Karyologic studies on spanish species of the genus anthyllis 1. number and behavior of the chromosomes in meiosis

Fernandez-Piqueras, J.; Sanudo, A.

Anales del Instituto Botanico Avinilles 35: 395-410


Accession: 005777234

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Results obtained from the meiotic analysis of 13 wild species of the genus Anthyllis, which belong to 43 different populations, are given. The chromosome numbers, chromosome aberration frequencies and the percentage of fertility and size of pollen grains are tabulated. The species of the genus Anthyllis form an aneuploid sequence with chromosome number n = 8, 7 and 6 but there are some taxons which probably have a polyploid nature (A. montana and A. cornicina, n = 14). The data as related to A. tetraphylla support the proposal separating it to form the genus Physanthyllis which is monospecific i.e. P. tetraphylla (L.) Boiss.