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Larvae of simulium diptera simuliidae of kivu zaire belonging to the simulium damnosum complex description of 4 morphologically distinct types

Gouteux, J.P.

Cahiers OO.M.-(Office-de-la-Recherche-Scientifique-et-Technique-Outre-Mer)-Serie-Entomologie-Medicale-et-Parasitologie. 13(4): 237-243


Accession: 005793803

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Simuliid collections in the Eastern part of the Kivu (Zaire) have shown the existence of 4 distinct larval types pertaining to species morphologically identical or very near to the descriptions of Simulium damnosum Theobald s. l. given in the literature. The provisory name of the river or the brook where they were collected Kapere, Bubumu, Lutumgulu and Kiliba, has been given to these types. Certain patterns of cuticular vestiture among these species of Kivu allow 2 groups to be distinguished: the "hairy form" of Lutumgulu and Bubumu and the "scaly form" of Kiliba and Kapere. The question of the appartenance of Lutumgulu and Budumu types to the damnosum complex is discussed.

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