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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 5789

Chapter 5789 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ponomareva, L.A.; Akimushkin, N.M., 1985:
Laboratory keeping of the tropical species of euphausiids in shipboard aquaria

Smith, D.F.; Horner, S.M.J., 1982:
Laboratory land field measurements of aquatic productivity made by a mini computer employing a dual oxygen electrode system

Krishnan, T.; Kannupandi, T., 1987:
Laboratory larval culture of a spider crab doclea muricata fabricius 1787 decapoda majidae

Sedlacek, J.D.; Yeargan, K.V.; Freytag, P.H., 1986:
Laboratory life table studies of the blackfaced leafhopper homoptera cicadellidae on johnsongrass and corn

Frezil J L.; Samba, F.; Bosseno M F.; Molinier, M., 1979:
Laboratory maintenance of trypanosoma brucei gambiense strains in the congo study in virulence in relation with epidemiology

Vallejo, G.A.; Marinkelle, C.J.; Guhl, F.; D.S.nchez N., 1986:
Laboratory maintenance of trypanosoma rangeli tejera 1920

Mihancea, N., 1981:
Laboratory markers of vaccinia virus in the vaccinal pulp glycerinated vaccine and lyophilized suspension stored 1 8 years at minus 25 celsius

Villacorta, A.; Magro, J.A., 1975:
Laboratory mass rearing of diatraea saccharalis lepidoptera pyralidae

Maafo, I.K.A., 1975:
Laboratory mass rearing of exotic tetrastichus spp for the control of maize and sugarcane stem borers in ghana

Deibel, D., 1982:
Laboratory measured grazing and ingestion rates of the salp thalia democratica and the doliolid dolioletta gegenbauri tunicata thaliacea

Mel'nitskii V.N.; Bidyukova, G.F., 1980:
Laboratory measured winter grass frost hardiness

Milne, C.P-Jr, 1982:
Laboratory measurement of brood disease resistance in the honey bee apis mellifera 1. uncapping and removal of freeze killed brood by newly emerged workers in laboratory test cages

Milne, C.P-Jr, 1983:
Laboratory measurement of honey bee apis mellifera brood disease resistance 2. uncapping of freeze killed and live brood by newly emerged workers in cages

Milne, C.P-Jr, 1980:
Laboratory measurement of honey production in the honey bee apis mellifera 1. a model for hoarding behavior by caged workers

Milne, C.P-Jr, 1980:
Laboratory measurement of honey production in the honey bee apis mellifera 2. longevity or length of life of caged workers

Milne, C.P-Jr, 1980:
Laboratory measurement of honey production in the honey bee apis mellifera 3. pupal weight of the worker

Milne, C.P-Jr, 1981:
Laboratory measurement of honey production in the honey bee apis mellifera 4. relationship between responses on tests of hoarding longevity or length of life and pupal weight of the worker

Milne, C.P-Jr, 1981:
Laboratory measurement of honey production in the honey bee apis mellifera 5. relationship between weekly colony weight gains and responses on tests of hoarding behavior longevity or length of life and pupal weight of the worker

Venables, B.J.; Fitzpatrick, L.C.; Pearson, W.D., 1978:
Laboratory measurement of preferred body temperature of adult largemouth bass micropterus salmoides

Judeikis, H.S.; Stewart, T.B., 1976:
Laboratory measurement of sulfur di oxide deposition velocities on selected building materials and soils

D.P.eez C.C.; Burger, R.D.T., 1987:
Laboratory measurements of ammonia volatilization from five nitrogen containing fertilizers after surface application at different rates on a neutral to alkaline soil

Kiorboe, T., 1978:
Laboratory measurements of digestion rate in time zero group flounder platichthys flesus at 2 temperatures

Voisey, P.W.; Macdonald, D.C., 1978:
Laboratory measurements of egg shell strength part 1 an instrument for measuring shell strength by quasi static compression puncture and nondestructive deformation/

Voisey, P.W.; Hamilton, R.M.G.; Thompson, B.K., 1979:
Laboratory measurements of egg shell strength part 2 the quasistatic compression puncture nondestructive deformation and specific gravity methods applied to the same egg

Judeikis, H.S.; Wren, A.G., 1978:
Laboratory measurements of nitric oxide and nitrogen di oxide depositions onto soil and cement surfaces

Minami, K.; Fukushi, S.; Oshima, Y., 1980:
Laboratory measurements of the sorption velocity of sulfur di oxide by soils and soil constituents

Patterson, R.J.; Spoel, T., 1981 :
Laboratory measurements of the strontium distribution coefficient k d s r for sediments from a shallow sand aquifer

Brecher, G., 1978:
Laboratory medicine 1953-1978 and the next 10 years

Jimenez, B.; Lockwood, J.L., 1981:
Laboratory method for assessing field tolerance of soybean glycine max seedlings to phytophthora megasperma var sojae

Yassen, S.T., 1981:
Laboratory method for breeding planktonic copepods temora stylifera and acartia clausi estimation of mortality rate

Knyazeva, Z.V., 1978:
Laboratory method for evaluating tomatoes for resistance to bacterial black spot

Johnson, M.G.; Acton, J.C., 1975:
Laboratory method for fermentation of meat and poultry sausages in fibrous casings

Hoogcarspel, A.P.; Jobsen, J.A., 1984:
Laboratory method for testing side effects of pesticides on encarsia formosa hymenoptera aphelinidae results with pesticides used in glasshouse tomato crops in the netherlands

Samsoe Petersen, L., 1987:
Laboratory method for testing side effects of pesticides on the rove beetle aleochara bilineata adults

O'brien D.P.; Tay, D.; Zwart, P.R., 1986:
Laboratory method of analysis of swarming behavior in macroplankton combination of a modified flume tank and stereophotographic techniques

Lakota, S., 1978:
Laboratory method of assessing pesticide toxicity on the japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica as a standard testing organism

Afanasenko, O.S., 1977:
Laboratory method of evaluating resistance of barley cultivar samples to net blotch

Misaghi, I.J.; Grogan, R.G.; Westerlund, F.V., 1981:
Laboratory method to evaluate lettuce lactuca sativa var capitata cultivars for tip burn tolerance

Kitchin, K.T., 1983:
Laboratory methods for 10 hepatic toxification de toxification parameters

Kaidbey, K.H.; Kligman, A.M., 1978:
Laboratory methods for appraising the efficacy of sunscreens

Coles, G.D.; Wrigley, C.W., 1976:
Laboratory methods for identifying new zealand wheat cultivars

Smith, M.; Harris, P.J.; Strayer, F.F., 1977:
Laboratory methods for the assessment of social dominance among captive squirrel monkeys

Gaber, S.D.; Rammah, A.M., 1979:
Laboratory methods for the recognition of seeds of the miskawy and fahl cultivars of egyptian clover trifolium alexandrinum

Gilmore, N.J., 1976:
Laboratory methods useful in the assessment of inflammatory immunological diseases

White, B.J.; Crandall, C.; Raveche, E.S.; Tjio, J.H., 1978:
Laboratory mice carrying 3 pairs of robertsonian translocations establishment of a strain and analysis of meiotic segregation

Scott, A.I.; Yeh, C.L.; Greenslade, D., 1978:
Laboratory model for the biosynthesis of vallesamine apparicine and related alkaloids

Rudakov, V.A.; Pavlov, V.V.; Kovalenko, F.P.; Klebanovskaya, I.A.; Konev, V.P.; Parkhomenko, S.B.; Fominykh, A.A., 1987:
Laboratory model of alveolar echinococcosis of the liver

Pujol, C.; Talayrach, B.; Besombes Vailhe, J., 1980:
Laboratory model of the oxidation kinetics in the liquid phase of black liquor a waste product of the paper industry by oxygen in the air

Akiba, Y.; Jensen, L.S.; Mendonca, C.X., 1983:
Laboratory model with chicks for assay of nutritional factors affecting hepatic lipid accumulation in laying hens

Keller, L.P.; Mccarthy, G.J.; Richardson, J.L., 1986:
Laboratory modeling of northern great plains usa salt efflorescence mineralogy

Abu Shaqra, Q.M., 1986:
Laboratory models for the investigation of infected cutting oil emulsions

Bara, L.; Combe-Tamzali, S.; Conard, J.; Horellou, M.H.; Samama, M., 1987:
Laboratory monitoring of a low molecular weight heparin (enoxaparin) with a new clotting test (Heptest)

Brandt, J.T.; Triplett, D.A., 1981:
Laboratory monitoring of heparin. Effect of reagents and instruments on the activated partial thromboplastin time

Banez, E.I.; Triplett, D.A.; Koepke, J., 1980:
Laboratory monitoring of heparin therapy the effect of different salts of heparin on the activated partial thromboplastin time an analysis of the 1978 and 1979 college of american pathologists hematology survey

Johnson, S.; McAnerney, J.M.; Schoub, B.D.; Kidd, A.H., 1985:
Laboratory monitoring of rubella

Senapati, B.K.; Dash, M.C., 1979:
Laboratory observation on the rate of cocoon production of drawida willsi oligochaeta

Goodman, T.L.; Todd, M.E.; Goldsmith, E.I., 1976:
Laboratory observations and clinical implications of monitoring the effect of heparin by bioassay

Severin, K.P., 1987:
Laboratory observations of the rate of subsurface movement of a small miliolid foraminifer

Heller, S.; Halpern, M., 1981:
Laboratory observations on conspecific and congeneric scent trailing in garter snakes thamnophis

Khan, A.Q.; Reisen, W.K., 1977:
Laboratory observations on developmental rhythms in culex tritaeniorhynchus

Maccrimmon, H.R.; Gots, B.L., 1986:
Laboratory observations on emergent patterns of juvenile atlantic salmon salmo salar relative to sediment loadings of test substrate

Trimble, R.M., 1979:
Laboratory observations on oviposition by the predaceous tree hole mosquito toxorhynchites rutilus septentrionalis diptera culicidae

Overath, H.; Von-Boletzky, S., 1974:
Laboratory observations on spawning and embryonic development of a blue ringed octopus

Harrington, S.A.; Ikeda, T., 1986:
Laboratory observations on spawning brood size and egg hatchability of the antarctic krill euphausia superba from prydz bay antarctica

Barrer, P.M.; Jay, E.G., 1980:
Laboratory observations on the ability of ephestia cautella lepidoptera phycitidae to locate and to oviposit in response to a source of grain odor

Guimaraes, C.T., 1981:
Laboratory observations on the biology and ecology of pomacea haustrum

Van-Rensburg, G.D.J., 1983:
Laboratory observations on the biology of cicadulina mbila homoptera cicadellidae a vector of maize streak disease 1. the effect of temperature

Van-Rensburg, G.D.J., 1983:
Laboratory observations on the biology of cicadulina mbila homoptera cicadellidae a vector of maize streak disease 2. the effect of selected host plants

Bhardwaj, S.P.; Bhalla, O.P., 1975:
Laboratory observations on the biology of the bean bug chauliops nigrescens hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

Consoli, R.A.G.B.; Williams, P., 1978:
Laboratory observations on the bionomics of aedes fluviatilis diptera culicidae

Nash, R.D.M., 1980:
Laboratory observations on the burrowing of the snake blenny lumpenus lampretaeformis in soft sediment

Russell, V.M.; Schulten, G.G.M.; Roorda, F.A., 1980:
Laboratory observations on the development of the rice moth corcyra cephalonica lepidoptera galleriinae on millet and sorghum at 28 celsius and different relative humidities

Roorda, F.A.; Schulten, G.G.M.; Andriessen, E.A.M., 1982:
Laboratory observations on the development of tribolium castaneum coleoptera tenebrionidae on millet at different temperatures and relative humidities

Brobyn, P.J.; Wilding, N.; Clark, S.J., 1987:
Laboratory observations on the effect of humidity on the persistence of infectivity of conidia of the aphid pathogen erynia neoaphidis

Vail, V.A., 1978:
Laboratory observations on the eggs and young of triodopsis albolabris major pulmonata polygyridae

Hughes, R.N., 1986:
Laboratory observations on the feeding behavior reproduction and morphology of galeodea echinophora gastropoda cassidae

Lambert, M.R.K., 1982:
Laboratory observations on the flight activity of the plague locust chortoicetes terminifera orthoptera acrididae

Mcmillan, J.H., 1976:
Laboratory observations on the food preference of onychiurus armatus collembola family onychiuridae

Vasconcelos, J.V.D.; Ewerton, E.M.B.; Cortes, L.M.C.; Monteiro, E.F., 1986:
Laboratory observations on the herpes simplex virus

Christensen, B.M.; Shelton, M.E., 1978:
Laboratory observations on the insusceptibility of raccoons to Dirofilaria immitis

L"vchiev V.I.; Zhelyazova, M.P., 1979:
Laboratory observations on the larval zoophagy of myospila meditabunda diptera muscidae

Summerlin, J.W.; Bay, D.E.; Harris, R.L.; Russell, D.J., 1981:
Laboratory observations on the life cycle and habits of 2 species of histeridae coleoptera hister coenosus and hister incertus

Do-Amaral, B.F.; Cajueiro, I.V.M., 1977:
Laboratory observations on the life cycle of veneza stigma hemiptera heteroptera coreidae

Calder, D.R., 1973 :
Laboratory observations on the life history of rhopilema verrilli scyphozoa rhizostomeae

Siddiqui, T.F.; Khan, A.Q.; Reisen, W.K., 1978:
Laboratory observations on the mating behavior of culex tritaeniorhynchus

Hanumante, M.M.; Viadya, D.P.; Nagabhushanam, R., 1982:
Laboratory observations on the predation of the helminthiasis vector snail lymnaea auricularia by the fresh water fish channa gachua

Green, J.M.; Mathisen A L.; Brown, J.A., 1987:
Laboratory observations on the reproductive and agonistic behavior of ulvaria subbifurcata pisces stichaeidae

Reisen, W.K.; Mahmood, F.; Parveen, T., 1979:
Laboratory observations on the time of mating of anopheles culicifacies

Chowanadisai, L.; Benjaphong, N.; Phanthumachinda, B., 1984:
Laboratory observations on toxorhynchites splendens in thailand

Sivakumaran, K.; Goodrum, J.W., 1988:
Laboratory oilseed processing by a small screw press

Harris, C.R.; Chapman, R.A.; Harris, C., 1981:
Laboratory on the persistence and behavior in soil of 4 pyrethroid insecticides

Hall, C.J.; Richmond, S.J.; Caul, E.O.; Pearce, N.H.; Silver, I.A., 1982:
Laboratory outbreak of Q fever acquired from sheep

Akeson, W.R.; Widner, J.N., 1980:
Laboratory packed sand test for measuring vigor of sugar beet beta vulgaris seed

Cohen, M.H.; Makuch, R.; Johnston-Early, A.; Ihde, D.C.; Bunn, P.A.; Fossieck, B.E.; Minna, J.D., 1981:
Laboratory parameters as an alternative to performance status in prognostic stratification of patients with small cell lung cancer

Maksimovic, Z.; Djukic, V.; Rajsic, V.; Pesko, P., 1981:
Laboratory parameters in emboli and acute arterial thromboses of the lower extremities

Kenney, M.L., 1987:
Laboratory performance and director qualifications

Kenney, M.L., 1987:
Laboratory performance and regulatory requirements

Smith, D.B.; Hostetter, D.L.; Ignoffo, C.M., 1977:
Laboratory performance specifications for a bacterial bacillus thuringiensis and a viral baculovirus heliothis insecticide

Popovici, G.; Boldor, O., 1983:
Laboratory pilot culture of cyanobacteria spirulina platensis under continuous flow

Ross, M.H., 1976:
Laboratory population studies of the german cockroach using a 2 chromosome and a 3 chromosome reciprocal translocation

Lipworth, L.; Tiarks, C.Y.; Rice, C.A.; Pechet, L., 1979:
Laboratory prediction of the carrier state in hemophilia B: role of replication of assays

Winterlin, W.L.; Moseman, R.F., 1978:
Laboratory preparation and applications of modified carbowax 20m bonded supports to the gas chromatography of pesticides

Walter, W.M.J. ; Purcell, A.E.; Mccollum, G.K., 1978:
Laboratory preparation of a protein xanthophyll concentrate from sweet potato leaves

Johnson, B.T., 1980:
Laboratory procedure for estimating residue dynamics of xenobiotic contaminants in a fresh water food chain

Kuehn, J.; Wigand, R.; Hammer, H.J.; Bruch, P.; Adrian, T., 1984:
Laboratory procedures for adenoviruses 11. hexon and antihexon immuno globulin a elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay with conjunctival secretions

Kornadt, C.U.; Wigand, R.; Adrian, T.; Roggendorf, M., 1982:
Laboratory procedures for adenoviruses 8. immuno globulin class specific enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for the demonstration of antibodies against adenovirus hexon

Gorges, H.J.; Wigand, R., 1978:
Laboratory procedures for adenoviruses part 5 a comparison of 3 group specific serological reactions

Lang, S.; Wigand, R., 1983:
Laboratory procedures in adenoviruses 10. hem agglutination with glutaraldehyde fixed erythrocytes

Selzer, B.; Wigand, R., 1981:
Laboratory procedures in adenoviruses 7. susceptibility of human di ploid fibroblasts

Bohn, K.A.; Wigand, R., 1983:
Laboratory procedures in adenoviruses 9. anti hexon antibodies proved by counter immuno electrophoresis

Wigand, R.; Keller, D., 1976:
Laboratory procedures in adenoviruses part 3 sensitivity and specificity of serological tests

Zimmer, E.; Wigand, R., 1977:
Laboratory procedures in adenoviruses part 4 the influence of anti globulin and complement on neutralization and hem agglutination inhibition

Tan L K.; Wigand, R., 1979:
Laboratory procedures in adenoviruses part 6 neutralization in hela cell cultures by macro methods and micro methods

Kreider, J.W.; Howett, M.K.; Leure-Dupree, A.E.; Zaino, R.J.; Weber, J.A., 1987:
Laboratory production in vivo of infectious human papillomavirus type 11

Bacon, C.W.; Porter, J.K.; Robbins, J.D., 1979:
Laboratory production of ergot alkaloids by species of balansia

Tablan, O.C.; Carson, L.A.; Cusick, L.B.; Bland, L.A.; Martone, W.J.; Jarvis, W.R., 1987:
Laboratory proficiency test results on use of selective media for isolating Pseudomonas cepacia from simulated sputum specimens of patients with cystic fibrosis

Shanholtzer, C.J.; Peterson, L.R., 1987:
Laboratory quality assurance testing of microbiologic media from commercial sources

Desmyter, J.; Johnson, K.M.; Deckers, C.; Leduc, J.W.; Brasseur, F.; Van Ypersele, D.S.rihou C., 1983:
Laboratory rat associated outbreak of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome due to hantaan like virus in belgium

Weiss, J.; Ernst, A.; Schick, K.L., 1982:
Laboratory rat preferences for size and shape of living cage

Agee, H.R., 1986:
Laboratory reared boll weevils anthonomus grandis grandis coleoptera curculionidae are visually impaired

Ajmal Khan, S.; Sundaramoorthy, S.; Thomas, M.; Kannupandi, T.; Natarajan, R., 1981:
Laboratory reared larval stages of the marine hermit crab clibanarius clibanarius decapoda anomura

Baer, R.G.; Quimby, P.C.Jr, 1981:
Laboratory rearing and life history of arzama densa a potential native biological control agent against water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes

Kawasaki, K.; Ikeuchi, M.; Hidaka, T., 1987:
Laboratory rearing method for acanthoplusia agnata lepidoptera noctuidae without change of artificial diet

Mcpherson, J.E.; Paskewitz, S.M., 1984:
Laboratory rearing of amaurochrous cinctipes hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae podopinae with descriptions of immature stages

Boivin, G., 1988:
Laboratory rearing of anaphes sordidatus hymenoptera mymaridae on carrot weevil eggs coleoptera curculionidae

Berry, R.W., 1976:
Laboratory rearing of anobium punctatum

Fabres, G., 1977:
Laboratory rearing of aphytis cochereaui and specifications on its biological characteristics hymenoptera aphelinidae

Thangaraja, M.; Ramamoorthi, K., 1982:
Laboratory rearing of eggs and larvae of the flatfish solea ovata

Yabar, L.E.; Bravo, P.R., 1986:
Laboratory rearing of epitrix sp coleoptera chrysomelidae

Dix, T.G., 1976:
Laboratory rearing of larval ostrea angasi in tasmania australia

Khan, S.A.; Natarajan, R., 1981:
Laboratory rearing of larval stages of the estuarine hermit crab clibanarius longitarsus decapoda anomura

D.V.edma M.G.; Notario, A.; Baragano, J.R., 1985:
Laboratory rearing of lignicolous coleoptera cerambycidae

Davis, C.S., 1983:
Laboratory rearing of marine calanoid copepods

Glass, H.W.Jr; Pan, M.L., 1983:
Laboratory rearing of monarch butterflies danaus plexippus lepidoptera danaiidae using an artificial diet

Foot, M.A., 1977:
Laboratory rearing of potato cyst nematode a method suitable for pathotyping and biological studies

Von-Boletzky, S.; Von-Boletzky, M.V.; Frosch, D.; Gatzi, V., 1971:
Laboratory rearing of sepiolinae mollusca cephalopoda

Goettel, M.S.; Philogene, B.J.R., 1978:
Laboratory rearing of the banded woolly bear pyrrharctia isabella lepidoptera arctiidae on different diets with notes on the biology of the species

Houde, E.D.; Palko, B.J., 1970:
Laboratory rearing of the clupeid fish harengula pensacolae from fertilized eggs

Abdil'daev, M.A.; Zolotukhin, S.M., 1975:
Laboratory rearing of the fish aplocheilus latipes

Walker, P.L., 1981:
Laboratory rearing of the garden weevil phlyctinus callosus coleoptera curculionidae and the effect of temperature on its growth and survival

Baker, P.B.; Ratcliffe, R.H.; Steinhauer, A.L., 1981:
Laboratory rearing of the hairy chinch bug blissus leucopterus hirtus

Nitao, J.K.; Berenbaum, M.R., 1988:
Laboratory rearing of the parsnip webworm depressaria pastinacella lepidoptera oecophoridae

Bain, J.; Singh, P.; Ashby, M.D.; Van Boven, R.J., 1984:
Laboratory rearing of the predatory coccinellid cleobora mellyi coleoptera coccinellidae for biological control of paropsis charybdis coleoptera chrysomelidae in new zealand

Janisch, M.; Farkas, R., 1984:
Laboratory rearing of the tick dermacentor marginatus

Aliniazee, M.T.; Brown, R.D., 1977:
Laboratory rearing of the western cherry fruit fly rhagoletis indifferens diptera tephritidae oviposition and larval diets

Focks, D.A.; Seawright, J.A.; Hall, D.W., 1978:
Laboratory rearing of toxorhynchites rutilus rutilus on a nonliving diet

Matsuka, M.; Watanabe, M., 1981:
Laboratory rearing of vedalia beetles rodolia cardinalis

Rajakulendran, S.V.; Cate, J.R., 1986:
Laboratory rearing procedures for two egg parasitoids of cotton fleahopper pseudatomoscellis seriatus reuter

Bassoe C F.; Sorli, W.G., 1988:
Laboratory record forms and computers in primary health care

Yobs, A.R.; Swanson, R.A.; Lamotte, L.C., 1985:
Laboratory reliability of the Papanicolaou smear

Buescher, M.D.; Rutledge, L.C.; Wirtz, R.A.; Nelson, J.H., 1985:
Laboratory repellent tests against Rhodnius prolixus (Heteroptera: Reduviidae)

Kingsbury, H.B.; Quddus, M.A.; Rooney, J.R.; Geary, J.E., 1977:
Laboratory reproduction of in vivo loads in a biological structure

De-Bartolo, M.; Giordano, F.; Violante, A.; Bonomi, P., 1977:
Laboratory research applied to transfusion problems identification of dangerous universal donors and their frequency

Swennen, C., 1977:
Laboratory research on sea birds report on a practical investigation into the possibility of keeping sea birds for research purposes

Arzone, A.; Patetta, A., 1985:
Laboratory researches on the action on honeybees of quinomethionate heptenophos fenthion microcapsulate parathion methyl and hydrolyzed proteins

Woodard, D.B.; Fukuda, T., 1977:
Laboratory resistance of the mosquito anopheles quadrimaculatus to the mermithid nematode diximermis peterseni

D.W.ard M.A.; Groeneweg, H.; Van Nistelrooy, J.G.M., 1982:
Laboratory resistance to fungicides which inhibit ergosterol biosynthesis in penicillium italicum

Hall, R.D.; Vandepopuliere, J.M.; Lyons, J.J., 1979:
Laboratory response of susceptible house flies to thio urea as a larvicide and chemo sterilant

Abramov, O.I.; Eremin, V.I.; Lobov, L.I.; Polovinko, V.V.; Romanov, D.A., 1983:
Laboratory results of the studies of stocks emission spectra of oil and diesel fuel films at the water surface

Durand, A.; D.L.B.oise D.; Blachere, H., 1988:
Laboratory scale bioreactor for solid state processes

Rawlins, D.C.; Germane, G.J.; Hedman, P.O.; Smoot, L.D., 1986:
Laboratory scale combustion of coal water mixtures

Synder, J.M.; Scholfield, C.R.; Mounts, T.L., 1979:
Laboratory scale continuous hydrogenation copper catalysis

Snyder, J.M.; Mounts, T.L.; Scholfield, C.R.; Dutton, H.J., 1982:
Laboratory scale continuous hydrogenation effect of pressure

Cother, E.J.; Blakeney, A.B.; Lamb, S.J., 1980:
Laboratory scale preparation of sodium poly pectate for use in selective media for pectolytic erwinia spp

Hay, M.; Stefanska, E.; Korbecki, M.; Rowinski, W., 1981:
Laboratory scale procedure for preparation of horse anti dog lymphocyte globulin

U.S.; Masuda, H.; Muraki, H., 1983:
Laboratory scale production of 2 3 butanediol isomers d levo l dextro and meso by bacterial fermentations

U.S.; Masuda, H.; Muraki, H., 1984:
Laboratory scale production of acetoin isomers d levo and l dextro by bacterial fermentation

Kantha, S.S.; Hettiarachchy, N.S.; Erdman, W.Jr, 1983:
Laboratory scale production of winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus curd

Kloskowski, R.; Scheunert, I.; Klein, W.; Korte, F., 1981:
Laboratory screening of distribution conversion and mineralization of chemicals in the soil plant system and comparison to outdoor experimental data

Chee, K.H.; Darmono, T.W.; Santos, A.F.D., 1986:
Laboratory screening of fungicides using cellulose film and leaf discs against south american leaf blight pathogen microcyclus ulei

Pidetcha, P.; Sorndaeng, S.; Tantrarongroj, S.; Prijavudhi, A.; Wankrue, S.; Suwannaton, I.; Poosiri, A.; Poo Ngarm, N.; Thanesakoul, O., 1985:
Laboratory screening program for thailand tobacco monopoly population

Dolan, T.E.; Coffey, M.D., 1986:
Laboratory screening technique for assessing resistance of four avocado persea americana rootstocks to phytophthora cinnamomi

Stec, M.; Eckstein, Z., 1982:
Laboratory screening tests of systemic and chemo therapeutic fungicidal activity of some aryloxy alkane carboxylic acid derivatives

Butcher, J.A.; Drysdale, J., 1978:
Laboratory screening trials with chemicals for protection of sawn timber against mold sap stain and decay

Malueg, K.W.; Schuytema, G.S.; Krawczyk, D.F.; Gakstatter, J.H., 1984:
Laboratory sediment toxicity tests sediment chemistry and distribution of benthic macro invertebrates in sediments from the keweenaw waterway michigan usa

Walker, A.L.; Wood, R.J., 1986:
Laboratory selected resistance to diflubenzuron in larvae of aedes aegypti

Jelnes, J.E., 1987:
Laboratory selection for increased tolerance to niclosamide in Bulinus truncatus (Gastropoda: Planorbidae) from Iran

Egerton, J.R.; Suhayda, D.; Eary, C.H., 1988:
Laboratory selection of Haemonchus contortus for resistance to ivermectin

Okorie, A.U., 1982:
Laboratory silage quality effect of various additives on changes in cellular components of silages

Fourcade, J.; Raphel, C.; Stivalet, P.; Brun, F.; Wenisch, M., 1987:
Laboratory simulation of a continuous operation psychological study on the influence of 84 hours sleep deprivation

Leclerc, M.Y.; Thurtell, G.W.; Gillespie, T.J., 1985:
Laboratory simulation of evaporation of water droplets on artificial soybean leaves

Bonelli, J.E.; Greenberg, J.P.; Lazrus, A.L.; Spencer, J.E.; Sedlacek, W.A., 1978:
Laboratory simulation of impregnated filter collection of stratospheric hydrogen chloride and chlorine nitrate

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Laboratory simulation of the weathering process approximating conditions of active erosion in montane regions

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Laboratory spawning and mass rearing of the mangrove crab scylla serrata from 1st zoea to 1st crab stage

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Laboratory spawning and rearing of a marine fish the silverside menidia menidia menidia

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Laboratory spawning cues in menidia beryllina and menidia peninsulae pisces atherinidae with notes on survival and growth of larvae at different salinities

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Laboratory sprout damage and effect of heat treatment on milling and baking properties in indian wheats

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Laboratory stimulation of municipal solid waste fermentation with leachate recycle

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Laboratory studies bearing on pigment pattern polymorphisms in wild populations of Rana pipiens

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Laboratory studies in acute conjunctivitis

Stenson, S.; Fedukowicz, H.; Newman, R., 1983:
Laboratory studies in chronic conjunctivitis

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Laboratory studies in the comparative efficacy of biotic insecticides for the control of plutella xylostella plutellidae lepidoptera

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Laboratory studies in the effect of different conditions of oxygenation on the bioseston of the upper vistula southern poland

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Laboratory studies in trichinosis

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Laboratory studies of a family manifesting premature exfoliation of deciduous teeth

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Laboratory studies of a marine copepod temora turbinata tracking dinoflagellate migrations in a miniature water column

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Laboratory studies of a tettigoniid insecta orthoptera ruspolia differens color polymorphism

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Laboratory studies of anabaena flos aquae lynab. breb. a blooming forming alga isolated from an eutrophic lake

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Laboratory studies of chaoborus americanus predation on zoo plankton

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Laboratory studies of chloroform formation in pulp bleaching

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Laboratory studies of collagen wound dressing 3. transport of radioactivity from tritium labeled collagen wound dressing applied to experimental skin excisions

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Laboratory studies of collagen wound dressing cas 1. experimental use on skin excisions and burns

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Laboratory studies of competition among 3 species of hymenopterous hyper parasites

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Laboratory studies of crust development in irish and iraqi soils ii. effects of some physico chemical constituents on crust strength and seedling emergence

Collins, J.F.; Smillie, G.W.; Hussain, S.M., 1986:
Laboratory studies of crust development in irish and iraqi soils iii. micromorphological observations of artificially formed crusts

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Laboratory studies of diadegma cerophaga hymenoptera ichneumonidae a parasite introduced to control plutella xylostella lepidoptera hyponomeutidae in malaysia

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Laboratory studies of disinfectants against Legionella pneumophila

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Laboratory studies of effects of lime on soluble aluminum calcium magnesium and manganese in a pelostagnogley soil

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Laboratory studies of erythrocytic pyruvate kinase deficiency. Pathogenesis of the hemolysis

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Laboratory studies of factors affecting egg hatch of triops longicaudatus notostraca triopsidae

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Laboratory studies of feeding and mating in species of carcinonemertes nemertea hoplonemertea

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Laboratory studies of foraging in 4 bird species of deciduous woodland

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Laboratory studies of gregarious settlement in balanus balanoides and elminius modestus in relation to competition between these species

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Laboratory studies of ingestion and food utilization in lobate and tentaculate ctenophores

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Laboratory studies of intraspecific behavioral interactions and factors influencing tide pool selection of the woolly sculpin clinocottus analis

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Laboratory studies of microhabitat selection by the guppy poecilia reticulata

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Laboratory studies of nonpreference resistance to cabbage root fly in radish

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Laboratory studies of plant searching behavior by coccinella septempunctata larvae

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Laboratory studies of plutonium in marine systems

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Laboratory studies of potato tuber resistance to infection by phytophthora infestans

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Laboratory studies of predation by the antarctic mite gamasellus racovitzai acarina mesostigmata

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Laboratory studies of predation by the hyperiid amphipod parathemisto japonica on larvae of the japanese sand eel ammodytes personatus

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Laboratory studies of radiation induced sterility on the onion maggot delia antiqua diptera anthomyiidae

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Laboratory studies of seed size and seed species selection by heteromyid rodents

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Laboratory studies of sterility and competitiveness of boll weevils anthonomus grandis grandis irradiated in an atmosphere of nitrogen carbon di oxide or air

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Laboratory studies of tetrastichus sokolowskii

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Laboratory studies of the action of paraquat pyrazophos seaweeds and trichlorphon on honey bees

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Laboratory studies of the courtship of the velvetbean caterpillar moth anticarsia gemmatalis huebner lepidoptera noctuidae

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Laboratory studies of the development of the parasite anagyrus pseudococci on insectary reared planococcus citri

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Laboratory studies of the ecological significance of host algal nutritional associations in solitary and colonial radiolaria

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Laboratory studies of the effect of predation on production and the production biomass ratio of the opportunistic polychaete capitella capitata type i

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Laboratory studies of the effects of mollusca on alkalinity of their fresh water environment

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Laboratory studies of the effects of selected tropical fruits on the larvae of dacus dorsalis

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Laboratory studies of the kinetics of formation of nitrous acid from the thermal reaction of nitrogen dioxide and water vapor

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Laboratory studies of the life cycle and reproduction of some soil and manure inhibiting predatory mites acarina laelapidae

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Laboratory studies of the marine copepod centropages typicus egg production and development rates

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Laboratory studies of the mating biology of the eastern yellow jacket vespula maculifrons hymenoptera vespidae

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Laboratory studies of toxorhynchites splendens diptera culicidae biological observations

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Laboratory studies of toxorhynchites splendens part 1 colonization and laboratory maintenance

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Laboratory studies of viral adjuvants formulation development

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Laboratory studies on antituberculous activity of cyclopentylrifampicin ii. a long acting antituberculotic cyclopentylrifampicin

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Laboratory studies on bionomics of brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens hemiptera homoptera delphacidae

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Laboratory studies on certain factors affecting envenomation by the parasitoid bracon brevicornis 2. effect of females age starvation and temperature

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Laboratory studies on chemical electrical resistance and physical changes in grass silage over the 1st 14 days

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Laboratory studies on coagulase negative staphylococci from continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis associated peritonitis

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Laboratory studies on core sampling with application to subtidal meiobenthos collection

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Laboratory studies on damage to potato tubers by slugs

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Laboratory studies on decomposition of littoral plants

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Laboratory studies on dry deposition of submicron size particles on coniferous foliage

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Laboratory studies on egg predation by 3 species of hemipteran predators

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Laboratory studies on fish energetics and their application to aquaculture

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Laboratory studies on food intake growth and conversion efficiency of palaemon lamarrei in relation to body size

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Laboratory studies on free and tethered flight in clavigralla tomentosicollis hemiptera heteroptera coreidae

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Laboratory studies on frozen thawed boar semen in relation to contemporary fertility with liquid semen of artificial insemination boars

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Laboratory studies on host habitat location of bracon brevicornis hymenoptera braconidae parasitoid of the larvae of sesamia cretica lepidoptera noctuidae in sorghum stalks

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Laboratory studies on host parasite relationships of 2 apanteles spp when reared on chilo partellus

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Laboratory studies on hybridization among namib desert south west africa tenebrionids coleoptera tenebrionidae

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Laboratory studies on iatrogenic vessel damage by drugs

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Laboratory studies on insect predators of potato leafhopper empoasca fabae eggs nymphs and adults

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Laboratory studies on larval growth of polydora ligni polydora ciliata and pygospio elegans polychaeta spionidae

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Laboratory studies on mechanisms for the degradation of aldicarb aldicarb sulfoxide and aldicarb sulfone

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Laboratory studies on multi parasitism in apanteles flavipes and apanteles chilonis braconidae hymenoptera

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Laboratory studies on optimization of the activated sludge process

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Laboratory studies on oviposition behavior of culex quinquefasciatus diptera culicidae choice of oviposition medium and oviposition cycle

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Laboratory studies on peristenus pallipes and peristenus pseudopallipes hymenoptera braconidae parasitoids of the tarnished plant bug lygus lineolaris hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Rees, D.P., 1987:
Laboratory studies on predation by teretriosoma nigrescens lewis coleoptera histeridae on prostephanus truncatus horn coleoptera bostrichidae infesting maize cobs in the presence of other maize pests

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Laboratory studies on predation efficacy of some odonata nymphs and coleoptera larvae against mosquito larvae

Elliott, H.J.; D.L.ttle D.W., 1980:
Laboratory studies on predation of chrysophtharta bimaculata coleoptera chrysomelidae eggs by the coccinellids cleobora mellyi and harmonia conformis

Tiisekwa, B., 1985:
Laboratory studies on production of canned mboga ya maharage i. pre heat processing operations

Tiisekwa, B., 1985:
Laboratory studies on production of canned mboga ya maharage ii. heat processing and product quality

Burton, P.J., 1986:
Laboratory studies on remobilization of actinides from ravenglass estuary england uk sediment

Nazareth, S.; Mavinkurve, S., 1987:
Laboratory studies on retting of coconut husk

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Laboratory studies on rna dna ratios of starved and fed herring clupea harengus and turbot scophthalmus maximus larvae

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Laboratory studies on seed borne fungi of castor ricinus communis in central india

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Laboratory studies on some plant extracts as mosquito larvicides

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Laboratory studies on strains of botrytis cinerea tolerant to dichlozoline dichloran quintozene vinchlozoline and 26019 rp or glycophene

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Laboratory studies on sturmiopsis inferens a parasite of sugarcane shoot borer chilo infuscatellus

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Laboratory studies on super parasitism in apanteles flavipes and apanteles chilonis braconidae hymenoptera

Varma, G.C.; Mangat, L.S., 1984:
Laboratory studies on superparasitism in chelonus blackburni braconidae hymenoptera

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Laboratory studies on the adsorption of acrylamide monomer by sludge sediments clays peat and synthetic resins

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Laboratory studies on the aggregation effects of larvae on the biology of euproctis subflava 5. rearing of over wintering larvae in different aggregation sizes and food a special attention to the adult stage

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Laboratory studies on the anticoccidial activity of septamycin

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Laboratory studies on the anti feeding effect of a fungicide guazatine on 11 species of phytophagous insects

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Laboratory studies on the antituberculous activity of rifapentine in vitro and in vivo antituberculous activities of rifapentine

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Laboratory studies on the auto ecology of 3 species of the macrocheles glaber group acarina mesostigmata part 3 sex ratio and population dynamics

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Laboratory studies on the behavior of the herbicide safener cga 43089

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Laboratory studies on the biology of anopheles subpictus

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Laboratory studies on the biology of leptoglossus gonagra coreidae hemiptera heteroptera

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Laboratory studies on the biology of mansonia annulifera diptera culicidae

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Laboratory studies on the biology of ooencyrtus papilionis hymenoptera encyrtidae an egg parasitoid of the sugarcane leaf hopper pyrilla perpusilla

Flanders, R.V.; Oatman, E.R., 1982:
Laboratory studies on the biology of orgilus jenniae hymenoptera braconidae a parasitoid of the potato tuberworm phthorimaea operculella lepidoptera gelechiidae

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Laboratory studies on the biology of simulium nigritarse and simulium adersi diptera simuliidae

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Laboratory studies on the biology of the banks grass mite

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Laboratory studies on the contact toxicity and activity in soil of 4 pyrethroid insecticides

Mcneil, J.N.; Turnbull, S.A.; Harris, C.R., 1976:
Laboratory studies on the contact toxicity of some insecticides to the european skipper thymelicus lineola lepidoptera hesperiidae

Rabasse, J.M.; Shalaby, F.F., 1980:
Laboratory studies on the development of myzus persicae homoptera aphididae and its primary parasite aphidius matricariae hymenoptera aphidiidae at constant temperatures

Reddy, S.R., 1976:
Laboratory studies on the development survival and life tables of culex fatigans and anopheles stephensi

Pretorius, L.M., 1976:
Laboratory studies on the developmental and reproductive performance of heliothis armigera on various food plants

Kellen, W.R.; Hoffmann, D.F., 1987:
Laboratory studies on the dissemination of a granulosis virus by healthy adults of the indianmeal moth plodia interpunctella lepidoptera pyralidae

Bailey, K.M.; Stehr, C.L., 1986:
Laboratory studies on the early life history of the walleye pollock theragra chalcogramma

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Laboratory studies on the effectiveness of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis against simulium damnosum diptera simuliidae larvae

Adhami, N.; Khan, N.H., 1975:
Laboratory studies on the effectiveness of hempa as a sterilant for cimex hemipterus

Hall, R.A., 1981:
Laboratory studies on the effects of fungicides acaricides and insecticides on the entomo pathogenic fungus verticillium lecanii

Lampe, C., 1983:
Laboratory studies on the effects of herbicides on mortality and larval growth of 2 seedling pests of sugar beet atomaria linearis cryptophagidae coleoptera and blaniulus guttulatus blaniulidae diplopoda

Abdel-Rahman, M.S.; Fahmy, M.M.; el Bahi, M.M., 1988:
Laboratory studies on the efficacy of some molluscicides on Egyptian snails

Meng, Z.; Wang, X., 1987:
Laboratory studies on the factors affecting toxigenicity of flavobacterium farinofermentans

Moraitou-Apostolopoulou, M.; Verriopoulos, G., 1976:
Laboratory studies on the feeding of acartia clausi copepoda calanoida

Fasoranti, J.O.; Gara, R.I.; Geiszler, D.R., 1982:
Laboratory studies on the flight capacity of the mahogany shoot borer hypsipyla grandella lepidoptera pyralidae

Begum, A.; Bashar, M.A.; Nasiruddin, M., 1985:
Laboratory studies on the food preference of six species of final instar dragonfly larvae

Gupta, B.D., 1979:
Laboratory studies on the function of nymphal scent glands of dysdercus similis heteroptera pyrrhocoridae

Barson, G., 1976:
Laboratory studies on the fungus verticillium lecanii a larval pathogen of the large elm bark beetle scolytus scolytus

Hall, K.; Kavanagh, J.A., 1984:
Laboratory studies on the growth and reproduction of cladosporium allii cepae the cause of leaf blotch of onion

Vita, G.; Charmillot P J.; Blaser, C.; Berret, M.; Roth, O., 1984 :
Laboratory studies on the influence of 2 pheromone components on matings of the european grape moth eupoecilia ambiguella

Moosbeckhofer, R., 1983:
Laboratory studies on the influence of soil treatments with diazinon carbofuran and chlorfenvinphos granules on the loco motory activity of poecilus cupreus coleoptera carabidae

Moosbeckhofer, R., 1983:
Laboratory studies on the influence of some plant protection compounds on egg and larval stages of poecilus cupreus and poecilus sericeus coleoptera carabidae

Pillar, S.C., 1984:
Laboratory studies on the larval growth and development of euphausia lucens euphausiacea

Pillar, S., 1985:
Laboratory studies on the larval growth and development of nyctiphanes capensis euphausiacea

Murugan, N.; Job, S.V., 1982:
Laboratory studies on the life cycle of leydigia acanthocercoides cladocera chydoridae

Ilkal, M.A.; Dhanda, V., 1981:
Laboratory studies on the life history of haemaphysalis intermedia acarina ixodidae

Antoniou, A., 1978:
Laboratory studies on the life history of the grasshopper humbe tenuicornis orthoptera acrididae oedipodinae in relation to density and phase

Murugan, N.; Sivaramakrishnan, K.G., 1976:
Laboratory studies on the longevity instar duration growth reproduction and embryonic development in scapholeberis kingi cladocera daphnidae

Macdonald, R.S.; Solomon, K.R.; Surgeoner, G.A.; Harris, C.R., 1985:
Laboratory studies on the mechanisms of resistance to permethrin in a field selected strain of houseflies

D.Preez, H.H., 1987:
Laboratory studies on the oxygen consumption of the marine teleost lichia amia linnaeus 1758

Jordan, A.M.; Trewern, M.A.; Borkovec, A.B.; Demilo, A.B., 1979:
Laboratory studies on the potential of 3 insect growth regulators for control of the tsetse fly glossina morsitans morsitans diptera glossinidae

Suckling, D.M., 1984:
Laboratory studies on the praying mantis orthodera ministralis mantodea mantidae

Gayed, S.K.; Rosa, N., 1980:
Laboratory studies on the production of carbon di oxide and ethylene by tobacco nicotiana tabacum leaf tissue healthy or infected with rhizopus arrhizus

Cooper, R.D.; Sweeney, A.W., 1986:
Laboratory studies on the recycling potential of the mosquito pathogenic fungus Culicinomyces clavisporus

Welton, J.S.; Clarke, R.T., 1980:
Laboratory studies on the reproduction and growth of the amphipod gammarus pulex

Haines, C.P., 1981:
Laboratory studies on the role of an egg predator blattisocius tarsalis acari ascidae in relation to the natural control of ephestia cautella lepidoptera pyralidae in warehouses

Faurie, G., 1977:
Laboratory studies on the role of nitrification on calcium leaching in calcareous soils

Alvarez Cobelas, M.; Alarcon, P.; Rojo, K., 1987:
Laboratory studies on the sedimentation of some phytoplankton species

Pappas, L.G.; Pappas, C.D., 1983 :
Laboratory studies on the significance of sodium chloride as an oviposition deterrent in culiseta inornata

Russell, R.C.; Mukwaya, L.G.; Lule, M., 1977:
Laboratory studies on the transmission of yellow fever virus by aedes notoscriptus diptera culicidae

Rylander, R.; Sjostedt, E.; Bjorkman, M., 1977:
Laboratory studies on traffic noise annoyance

Fukuda, M.; Naganuma, M.; Nakajima, K., 1987:
Laboratory studies on uv a protection with parsol a

Williams, D.F.; Lofgren, C.S.; Banks, W.A.; Stringer, C.E.; Plumley, J.K., 1980:
Laboratory studies with 9 amidino hydrazones a promising new class of bait toxicants for control of red imported fire ants solenopsis invicta

Isenberg, H.D.; Goldberg, D.; Sampson, J., 1970:
Laboratory studies with a selective Enterococcus medium

E.A.l M.A.; Charmillot, P.J., 1982:
Laboratory studies with the sex pheromone of the summer fruit tortrix adoxophyes orana lepidoptera tortricidae and its components

Avol, E.L.; Linn, W.S.; Peng, R.C.; Valencia, G.; Little, D.; Hackney, J.D., 1988:
Laboratory study of asthmatic volunteers exposed to nitrogen dioxide and to ambient air pollution

Zemanova, M., 1980:
Laboratory study of bio deterioration of industrial materials and its prevention by fungicides 2. wood

Zemanova, M., 1976:
Laboratory study of bio deterioration of industrial materials and its prevention by fungicides part 1 textile materials

Takeda, U.; Izawa, M.; Koeda, T.; Shibata, U., 1983:
Laboratory study of collagen wound dressing 2. an immunological study 2. immunogenicity in rabbits and mice

Duarte, A.C.; Oliveira, F.M.M., 1984:
Laboratory study of dairy effluent treatment by the rotating biological disc system/

Mörch, T.; Bjorvatn, K., 1981:
Laboratory study of fluoride impregnated toothpicks

Pepin, P.; Koslow, J.A.; Pearre, S.Jr, 1988:
Laboratory study of foraging by atlantic mackerel scomber scombrus on natural zooplankton assemblages

Garber, J.H., 1984:
Laboratory study of nitrogen and phosphorus re mineralization during the decomposition of coastal plankton and seston

Bailey, K.M.; Batty, R.S., 1984:
Laboratory study of predation by aurelia aurita on larvae of cod gadus morhua flounder platichthys flesus plaice pleuronectes platessa and herring clupea harengus development and vulnerability to capture

Haynes, R.J., 1986:
Laboratory study of soil acidification and leaching of nutrients from a soil amended with various surface incorporated acidifying agents

Ward, T.J., 1982:
Laboratory study of the accumulation and distribution of cadmium in the sydney rock oyster saccostrea commercialis

Michel, R., 1980:
Laboratory study of the development of migratory activity in the migratory locust schistocerca gregaria during invasions and recessions

Johnson, D.T.; Croft, B.A., 1976 :
Laboratory study of the dispersal behavior of amblyseius fallacis acarina phytoseiidae

Rogatin, A.B.; Baizhanov, M., 1984:
Laboratory study of the effect of an experimental series of a bacterial preparation of bacillus thuringiensis serotype 14 on various groups of hydrobionts

Hammond, R.D.; Naylor, E., 1977:
Laboratory study of the emergence pattern of nephrops from burrows in habitat mud

Karim, M.; Aldrich, D.V., 1976:
Laboratory study of the food preference of post larval brown shrimp penaeus aztecus and white shrimp penaeus setiferus

Labiale, G., 1983:
Laboratory study of the influence of noise level and vehicle number on annoyance

Lacoursière, J.O.; Charpentier, G., 1988:
Laboratory study of the influence of water temperature and pH on Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis efficacy against black fly larvae (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Ahmad, I.; Mohammad, F.A., 1985:
Laboratory study of the mating behavior egg biology and immature stages of lestonocoris karachiensis pentatomidae pentatominae lestonocorini and its relationships

Moussa, D.; Crispel, J.J.; Legrand, C.; Thenoz, B., 1984:
Laboratory study of the structure and compactibility of tunisian phosphogypsum sfax for use in embankment construction

Campbell, C.A.; Myers, R.J.K.; Catchpoole, V.R.; Vallis, I.; Weier, K.L., 1984:
Laboratory study of transformation and recovery of urea nitrogen in 3 queensland australia soils

Ioseliani, T.K.; Zhvaniya, Z.V.; Gugushvili, D.V.; Roitbak, T.A.; Betaneli, M.K.; Adams, D.B., 1985:
Laboratory study of tunnel building activity in rats

S.H.C.F., 1985:
Laboratory study on effects of anethum graveolens seeds on 4 species of stored product insects

Espinel, R., 1981:
Laboratory study on feeding behavior of mamestra brassicae in presence of foliage treated by bacillus thuringiensis

Prawirodisastro, M.; Benjamin, D.M., 1979:
Laboratory study on the biology and ecology of megaselia scalaris diptera phoridae

Lavallee, R.; Hardy, Y., 1988:
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Laboratory study on the mosquito larvicidal properties of leaf and seed extract of the plant Agave americana

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Laboratory technique for obtaining fathead minnow eggs for use in toxicity experiments

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Laboratory techniques alternative to in vivo experiments for studying the liberation, penetration and fungicidal action of topical antimycotic agents in the skin, including ciclopiroxolamine

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Laboratory test for susceptibility of ryegrass seedlings to gerlachia nivalis ces. ex sacc

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Laboratory test of serum samples from various forms of liver disease on the e system associated with hepatitis B

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Laboratory test results as predictors of recurrent coronary artery stenosis following angioplasty

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Laboratory testing in a hypertension clinic: a reappraisal

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Laboratory testing of ozonation systems prior to pilot plant operations

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Laboratory testing of water repellent soil treatments for water harvesting

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Laboratory tests as a basis for the control of sewage sludge dumping at sea

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Laboratory tests evaluating the effects of cadmium on freshwater protozoan communities

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Laboratory tests for comparing live lentogenic newcastle disease vaccines

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Laboratory tests for the thickening and de watering of chemical sludge/

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Laboratory tests in the rheumatic diseases

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Laboratory tests of 7 rodenticides for the control of meriones shawi

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Laboratory tests of diflubenzuron and 4 analogs against the pink bollworm and a field cage test with deflubenzuron and el 494 n 5 4 bromophenyl 6 methyl 2 pyrazinylaminocarbonyl 2 6 dichloro benzamide for control of the pink bollworm and cotton leaf perfoator

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Laboratory tests of dimethoate for systemic control of chigger acarina trombiculidae populations on rodents

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Laboratory tests of insecticides use against the colorado beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata

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Laboratory tests of the novosibirskii strain of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus on the nun moth lymantria monacha 4 5 instar larvae

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Laboratory tests of uv protectants of an entomogenous nematode

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Laboratory tests on the permanence of contact insecticides in wood against termites

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Laboratory tests to investigate the effects of pesticides on two beneficial arthropods a predatory mite phytoseiulus persimilis and a rove beetle aleochara bilineata

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Laboratory tests to predict the commercial yield of flaking or large grits in dry corn milling

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Laboratory to laboratory reproducibility of high performance liquid chromatographic retention indices

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Laboratory toxicity of pesticides to geocoris pallens hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae a predator in california usa cotton

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Laboratory toxicity of some insecticides to apis cerana indica

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Laboratory transmission of Oropouche virus by Culex Quinquefasciatus Say

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Laboratory transmission of Schistosoma mansoni in brackish waters; survival and infectivity of cercariae

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Laboratory transmission of sharka from peach tree to peach tree by myzus persicae

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Laboratory trials of a new triazine herbicide dpx 3674 on various aquatic species of macrophytes and algae

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Laboratory validation and field verification of a new passive colorimetric air monitoring badge for sampling hydrogen sulfide in air

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Laboratory validation of a passive length of stain dosimeter for hydrogen sulfide

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Laboratory validation of five commercially available methods for sampling ethylene oxide in air

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Laboratory vs. field response to potato solanum tuberosum genotypes to oxidant stress

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Laboratory wet milling of ensiled corn kernels

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Laboratory wind tunnel tests of nine insecticides against adult culicoides species diptera ceratopogonidae

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Labostigmina hieroglyphica and its closest relatives in eastern north america diptera stratiomyidae

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Laboulbeniales ascomycetes from the french antilles and french guiana

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Laboulbeniales ascomycetes of finland and adjacent parts of the ussr

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Laboulbeniales ascomycetes of madagascar the comores and mascarenes islands indian ocean off africa

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Laboulbeniales ascomycetes parasitic on italian staphylinidae insecta coleoptera

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Laboulbeniales from poland parasitizing on semi aquatic insects

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Laboulbeniales on myriapods

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Laboulbeniales on semi aquatic hemiptera 3. rhizopodomyces

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Laboulbeniales on semi aquatic hemiptera heteroptera 4. addenda to prolixandromyces

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Laboulbeniales on semiaquatic hemiptera v. triceromyces with a description of monoecious dioecious dimorphism in the genus

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Laboulbeniomycetes of formosa 4

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Labrador sea bio stratigraphy tephro stratigraphy oxygen isotopic stratigraphy and late quaternary paleo oceanographic trends

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Labral filter fans of blackfly larvae differences in fan area and fan ray number and the consequences for utilization and particle selection

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Labrocibarial sensilla in the female of the black fly simulium damnosum sensu lato diptera simuliidae

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Labroid intrarelationships revisited morphological complexity key innovations and the study of comparative diversity

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Labrys monahos new genus new species a new budding prosthecate bacterium with a radial symmetry

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Laburnum anagyroides med. natural host of potato virus x

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Laburnum watereri bud death caused by fusarium avenaceum

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Labyrinthectomy of white rats by electro coagulation

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Labyrinthectomy vs. middle fossa vestibular nerve section in menieres disease a critical evaluation of relief of vertigo

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Labyrinthine anomalies in trisomy 13 mosaicism

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Labyrinthine control of inferior oblique moto neurons

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Labyrinthine control of upright standing posture

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Labyrinthine lamellar structure in some neurons of the coturnix coturnix optic tectum

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Labyrinthine ossificans and cochlear implants

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Labyrinthine ossification: differences between two types of ectopic bone

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Labyrinthine projection to the hypoglossal nucleus

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Labyrinthine reflexive influences on blood pressure during stapedectomy

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Labyrinthodont from the lower triassic of the obshchii syrt russian sfsr ussr

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Labyrinthomyces donkii in the southeast of spain

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Labyrinthula and its correlation to single amoebae

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Labyrinthula inside the spores of a vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus

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Labyrinthuloides haliotidis new species protozoa labyrinthomorpha a pathogenic parasite of small juvenile abalone in a british columbia canada mariculture facility

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Labyrinthus soraufi new record from the southern appalachians lower cambrian shady dolomite virginia usa

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Lac 4 is the structural gene for beta galactosidase ec in kluyveromyces lactis

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Lacan's practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy

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Laccaria maritima in the netherlands

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Lacceryl laccerate major wax component produced by anomoneura mori homoptera psyllidae

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Laccobius of new guinea preserved at the g. doria museum of genoa italy coleoptera hydrophilidae

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Lace bryozoans of the devonian of mongolia

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Laced and double laced plumage pattern phenotypes of the domestic fowl

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Laceration of renal hilus vessels a hitherto undescribed complication of halo traction treatment

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Lacerations from glass in childhood

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Lacerations of the ulnar artery hemodynamic ultrastructural and compliance changes in the dog

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Lacerta dugesii and lacerta perspicillata belong to the genus podarcis subgenus teira

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Lacerta monticola monticola of the serra da estrela portugal

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Lacertilians of amazonia part 4 lizard colobosaura landii new species from the eastern region of para state brazil lacertilia teiidae

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Lacewings of the family chrysopidae neuroptera of the ussr

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Lacewings with water dwelling larvae in schleswig holstein west germany particularly megaloptera and planipennia sialidae osmylidae sisyridae

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Lachesilla curviforceps new species psocoptera from mexico

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Lachesilla nuptialis new species sister of lachesilla aethiopica psocoptera lachesillidae

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Lachesilla palmicola new species group psocoptera lachesillidae

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Lachnella to crinipellis stigmatolemma to fistulina 2 lines of relationship?

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Lachrymatory factor in sprouting onion (Allium cepa)

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Lachryphagous lepidoptera recorded for the 1st time in laos and china

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Lacistorhynchus dollfusi new species cestoda trypanorhyncha in elasmobranch fishes from australian and north american coastal waters

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Lack of a biphasic steroid response to single human chorionic gonadotropin administration in patients with isolated gonadotropin deficiency

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Lack of a cancerogenic effect after application of amines and amides together with nitrite in rabbits

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Lack of a circadian rhythm in the ability of the gametocytes of Plasmodium falciparum to infect Anopheles gambiae

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Lack of a circannual cycle of daytime serum prolactin in man and monkey

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Lack of a correlation between hyper thermic cell killing thermo tolerance and membrane lipid fluidity

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Lack of a depth effect on the growth of the air breathing catfish clarias macrocephalus

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Lack of a desertion period in the nestling life of the puffin fratercula arctica

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Lack of a direct effect of atrial natriuretic factor in the rabbit proximal tubule

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Lack of a direct effect of synthetic salmon calcitonin on luteinizing hormone and thyrotropin release in anterior pituitary cell cultures

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Lack of a diurnal plasma cyclic amp rhythm

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Lack of a functional coupling between endogenous opiate systems and lhrh neurons during the infantile period in the male rat

Colle J H.; Truffa Bachi, P.; Modabber, L.C.F., 1983:
Lack of a general immuno suppression during visceral leishmania tropica infection in balb c mice augmented antibody response to thymus independent antigens and poly clonal activation

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Lack of a head in human spermatozoa from sterile patients: a syndrome associated with impaired fertilization

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Lack of a macrophage defect in presentation of antigens under Ir gene control

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Lack of a peculiar neuronal antigen in rat

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Lack of a pharmacokinetic interaction between nifedipine and the beta adrenoceptor blockers metoprolol and atenolol

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Lack of a primary defect in mal descended testis of the neo natal pig

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Lack of a protective effect of thiamine on the toxicity of 3 nitropropanol and 3 nitropropionic acid in rats

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Lack of a relationship between plasma pyridoxal phosphate levels and ischemic heart disease

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Lack of a role for formaldehyde in methanol poisoning in the monkey

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Lack of a role for the renal nerves in renal sodium re absorption in conscious dogs

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Lack of accumulation of exogenous adenylyl dihydrostreptomycin by whole cells or spheroplasts of Escherichia coli

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Lack of acid reversal of myo fibrillar atpase in masticatory muscle fibers of rhesus monkeys

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Lack of actin iii in fibrillar flight muscle of flightless drosophila melanogaster mutant raised

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Lack of action of phentolamine fenfluramine and cyproheptadine on growth hormone secretion induced by glucagon

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Lack of activated astrocytes in the kindling phenomenon

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Lack of activation of complement c 1 despite circulating immune complexes detected by 2 complement c 1q methods in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

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Lack of active potassium uptake in aeroponically grown wheat seedlings

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Lack of acute alcohol effects on estradiol and luteinizing hormone in female macaque monkey

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Lack of adaptation of pancreatic colipase in rats and mice

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Lack of additive effect in mutagenesis of escherichia coli by uv light and ethylene oxide

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Lack of additive effect of coal tar combined with dithranol for psoriasis

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Lack of affinity of prostaglandins to dopaminergic and opiate receptors in the rat striatum

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Lack of agreement between two questionnaires that evaluate the severity of the alcohol dependence syndrome

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Lack of airborne spread of infection by Legionella pneumophila among guinea pigs

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Lack of alpha adrenergic component in the chronotropic action of serotonin on isolated atrium of hamster

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Lack of an effect of melatonin treatment via silastic capsules on photic induced gonadal growth and the photo refractory condition in white throated sparrows

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Lack of an effect of short term dehydroepiandrosterone treatment on the pentose pathway

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Lack of an effect of static magnetic field on calcium efflux from isolated chick brains

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Lack of an effect of the pineal gland, olfactory bulbectomy and short photoperiod on the afternoon prolactin surge of the ovariectomized, estrogen treated rat

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Lack of anion effect on volume expansion natriuresis in the developing canine kidney

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Lack of antagonism by naloxone of the analgesic and locomotor stimulant actions of ketamine

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Lack of anti nociceptive activity of clonidine in 2 pain models comparison with other analgesics and central nervous system active drugs

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Lack of antibacterial activity after intravenous hydrogen peroxide infusion in experimental Escherichia coli sepsis

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Lack of antibacterial activity of pentoxifylline

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Lack of antibody in rheumatoid sera to autologous synovial macrophages and dendritic cells by antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity assays

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Lack of antigen fragments in guinea pig transfer factor like activity

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Lack of association between barotrauma and air leak in hyaline membrane disease

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Lack of asymmetrical distribution of receptor binding sites and of neurally active peptides within rat brain

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Lack of attention to a special requirement as the cause of mortality in adult male fallow deer cervus dama in an enclosure

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Lack of bacterial invasion in experimental periodontitis

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Lack of behavioral effects from Feingold diet violations

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Lack of behavioral teratogenic effect of phenytoin in rats

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Lack of beneficial effect of zinc sulfate in rheumatoid arthritis

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Lack of benefit from magnesium in lithium toxicity

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Lack of benefit of allopurinol in Duchenne dystrophy

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Lack of beta adrenergic role for catecholamines in the development of hyperglycemia and ketonemia following acute insulin withdrawal in type i diabetic patients

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Lack of bias resulting from missing cases results from a psychosocial study of unintentional childhood injury

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Lack of bilateral coherence of mu rhythm

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Lack of binding of bacterial lipopolysaccharide to mouse lung macrophages and restoration of binding by gamma interferon

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Lack of binding of complement c 3 to immuno globulin g antibodies during the activation of the classical complement pathway on the red cell

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Lack of binding of human complement c 3 in its native state to complement c 3b receptors

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Lack of biochemical evidence for hybridization between 2 species of darters

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Lack of biochemical polymorphism in british uk fallow deer dama dama

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Lack of biological interaction of alprenolol and salicylate in man

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Lack of brain specific benzodiazepine receptors on mouse primary astro glial cultures

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Lack of bronchomotor response to up to 3 parts per million formaldehyde in subjects with asthma

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Lack of bubble formation in hypobarically decompressed cells

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Lack of caffeine stimulation of gastrin release in man

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Lack of carbon catabolite inactivation in a mutant of saccharomyces cerevisiae with reduced hexo kinase activity

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Lack of carbon substrate repression of uptake hydrogenase activity in Bradyrhizobium japonicum SR

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Lack of carcinogenic effect of nitroso chlordiazepoxide and of nitroso methyl phenidate given orally to mice

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Lack of carcinogenicity of DDT in hamsters

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Lack of carcinogenicity of nicotinamide and isonicotinamide following lifelong administration to mice

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Lack of carcinogenicity of oxprenolol a beta adrenergic blocking agent

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Lack of carcinogenicity of potassium bromate after subcutaneous injection to newborn mice and newborn rats

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Lack of cardiovascular or ventilatory effects of melatonin in rats

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Lack of cardiovascular tolerance during intravenous cocaine infusions in human volunteers

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Lack of cell communication in an epithelium ultrastructure and electrophysiology of the midgut epithelium of the larval mealworm tenebrio molitor