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Life table statistics of the rice weevil sitophilus oryzae l. coleoptera curculionidae in relation to the preference for rough brown and polished rice

Cho, K.J.; Ryoo, M.I.; Kim, S.Y.

Korean Journal of Entomology 18(1): 1-6


ISSN/ISBN: 1011-9493
Accession: 005808608

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The relationship between habit preference and population development of the rice weevil was studied by the experiments with rough, brown and polished rice. The rice weevil preferred brown rice to polished rice and rough rice. Instrinsic rates of natural increase of the weevil were estimated to be 0.6791, 0.4816 and 0.1898 on the brown rice polished rice and rough rice, respectively. The results indicated a close relationship between the habitat preference and population development of the rice weevil.

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