Section 6
Chapter 5,809

Life senescence and decomposition of abies alba needles 5. distribution and variability of living needles with height

Gourbiere, F.; Corman, A.

Acta Oecologica Oecologia Plantarum 6(2): 193-209


Accession: 005808455

In A. alba Mill. forest, the uppermost 8 m of the trees contain 95% of the needle biomass (total height 25 m). Needle characteristics are dependent on their distance H to the top of the crown. Life span of needles T (years) show a linear correlation with height: T = 4.95 + 0.24H. Needle weight p (mg m-1) decreases from the top to the base of the crown. It increases during the first 4 yr of needle life and is nearly constant the years after: p = 584 - 31.7H + 39.2i (i .ltoreq. 4), p = 740 - 31.7H (i > 4). The influence of these variations on the modeling of needle biomass as a function of annual needle fall is discussed.

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