Larval and adult morphology and biometry of 2 sibling species bembidion lampros and bembidion properans coleoptera carabidae

Desender, K.; Crappe, D.

Biologisch Jaarboek 51: 36-54


Accession: 005793862

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The larval instars of B. lampros and B. properans are described in detail. No characteristics can be found to separate the larvae from these sibiling species. Only characteristics for the identification of the larvae from both species are given. Instar determination is easy on the basis of morphological and biometrical features. Adults of B lampros and B. properans can be identified with certainty by means of the number of punctures on the 7th elytral stria, besides using the aedeagus. In B. properans this number of punctures is related to the individual size of the beetles. Biometrical data are presented, including biomass dry weight values for the larval instars (both species) and for teneral beetles and beetles during the reproductive period from species and sexes. B. lampros is significantly smaller or lighter than B. properans. In both species males always appear to be somewhat smaller than females, in many cases significantly.