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Leaf growth photosynthetic pigments and mineral constituents of cowpea vigna unguiculata l. walp affected with phosfon d

Jain, N.; Yadava, R.B.R.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences India, Section B, Biological Sciences 56(1): 62-66


ISSN/ISBN: 0369-8211
Accession: 005799193

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The plants of cowpea (Vigna unquiculata L.) Walp var. HFC-42-1 were grown in porcelain pots filled with soil-manure mixture and the leaf growth, photosynthetic pigments, and nutrient constituents were examined. Total number of leaves and area were enhanced with 100 ppm soil drench treatments whereas photosynthetic pigments increased in 100 ppm foliar sprays of phosfon-D. Nitrogen, phosphorus and calicum content were accumulated more in 100 ppm soil drench followed by 100 ppm foliar sprays whereas potassium content was unaffected.

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