cells 7. response to agonists and contraction velocity of tenia coli of guinea pig and the single smooth muscle cells

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Isolated smooth muscle cells 8. calcium 45 labeled efflux from single smooth muscle cells isolated from tenia coli of guinea pig

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Isolated soy protein formula in cases of diarrhea

Thiebot, J.; Clavier, E.; Challine, B.; Henry, J., 1987:
Isolated sphenoidal localization of tumor revealing presence of histiocytosis in a child

Blendinger, W., 1986:
Isolated stationary carbonate platforms the middle triassic ladinian of the marmolada area dolomites italy

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Isolated strain of yersinia enterocolitica from feces of a child in sao paulo city brazil

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Isolated subarachnoid hemorrhage an idiopathic disease or effect of injury

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Isolated supraclinoid occlusive disease of the internal carotid artery

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Isolated sural neuropathy report of 2 cases

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Isolated systolic hypertension declining prevalence in the elderly

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Isolated systolic hypertension in 14 communities

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Isolated systolic hypertension in the elderly. Some controversial issues

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Isolated teenagers, cooperative learning, and the training of social skills

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Isolated testes perfusion a method using a cell free and protein free perfusate useful for the evaluation of potential drug and or metabolic injury

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Isolated testicular relapse in acute lympho blastic leukemia of childhood

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Isolated testicular relapse in acute lymphocytic leukemia of childhood: categories and influence on survival

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Isolated testicular relapse in boys with acute lympho blastic leukemia treatment and outcome

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Isolated thrombocytopenia after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation: existence of transient and chronic thrombocytopenic syndromes

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Isolated thyrotropin deficiency due to a pituitary tumor

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Isolated thyrotropin deficiency in a man with narcoleptic attacks

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Isolated thyrotropin deficiency in diabetes mellitus

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Isolated tonic ambulatory flexion of the foot

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Isolated traumatic anterior dislocation of the radial head--a mechanism of injury in children

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Isolated traumatic luxations of the head of the fibula

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Isolated traumatic rupture of the mitral valve

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Isolated traumatic tears of the intra ventricular septum

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Isolated tricuspid valve replacement. Indications and results

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Isolated tricuspid valvular insufficiency due to infective endo carditis in ventricular septal defect

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Isolated trigeminal neuropathy. An unusual complication of carcinoma of the lung

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Isolated trigeminal sensory neuropathy: early manifestation of mixed connective tissue disease

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Isolated trochlear nerve palsies in herpes zoster ophthalmicus

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Isolated tumor like amyloidosis of the stomach

Baggetto, L.G.; Lehinger, A.L., 1987:
Isolated tumoral pyruvate dehydrogenase can synthesize acetoin which inhibits pyruvate oxidation as well as other aldehydes

Taguchi, T.; Ikeda, K.; Kume, K.; Nagasaki, A.; Goto, S.; Matsuo, S.; Hasuo, K.; Tamura, S., 1987:
Isolated unilateral absence of left pulmonary artery with peribronchial arteriovenous malformation showing recurrent hemoptysis

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Isolated unilateral absence of the pulmonary artery. Review of the world literature and guidelines for surgical repair

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Isolated vaginal recurrences of endometrial adenocarcinoma and their management

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Isolated ventral pancreatitis in an alcoholic with pancreas divisum

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Isolated ventricular inversion in a human embryo of 4 millimeters

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Isolated ventricular inversion with double inlet left ventricle

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Isolated ventricular septal defect in adults clinical and hemodynamic findings

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Isolated water in dehydrated microorganisms

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Isolated working canine heart perfusion apparatus for evaluation of myo cardial protection method

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Isolates from faba bean and soybean with lowered contents of phytic acid and activity of trypsin inhibitors

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Isolates of avian sarcoma virus bratislava 77 oncogenic for mammals do not contain an excess of transformation defective mutants

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Isolates of bacillus thuringiensis active against mamestra brassicae and some other species alternatives to the present commercial isolate hd 1

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Isolates of bacillus thuringiensis serotype 10 with a preferential toxicity to mosquito larvae

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Isolates of cucumber mosaic virus from spontaneously infected plants of chelidonium majus and impatiens parviflora

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Isolates of Eimeria tenella: studies on resistance to ionophorous anticoccidial drugs

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Isolates of Neisseria meningitidis from different sites in the same patient: phenotypic and genomic studies, with special reference to adherence, piliation, and DNA restriction endonuclease pattern

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Isolates of raspberry bushy dwarf virus differing in rubus host range

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Isolates of Yersinia enterocolitica from clinical cases in Northern Israel

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Isolating adonitol from certain adonis spp and its quantitative determination in raw material

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Isolating and sequencing the infrequent 3' ends of a specific messenger rna

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Isolating and sequencing the predominant 5' ends of a specific messenger rna in cells 1. purification by filter hybridization

Cannistraro, V.J.; Wice, B.M.; Kennell, D.E., 1985:
Isolating and sequencing the predominant 5' ends of a specific messenger rna in cells 2. end labeling and sequencing

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Isolating attentional systems a cognitive anatomical analysis

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Isolating campylobacter jejuni in an atmosphere made oxygen deficient using pyrogallol in a candle jar

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Isolating cognitive modules with the dual task paradigm are speech perception and production separate processes

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Isolating cytomegalovirus in chronic diseases of the salivary glands in adults

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Isolating factors between the smaller tea tortrix and the summer fruit tortrix lepidoptera tortricidae part 2 sexual isolation

Tamaki, Y.; Yamaya, K.; Honma, K., 1976:
Isolating factors between the smaller tea tortrix and the summer fruit tortrix lepidoptera tortricidae part 3 seasonal occurrence and mating time

Sato, R.; Tamaki, Y., 1977:
Isolating factors between the smaller tea tortrix and the summer fruit tortrix lepidoptera tortricidae part 4 role of the pheromonal components z 9 and z 11 tetra decen 1 ol acetates

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Isolating low frequency activity in electro encephalography spectrum analysis

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Isolating mechanisms and modalities of speciation in the jaera albifrons species complex crustacea isopoda

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Isolating mechanisms in four himalayan dryopteris species

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Isolating mechanisms in seabirds

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Isolating mechanisms of two close relatives drosophila virilis and drosophila lummei of the virilis group

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Isolating samples in the chamber of a steam formaldehyde sterilizer

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Isolating specific auxotrophic mutants of Mycobacterium smegmatis by using vancomycin

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Isolating specific herbicide factors from the embryo of echinochloa crus galli

Salthouse, T.A.; Somberg, B.L., 1982:
Isolating the age deficit in speeded performance

Konyukhov, V.P., 1987:
Isolating the components of sexual pheromone from pandemis ribeana and establishing their structure

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Isolating the effects of symbolic distance and semantic congruity in comparative judgments an additive factors analysis

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Isolating the genetic potential of sugar beet seeds to germinate under osmotic and temperature stresses

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Isolating the typicality effect in semantic memory

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Isolating viruses from finished water

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Isolation amino acid composition and biological effect of peptide bioregulator from bovine kappa casein

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Isolation amino acid composition and molecular weight distribution of eucalyptus kirtoniana seed proteins

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Isolation amino acid composition and phosphorus content of porcine alpha s 2 casein

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Isolation amino acid sequence analysis and crystallization of extracellular rnase th 1 from trichoderma harzianum 01 fungus

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Isolation amino acid sequence synthesis and biological activity of some oligopeptides from porcine spinal cord

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Isolation and accumulation of alkaloids of herbaceous periwinkle growing in the georgian ssr ussr

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Isolation and activation of inactive renin from human kidney and plasma. Plasma and renal inactive renins have different molecular weights

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Isolation and activity identification of messenger rna from inbred 615 strain mouse liver

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Isolation and activity of splenic protein fraction stimulating the post irradiation recovery of bone marrow

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Isolation and activity of the photodynamic pigment hypericin

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Isolation and adaptation characteristics of hepatitis A virus in primary African green monkey kidney cells: production of antigen useful for ELISA serology

Hertel, P.T., 1985:
Isolation and adaptation in passage memory

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Isolation and alignment of cyanogen bromide fragments of alpha amylase from bacillus subtilis var amylosacchariticus

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Isolation and alignment of the tryptic peptides of alanine apo lipo protein an apo lipo protein from human plasma very low density lipo proteins

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Isolation and allelic polymorphism of complementary dna clones and genomic clones of hla dp heavy and light chains

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Isolation and amino acid composition of 2 somatostatin like peptides from ovine hypothalamus somatostatin 28 and somatostatin 25

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Isolation and amino acid composition of alpha amylase from human granulocytes

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Isolation and amino acid composition of the isotypes of a rat Clara cell specific protein

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Isolation and amino acid sequence of 2 urotensin ii peptides from catostomus commersoni urophyses

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Isolation and amino acid sequence of a morphogenetic peptide from hydra

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Isolation and amino acid sequence of a peptide containing an epoxide reactive residue from the thermolysin digest of scytalidium lignicolum acid protease

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Isolation and amino acid sequence of bovine platelet factor 4

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Isolation and analysis by gas liquid chromatography of auxins gibberellins cytokinins and abscisic acid from a single sample of plant material

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Isolation and analysis of a genomic clone encoding sucrose synthetase in maize evidence for 2 introns in sh

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Isolation and analysis of a mutant of escherichia coli hyper resistant to near uv light plus 8 methoxypsoralen

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Isolation and analysis of a novel class of suppressor of Ty insertion mutations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Isolation and analysis of complementary dna coding for human c 1 inhibitor

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Isolation and analysis of ketoconazole resistant mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Isolation and analysis of low molecular weight DNA fraction by electrophoretic and chromatographic techniques

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Isolation and analysis of new drift variant of influenza a h 3n 2 virus in the ussr and poland

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Isolation and analysis of nonhistone proteins of interphase chromosomes of higher plants

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Isolation and analysis of odorous components in swine manure

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Isolation and analysis of restriction endonuclease digestive patterns of chromosomal DNA from Mycobacterium paratuberculosis and other Mycobacterium species

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Isolation and analysis of sacculi from Streptococcus sanguis

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Isolation and analysis of temperature sensitive mutants in aspergillus nidulans

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Isolation and analysis of the barley genome fractions

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Isolation and analysis of the cell walls of brown algae fucus spiralis fucus ceranoides fucus vesiculosus fucus serratus bifurcaria bifurcata and laminaria digitata

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Isolation and analysis of the genes for cytochrome c oxidase in Paracoccus denitrificans

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Isolation and anti microbial activity of the phyto alexin 6 methoxy mellein from cultured carrot daucus carota cells

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Isolation and anti tumor activity of a new rhamnose poly saccharide clostrhamnan from clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum

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Isolation and antibiotic properties of cis 4 7 10 13 hexa deca tetraenoic acid from the alga scenedesmus obliquus ua 2 6

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Isolation and antigenic characterization of dense particles of swine enteroviruses

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Isolation and antigenic characterization of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Brazil

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Isolation and antigenic reactivity of Brucella ovis outer membrane proteins

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Isolation and antiviral activities of the double stranded rna from lentinus edodes

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Isolation and application of mutants producing sufficient isoamyl acetate a sake flavor component

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Isolation and assay of corn zea mays root membrane vesicles with reduced proton permeability

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Isolation and assay of noradrenaline dopamine 5 hydroxy tryptamine and several metabolites from brain tissue using disposable bio rad columns packed with sephadex g 10

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Isolation and assay of polysponin in chemicotoxicological analysis

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Isolation and assay of rabies serogroup viruses in CER cells

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Isolation and assay of red cell inositol poly phosphates

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Isolation and atpase activity of intact vacuoles and vacuolar membranes from pea leaves

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Isolation and axenic cultivation of giardia trophozoites from the rabbit chinchilla and cat

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Isolation and axenic culture of gymnodinium microadriaticum from tridacna maxima

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Isolation and axenization of fresh strains of giardia lamblia in india

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Isolation and base composition of dna from chromatin peripheral layer bound to nuclear membrane of blood lymphocytes from healthy cows and cows with chronic lympholeukosis

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Isolation and beetle transmission of cowpea mosaic virus severe subgroup from desmodium canescens and soybeans in illinois usa

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Isolation and binding properties of leucyl transfer rna synthetase from escherichia coli mre 600

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Isolation and bio control potential of trichoderma hamatum from soil naturally suppressive to rhizoctonia solani

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Isolation and bioassay of porcine growth hormone extracted from the pituitary gland

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Isolation and biochemical analysis of Mucor bacilliformis monomorphic mutants

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Isolation and biochemical characterization of 10 nanometer filaments from cultured ovarian granulosa cells

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Isolation and biochemical characterization of alpha 2 opsonic glyco protein from rat serum

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Isolation and biochemical characterization of brush borders from rabbit kidney

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Isolation and biochemical characterization of frog rana pipiens retinal pigment epithelium cells

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Isolation and biochemical characterization of grape vitis malic enzyme ec

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Isolation and biochemical characterization of nuclei from immature and mature guinea pig granulocytes

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Isolation and biochemical characterization of partially transformation defective mutants of avian myelocytomatosis virus strain mc 29 localization of the mutation to the myc domain of the 110000 dalton gag myc poly protein

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Isolation and biochemical characterization of plasmids from escherichia coli rk 8

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Isolation and biochemical characterization of rhizobium species collected from lahore pakistan

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Isolation and biochemical characterization of streptomyces clavuligerus mutants in the biosynthesis of clavulanic acid and cephamycin c

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Isolation and biochemical characterization of the h 2k and h 2d k antigens from the rdm 4 lymphoma

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Isolation and biochemical properties of 2 types of microbody from neurospora crassa cells

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Isolation and biochemical properties of myosin from squid brachial muscle

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Isolation and Biological Activities of Four Selective Toxins from Helminthosporium carbonum

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Isolation and biological activities of limulus anticoagulant anti lipopolysaccharide factor which interacts with lipopolysaccharide

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Isolation and biological activities of nourseimycin a new anti metabolite of l proline

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Isolation and biological activity of phenylalanine transfer rna from the liver of the toad bufo bufo asiaticus

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Isolation and biological characteristics of l forms of vibrio cholerae

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Isolation and biological characteristics of phenotypic variants of mycoplasma fermentans

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Isolation and biological characterization of active fragments of the adhesive glyco protein fibronectin

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Isolation and biological characterization of an adenovirus of rhesus macaques

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Isolation and biological characterization of mouse lm fibroblast variants resistant to the cyto toxicity of poly ribo inosinic acid poly ribo cytidylic acid after interferon treatment

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Isolation and biological properties of a rabbit antibody to porcine pancreatic elastase and its use as ligand for elastase purification

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Isolation and biological properties of drosophila x virus

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Isolation and biological properties of some Moroccan strains of Newcastle disease virus

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Isolation and blood coagulation inhibition of a new proteinase inhibitor from the sea anemone anemonia sulcata

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Isolation and brief characterization of cyclic amp phosphodiesterase and its calcium dependent protein activator from sugar beet root

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Isolation and buoyant density of Pneumocystis carinii in Percoll gradients

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Isolation and carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy of indolenine alkaloids

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Isolation and carbon 13 nmr studies on cathovaline an alkaloid from the leaves of catharanthus roseus

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Isolation and carbon 13 nmr study of cyclopyazonic acid a toxic alkaloid produced by muscardine fungi aspergillus flavus and aspergillus oryzae

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Isolation and catalytic properties of soluble and membrane bound cholinesterase from cabbage fly delia brassicae

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Isolation and catalytic properties of soluble monomeric form of inorganic pyro phosphatase from bakers yeast

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Isolation and cell culture of the epithelial cells of cauda epididymidis of the bull

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Isolation and cell free translation of chick lens crystallin messenger rna during normal development and trans differentiation of neural retina

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Isolation and cell free translation of messenger rna specifying thymus leukemia antigens

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Isolation and cell regeneration of protoplasts from sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana)

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Isolation and certain characteristics of plasmid dna from lactobacilli

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Isolation and certain properties of acid protease from fasciola hepatica

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Isolation and certain properties of an anti tumor preparation produced by microbic culture of bacillus mesentericus ab 56

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Isolation and characteristic of enteropathogenic escherichia coli strains isolated from foods

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Isolation and characteristics of 2 transcribing families of repetitive sequences from the pigeon genome

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Isolation and characteristics of a cellulolytic microorganism cellulomonas fermentans new species

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Isolation and characteristics of a gonadotropic hormone preparation from the hypophyses of sturgeons acipenser stellatus and acipenser guldenstadti

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Isolation and characteristics of a human spleen continuous cell culture

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Isolation and characteristics of a macrophage population of human uterine mucosa

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Isolation and characteristics of a new antibiotic pentacidin

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Isolation and characteristics of a new picornavirus in taiwan

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Isolation and characteristics of a phyto toxic substance of fusarium lateritium

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Isolation and characteristics of a phyto toxic substance of gliocladium zaleskii 11313

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Isolation and characteristics of a poly phosphate phospho hydrolase deficient mutant of the fungus neurospora crassa

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Isolation and characteristics of acid proteinase from aspergillus oryzae

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Isolation and characteristics of adenine dependent mutants of the plague microbe

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Isolation and characteristics of aortic elastins

Karataev, G.I.; Moskvina, I.L.; Ryabinina, O.P.; Miller, G.G.; Mebel' S.M.; Lapaeva, I.A., 1988:
Isolation and characteristics of bacteriophage from the vaccine strain tohama phase i

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Isolation and characteristics of bovine pituitary secretory granules

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Isolation and characteristics of calmodulin from the brain of rats with spontaneous genetic hypertension

Ostrowska, H., 1984:
Isolation and characteristics of cathepsin d from porcine platelets

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Isolation and characteristics of collagenolytic enzyme produced by Candida albicans

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Isolation and characteristics of cyanogen bromide peptides of transducin alpha subunits and beta subunits

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Isolation and characteristics of dominant bacteria from activated sludge

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Isolation and characteristics of escherichia coli plasmid determined antigen k 88

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Isolation and characteristics of glyco proteins from the cytoplasmic membrane of brevibacterium linens

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Isolation and characteristics of immunoglobulin a subclass i and its use for the detection of bacterial immunoglobulin a subclass i proteases

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Isolation and characteristics of individual isoacceptor serine transfer rna preparation from the bovine liver

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Isolation and characteristics of lactate dehydrogenase containing complexes from loach misgurnus fossilis embryos

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Isolation and characteristics of lipases from penicillium roqueforti

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Isolation and characteristics of lipid granules from the yeast candida tropicalis

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Isolation and characteristics of messenger ribo nucleo proteins associated with bound poly ribosomes from the ewe lactating mammary gland

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Isolation and characteristics of methanobrevibacter arboriphilus and methanobacterium formicicum

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Isolation and characteristics of methanobrevibacter smithii h 13

Zhang, H.; Zhao, Y., 1987:
Isolation and characteristics of methanosarcina thermophila cb

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Isolation and characteristics of morphological and biochemical mutants of aspergillus niger the producer of gluco amylase

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Isolation and characteristics of new nonlysogenic pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteriophages

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Isolation and characteristics of new phenolic glycosides of chestnut galls

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Isolation and characteristics of phospho lipase a 2 from the hornet vespa orientalis venom

Potebnya, G.P.; Naroditskii, B.S.; Ponomareva, T.I.; Gartel' A.L.; Struk, V.I.; Tikhonenko, T.I., 1984:
Isolation and characteristics of rat fibroblast cell line co transformed by dna of simian adenovirus sa 7 c 8 and hepatitis b virus

Petrov, N.B.; Poltaraus, A.B., 1980:
Isolation and characteristics of repeating dna sequences of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus intermedius showing varying degrees of intra genomic divergence

Pyrinova, G.B.; Tomsons, V.P.; Blinova, N.N.; Salganik, R.I., 1984:
Isolation and characteristics of rna dependent dna polymerase from rat liver

Terekhova, I.V.; Chernyad'ev I.I.; Doman, N.G., 1985:
Isolation and characteristics of spirulina platensis ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase

Savranskaya, S.Y. ; Eremin, V.I., 1984:
Isolation and characteristics of the antibacterial substance produced by streptococcus sp tom 1606 2. study of the conditions necessary for enhancing synthesis of the antibacterial substance in submerged cultivation of streptococcus sp tom 1606

Bashkatova, N.A.; Severina, L.O., 1978:
Isolation and characteristics of the enzyme preparation from lipase of pseudomonas fluorescens 533 5b

Dmitriev, A.P.; Perkovskaya, G.Yu; Grodzinskii, D.M., 1988:
Isolation and characteristics of the inductor of protective responses in the onion from the cytoplasmic content of the fungus botrytis allii

Nedyalkov, S.; Ivanov, I., 1983:
Isolation and characteristics of the osteopetrosis virus strain e 26 pts

Korokhov, N.P.; Tomsons, V.P.; Salganik, R.I., 1984:
Isolation and characteristics of the products of reverse transcription from regenerating rat liver

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Isolation and characteristics of the template properties of electrophoretically homogeneous immuno globulin l chain messenger rna from mouse myeloma mopc 21

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Isolation and characterization attempts of 3 viruses from european eel anguilla anguilla preliminary results

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Isolation and characterization erythrogenic toxins of streptococcus pyogenes 3. comparative studies of type a erythrogenic toxins

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Isolation and characterization from potato tubers of 2 poly peptide inhibitors of serine proteinases

Kittsteiner-Eberle, R.; Hofelmann, M.; Schreier, P., 1985:
Isolation and characterization of 1 4 beta glucan 4 glucanohydrolases ec from a technical trichoderma viride cellulase

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Isolation and characterization of 1' o abscisic acid beta d gluco pyranoside from vegetative tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar grosse lisse tissue

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Isolation and characterization of 13 intestinal microorganisms capable of 7 alpha dehydroxylating bile acids

Kido, Y.; Hamakado, T.; Anno, M.; Miyagawa, E.; Motoki, Y.; Wakamiya, T.; Shiba, T., 1984:
Isolation and characterization of 15b 2 a new phosphorus containing inhibitor of angiotensin i converting enzyme produced by actinomadura sp

Astier, C.; Vernotte, C.; Der Vartanian, M.; Joset Espardellier, F., 1979:
Isolation and characterization of 2 3 3 4 chlorophenyl 1 1 dimethyl urea resistant mutants of the blue green alga aphanocapsa 6714

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Isolation and characterization of 2 3 di methoxy p cymene a new aromatic ether from laggera aurita

D.L.judie P.; Bogusz, D., 1984:
Isolation and characterization of 2 bacterio phages of a stem nodulating rhizobium strain from sesbania rostrata

Basha S M.M.; Pancholy, S.K., 1982 :
Isolation and characterization of 2 cryo proteins from peanut arachis hypogaea cultivar florunner seed

Radavs'kyi-Yu, L.; Sukharenko, N.V.; Kozlov, E.A.; Serebryanyi, S.B., 1976:
Isolation and characterization of 2 cyanogen bromide fragments of polyhedral protein from the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of bombyx mori

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Isolation and characterization of 2 ferredoxin nadp reductases from spirulina platensis

Murayama J I.; Takeshita, K.; Tomita, M.; Hamada, A., 1981:
Isolation and characterization of 2 glycophorins from horse erythrocyte membranes

Mundy, J., 1982:
Isolation and characterization of 2 immunologically distinct forms of alpha amylase and a beta amylase from seeds of germinated sorghum bicolor cultivar dabor

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Isolation and characterization of 2 individual glyco protein components from human milk fat globule membranes

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Isolation and characterization of 2 iso peroxidases from tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi tissue cultures

Ando, S.; Y.R.K., 1979:
Isolation and characterization of 2 isomers of brain tetra sialo gangliosides

Usui, T.; Iwasaki, Y.; Mizuno, T., 1981:
Isolation and characterization of 2 kinds of hetero galactan from the fruitbodies of ganoderma applanatum by employing a column of concanavalin a sepharose 4b

Cottenet, M.; Feillet, P.; Autran J C., 1984:
Isolation and characterization of 2 low molecular weight gliadins of durum wheat lmwg 45 and lmwc 42 comparison with gamma gliadins 45 and 42

Bohn, H.; Kraus, W.; Winckler, W., 1985:
Isolation and characterization of 2 membrane associated placental tissue proteins

Rock, J.S.; Goldberg, I.; Ben-Bassat, A.; Mateles, R.I., 1976:
Isolation and characterization of 2 methanol utilizing bacteria

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