Length weight relationships of blue king crabs paralithodes platypus and golden king crabs lithodes aequispina parasitized by the rhizocephalan briarosaccus callosus

Hawkes, C.R.; Meyers, T.M.; Shirley, T.C.

Fishery Bulletin (Washington D C) 84(2): 327-332


ISSN/ISBN: 0090-0656
Accession: 005802760

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Length-weight relationships and condition factors of nonparasitized blue king crabs, Paralithodes platypus, and golden king crabs, Lithodes aequispina, in southeastern Alaska [USA] were compared with crabs parasitized by the rhizocephalan, Briarosaccus callosus. Species, sex, and shell condition were considered in all analyses. Parasitized male blue king crabs and parasitized male golden king crabs weighed significantly less than nonparasitized individuals. Golden king crabs may be more resistant to infection and the effects of B. callosus parasitism than blue king crabs. They had a lower prevalence of infection, and the percent difference between the body mass of parasitized and nonparasitized crabs was considerably less. In both crab hosts the prevalence of infection was greater in samples where sublegal or smaller size classes of adults were included in analyses, suggesting that crab growth was reduced by the parasite.