Kinetic studies on the transport of 2 oxo glutarate and l malate into isolated pea pisum sativum cultivar feltham first chloroplasts

Proudlove, M.O.; Thurman, D.A.; Salisbury, J.

New Phytologist 96(1): 1-6


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-646X
Accession: 005781829

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The transport of 2-oxoglutarate and L-malate into the sucrose impermeable space of pea chloroplasts was studied by silicone oil centrifugal filtration. The inhibition of transport of these dicarboxylates was markedly different in the presence of the alternative dicarboxylate. At least 2 carriers are apparently involved in the transport of 2-oxoglutarate with similar Km values of 0.20 mM for this substrate. L-Malate inhibited 2-oxoglutarate transport with a pseudo-Ki value of 0.76 mM. L-Malate uptake had a Km value of 0.29 mM and its uptake appeared to be inhibited, mainly competitively, by 2-oxoglutarate with a Ki value of 0.2 mM.