Levels of pectic substances and calcium in gibberellic acid treated sweet cherry fruit prunus avium cultivar lambert

Facteau, T.J.

Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 107(1): 148-151


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-1062
Accession: 005806237

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Foliar applications of GA3 to mature 'Lambert' sweet cherry trees (P. avium L.) about 21 days before harvest increased fruit weight (fresh and dry), soluble solids (SS), alcohol-insoluble substances (AIS) (both concentration and per fruit), ash weight and fruit firmness at harvest. Application of GA3 did not affect concentrations of EDTA or pectinase-soluble pectins and fruit Ca. GA3-treated fruit had lower concentrations of water-soluble pectins and reduced surface pitting. Fruits samples at 3-7 day intervals (starting about 21 days before harvest) from control and GA3-treated trees showed that as an average response over a 29-day sampling period GA3 increased fruit weight, firmness, AIS concentration, AIS per fruit, pectinase-soluble pectins, and decreased water-soluble pectins. Neither total, residual, or soluble fruit Ca were affected by treatment with GA3. Fruit Ca levels remained constant, on a per fruit basis, during the last 3 wk of fruit maturation but Ca concentration, expressed as fresh or dry weight, decreased as a result of increased fresh and dry weight. Higher Ca levels were not associated with firmer fruit (comparing GA3 and nontreated fruit), but were correlated positively with firmness in nontreated fruit.