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Karyotype meiotic behavior and fertility of the hybrid between the tetra ploid allium wakegi and the amphi di ploid allium ascalonicum x allium fistulosum

Tashiro, Y.

Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science 52(4): 408-413


Accession: 005777790

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In the somatic chromosome complement of the hybrid between the tetraploid A. wakegi and the amphidiploid (A. ascalonicum .times. A. fistulosum) 16 pairs of chromosome could be morphologically distinguished, and the karyotype was expressed by the following formula: K(2n) = 2(14V + .**GRAPHIC**. + .**GRAPHIC**. At meiotic metaphase-I in the pollen mother cells of the hybrid 16 bivalents were regularly formed. At metaphase of pollen grain mitosis most of the pollen grains possessed the chromosome complements (K(n) = 14V + .**GRAPHIC**. + .**GRAPHIC**. equivalent to the exact half of the somatic chromosome complement of the hybrid. The hybrid was pollen fertile and had a good seed set. A. wakegi apparently has the same genome constitution as that of the hybrid between A. ascalonicum and A. fistulosum. A. wakegi is the synthetic species of these 2 spp.

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