Section 6
Chapter 5,789

Laboratory packed sand test for measuring vigor of sugar beet beta vulgaris seed

Akeson, W.R.; Widner, J.N.

Crop Science 20(5): 641-644


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-183X
Accession: 005788120

Emergence on sugar beet (B. vulgaris L.) seedlings is a major problem affecting stand establishment in sugar beet production. Results from the packed sand test measuring percent emergence of seedlings through silica sand, 3.8 cm thick, 4% water (wt/wt), and 10.degree. C, were highly correlated (r = 0.89-0.98) with field emergence in tests with seed lots of commercial cultivars, whereas standard germination was not a reliable indicator of emergence potential. The average field emergence of seed lots of 4 commercial cultivars ('GWH 45', 'GWH 48', 'GWH 93', and 'GWH 115') ranged from 29.7-54.3, 34.3-68.8, 30.9-49.7 and 19.5-29.0%, respectively. Identification and utilization of high vigor seed lots would improve overall seedling emergence under most conditions. The procedure as described provides a tool for investigating cultural practices influencing emergence as well as a quality control test to aid in processing seed for improved seed vigor.

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