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Japanese encephalitis virus infection in fetal mice at different stages of pregnancy. II. Resistance to Japanese encephalitis virus infection

Miura, T.; Sugamata, M.; Ogata, T.; Matsuda, R.

Acta Virologica 26(4): 283-287


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-723X
PMID: 6127937
Accession: 005775048

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The relationship between the stage of pregnancy of mice at the time of Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus inoculation and the resistance to JE virus infection of their offspring was investigated. It was found that there was a stronger resistance to JE virus infection in offspring born to mothers inoculated with JE virus at 9-16 days before parturition than in offsprings to mothers inoculated at 1-8 days or at 17-20 days before parturition. Resistance of the offspring to JE virus infection lasted up to the age of 180 days after birth.

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