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Kinetic studies on polymers bearing grafted enzymes in solution and gelified as a membrane

Wetzer, J.; Cantarella, M.; Thomas, D.

Journal of Molecular Catalysis 4(1): 59-64


Accession: 005781693

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Soluble polymers bearing RNase were produced by a co-crosslinking method. The kinetic properties were studied with the polymer in solution and gelified as a membrane, and the effects of chemical modification and of insolubilization studied separately. The results obtained were compared with those generated by native enzyme and RNase immobilized within an artificial membrane. Experiments were performed with a high MW substrate (RNA) and a low MW substrate (cytidine-2',3'-phosphate). With the data obtained using these substrates, it is possible to evaluate the effects of the diffusion and accessibility constraints on the kinetic behavior of the enzyme.

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