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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5814

Chapter 5814 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Caligaris Cappio F.; Janossy G.; Campana D.; Chilosi M.; Bergui L.; Foa R.; Delia D.; Giubellino M.C.; Preda P.; Gobbi M., 1984:
Lineage relationship of chronic lymphocytic leukemia and hairy cell leukemia studies with 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate

Meedel T.H.; Whittaker J.R., 1984:
Lineage segregation and developmental autonomy in expression of functional muscle acetylcholinesterase messenger rna in the ascidian embryo

Coulombel, L.; Vuillet, M.H.; Leroy, C.; Tchernia, G., 1988:
Lineage specific and stage specific adhesion of human hematopoietic progenitor cells to extracellular matrices from marrow fibroblasts

H.K.; Hozumi N.; Hrincu A.; Gelfand E.W., 1985:
Lineage specific classification of leukemia results of the analysis of sixty cases of childhood leukemia

Das Gupta, A.; Barbhaya, S.A.; Sapre, R.S.; Chougule, A.B.; Antia, P.K.; Shetty, P.A., 1986:
Lineage switch in a case of acute lymphoblastic leukemia after twenty six months of remission

Stass, S.; Mirro, J.; Melvin, S.; Pui, C.H.; Murphy, S.B.; Williams, D., 1984:
Lineage switch in acute leukemia

Beardsell, D.V.; Considine, J.A., 1987:
Lineages lineage stability and pattern formation in leaves of variegated chimeras of lophostemon confertus r. br. wilson and waterhouse and tristaniopsis laurina smith wilson and waterhouse myrtaceae

Bencini D.A.; Wild J.R.; O'donovan G.A., 1983:
Linear 1 step assay for the determination of ortho phosphate

Winston, K.R.; Lutz, W., 1988:
Linear accelerator as a neurosurgical tool for stereotactic radiosurgery

Esco R.; Galan C.; Palacios A.; Castillo A.; Navarrete S.; Lopez P.; Bellosta R.; Fuertes F.; Azcoaga J.; Gorriz M., 1984:
Linear accelerator in treatment of tumors of the nasopharynx preliminary results

Mueller-Sievers, K.; Woellgens, P., 1978:
Linear accelerators in onco radiology comparison of the efficiency of 4 clinically utilized electron linear accelerators with energies up to 20 mev

Sanchez, D.A., 1978:
Linear age dependent population growth with harvesting

Hon Nami H.; Hanya T., 1980:
Linear alkyl benzene sulfonates in river estuary and bay water

Manner, H.W.; Muehleman, C., 1976:
Linear alkyl benzenesulfonate inhibition of diffusion and uptake of tritiated uridine during teleost embryogenesis

Takada H.; Ishiwatari R., 1987:
Linear alkylbenzenes in urban riverine environments in tokyo japan distribution source and behavior

Murray A.P.; Gibbs C.F.; Kavanagh P.E., 1987:
Linear alkylbenzenes labs in sediments of port phillip bay australia

Llewellyn Thomas H.A.; Sutherland H.J.; Hogg S.A.; Ciampi A.; Harwood A.R.; Keane T.J.; Till J.E.; Boyd N.F., 1984:
Linear analog self assessment of voice quality in laryngeal cancer

Carvalhaes S.F.; Cardosa J.N., 1986:
Linear and branched hydrocarbons of the irati formation brazil

Ogata S.; Koyama Miyoshi Y.; Hayashida S., 1988:
Linear and circular conformation of pock forming plasmid psa 1 of thiostrepton producing streptomyces azureus atcc 14921

Bolt J.D.; Hunter C.N.; Niederman R.A.; Sauer K., 1981:
Linear and circular dichroism and fluorescence polarization of the b 875 light harvesting bacterio chlorophyll protein complex from rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Edwards J.V.; Spatola A.F., 1986:
Linear and cyclic enkephalin pseudopeptides use of reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography to separate and identify diastereomers formed during synthesis

Virk D.S.; Virk P.S.; Mangat B.K.; Harinarayana G., 1988:
Linear and non linear regression analysis of genotype x environment interactions in pearl millet

Watanabe Y., 1979:
Linear and nonlinear analyses of the crayfish ganglionic transmissions affected with suppression of inhibitory synaptic action

Jorne J.; Safriel U.N., 1979:
Linear and nonlinear diffusion models applied to the behavior of a population of an inter tidal snail

Tessler, S.; Olds-Clarke, P., 1985:
Linear and nonlinear mouse sperm motility patterns. A quantitative classification

Onaral, B.; Schwan, H.P., 1983:
Linear and nonlinear properties of platinum electrode polarization 2. time domain analysis

Schwan, H.P.; Onaral, B., 1985 :
Linear and nonlinear properties of platinum electrode polarization 3. equivalence of frequency domain and time domain behavior

Glezer V.D.; Shcherbach T.A.; Gauzel'man V.E.; Bondarko V.M., 1980:
Linear and nonlinear properties of receptive fields of cat visual cortex

Hochstein, S.; Shapley, R.M., 1976:
Linear and nonlinear spatial subunits in Y cat retinal ganglion cells

Denis P., 1981:
Linear and ponderal growth and reproductive period of abra ovata a pelecypod mollusk in the eastern part of the gulf of morbihan france

Gentil S., 1984:
Linear and recursive identification for ecosystems modeling

Merwitz, O.; Otto, R., 1974:
Linear and sigmoid dose effect relations investigations with gamma irradiated thymine methyl thymine in aqueous solution and in the solid state

Ponzoni R.W., 1985:
Linear approximation of non linear selection indices an example with australian merino sheep

Calvo M.L., 1986:
Linear behavior in the aperture pupil of single photoreceptors consequences related to the degree of inhomogeneity

Hight, D.W.; Hertzler, J.H.; Philippart, A.I.; Benson, C.D., 1982:
Linear cauterization for the treatment of rectal prolapse in infants and children

Shchapova, A.I.; D'yachuk, P.A.; Cheredeeva, V.S., 1975:
Linear chromosome differentiation in different pea species

Mardia, K.V., 1976:
Linear circular correlation coefficients and rhythmometry

Lambreva E., 1980:
Linear colorimetric method for determination of styrene in air

Van-Der-Meer, H.C., 1978:
Linear combinations of stereoscopic depth effects in dich optic perception of gratings

Nakajima B I.; Nishi N., 1983:
Linear cyclic and poly peptides having the sequence aspartyl 6 aminohexanoylseryl 6 aminohexanoylhistidyl 6 amino hexanoyl as catalysts in the ester hydrolytic reactions

Zier, K.S.; Huber, C.; Braunsteiner, H., 1977:
Linear density gradient separation of human lymphocyte subsets part 1 analysis by mixed leukocyte culture and cell mediated lympholysis responses

Zier K.S.; Huber C.; Braunsteiner H., 1979:
Linear density gradient separation of human lymphocyte subsets part 2 characterization of cells responding in secondary mixed leukocyte culture and cell mediated lympholysis

Korb J.; Stokrova J.; Heine U.I., 1981:
Linear density of nucleic acid molecules as a function of denaturing and spreading conditions in electron microscopic analysis

Kuik M.; Krassowski K., 1982:
Linear dependence of the polarographic catalytic current on the number of sulfhydryl groups in the molecule for hemo globins of different origin

Fox E.L.; Kirkendall D.T.; Bartels R.L., 1980:
Linear determination of the oxygen consumption half time response during exercise

Chae, Q.; Song, P.S.; Johansen, J.E.; Liaaen-Jensen, S., 1977:
Linear dichroic spectra of cross conjugated carotenals and configurations of in chain substituted carotenoids

Hoff A.J.; Den Blanken H.J.; Vasmel H.; Meiburg R.F., 1985:
Linear dichroic triplet minus singlet absorbance difference spectra of reaction centers of the photosynthetic bacteria chromatium vinosum rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides r 26 and rhodospirillum rubrum

Fragata M.; Norden B.; Kurucsev T., 1988:
Linear dichroism 250 700 nm of chlorophyll a and pheophytin a oriented in a lamellar phase of glycerylmonooctanoate water characterization of electronic transitions

Jesaitis, A.J., 1974:
Linear dichroism and orientation of the phycomyces blakeslaeanus photo pigment

N'soukpoe Kossi C.N.; Sielewiesiuk J.; Leblanc R.M.; Bone R.A.; Landrum J.T., 1988:
Linear dichroism and orientational studies of carotenoid langmuir blodgett films

Barrett T.W., 1978:
Linear dichroism and radial flow birefringence of stream oriented hyaluronate solutions as a function of system ph

Rozenberg M.V.; Makarov V.L.; Bossa F.; Torchinskii Y.M., 1987:
Linear dichroism of aspartate aminotransferase isoenzymes oriented in polyacrylamide gel

Krawczyk S., 1981:
Linear dichroism of bi molecular chlorophyll lipid membranes role of anisotropy and dispersion

Rozenberg M.V.; Makarov V.L.; Torchinskii Y.M., 1985:
Linear dichroism of cytosolic chicken aspartate aminotransferase oriented in polyacrylamide gel

Wetzel, R.; Buder, E.; Schalike, W.; Zirwer, D., 1969:
Linear dichroism of giant chromosomes of chironomus chironomus thummi inst micro spectro photometer

Ganago A.O.; Erokhin Y.E.; Solov'ev A.A., 1979:
Linear dichroism of light induced absorbance changes in oriented reaction centers from rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides r 26

Biggins J.; Svejkovsky J., 1980:
Linear dichroism of micro algae developing thylakoids and isolated pigment protein complexes in stretched poly vinyl alcohol films at 77 kelvin

Abdurakhmanov I.A.; Erokhin Y.E., 1980:
Linear dichroism of pigments associated with spherical chromatophores model of orientation in poly acrylamide gels

Ganago A.O.; Abdourakhmanov I.A.; Erokhin Y.E., 1979:
Linear dichroism of symmetrical and asymmetrical macro molecules a theoretical approach

Dimitrov S.I.; Smirnov I.V.; Makarov V.L., 1987:
Linear dichroism of the chromatin fibers

Lippitsch M.E.; Riegler M.; Aussenegg F.R.; Friedman N.; Sheves M.; Mazur Y.; Margulies L., 1985:
Linear dichroism spectroscopy of retinal with picosecond time resolution

Norden, B.; Tjerneld, F.; Palm, E., 1978:
Linear dichroism studies of binding site structure in solution complexes between dna and basic aryl methane dyes

Geacintov N.E.; Gagliano A.G.; Ibanez V.; Lee H.; Jacobs S.A.; Harvey R.G., 1983:
Linear dichroism studies of conformations of carcinogen dna adducts application to covalent complexes derived from the reactions of the 2 enantiomers of 9 10 epoxy 9 10 11 12 tetra hydro benzo e pyrene with dna

Matsuoka, Y.; Norden, B., 1982:
Linear dichroism studies of nucleic acids 2. calculation of reduced dichroism curves of a form and b form dna

Matsuoka, Y.; Norden, B., 1983:
Linear dichroism studies of nucleic acids 3. reduced dichroism curves of dna in ethanol water and in poly vinyl alcohol films

Shalyapina V.G.; Garina I.A.; Rakitskaya V.V.; Lopatina N.G., 1982:
Linear differences in reactivity of the hypophyseal adreno cortical system in rats

Iordansky, A.B.; Zurabishvili, T.B.; Badaev, N.S., 1978:
Linear differentiation of cereal chromosomes part 1 common wheat and its supposed ancestors

Zurabishvili, T.G.; Iordansky, A.B.; Badaev, N.S., 1978:
Linear differentiation of cereal chromosomes part 2 poly ploid wheats

Iordansky, A.B.; Zurabishvili, T.G.; Badaev, N.S., 1978:
Linear differentiation of cereal chromosomes part 3 rye triticale and aurora variety

Karmakar, N.; Jayaraman, G., 1988:
Linear diffusion of lead in the intestinal wall: a theoretical study

Ehbrecht, H.J.; Pingoud, A.; Urbanke, C.; Maass, G.; Gualerzi, C., 1985:
Linear diffusion of restriction endonucleases on DNA

Shushanashvili V.I., 1982:
Linear dimensions and amount of ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase in euglena cells

Bolgov-Yu, A., 1976:
Linear dimensions of the lamina of tectum mesencephali in human ontogenesis

Sully M.J.; Flocchini R.G.; Nielsen D.R., 1987:
Linear distribution of naturally occurring radionuclides in a mollic xerofluvent

Mertz, J.E., 1982:
Linear DNA does not form chromatin containing regularly spaced nucleosomes

Gaulden, M.E.; Read, C.B., 1978:
Linear dose response of acentric chromosome fragments down to 1 roentgen of x rays in grasshopper neuro blasts a potential mutagen test system

Blanchard, L.; Hodge, S.J.; Owen, L.G., 1981:
Linear eccrine nevus with comedones

Ogino, A., 1976:
Linear eccrine poroma

Peisach, J.; Orme-Johnson, N.R.; Mims, W.B.; Orme-Johnson, W.H., 1977:
Linear electric field effect and nuclear modulation studies of ferredoxins and high potential iron sulfur proteins

Peisach, J.; Mims, W.B., 1977:
Linear electric field effect in epr for 2 bis imidazole heme complexes model compounds for b and h hemi chromes of hemo globin and for cytochrome b 5

Peisach, J.; Mims, W.B., 1973:
Linear electric field induced shifts in epr a new method for study of the ligands of cytochrome p 450

Schneider, M.F., 1970:
Linear electrical properties of the transverse tubules and surface membrane of skeletal muscle fibers

Videnskii V.G.; Gordeev V.V., 1983:
Linear electron accelerator used to study the radiobiological effects of high doses of fast electrons

Reinhardt, D.; Richter, O.; Genz, T.; Fuchs, F., 1982 :
Linear elimination kinetics but non-linear pharmacodynamics in theophylline intoxication in a child

Knick S.G.IIi, 1981:
Linear enamel hypoplasia and tuberculosis in pre columbian north america

Kalugina I.K.; Savinskii A.K.; Chernova O.N., 1979:
Linear energy transfer and range of low energy electrons in soft biological tissue dna water and poly ethylene

Yatagai, F.; Matsuyama, A., 1977:
Linear energy transfer dependent radio sensitivity of escherichia coli k 12 rec and uvr mutants

Chen R.; G.Z.; Lin H.; Liu H., 1985:
Linear enthalpy relationships between heats of formation of complex compounds and heats of protonation of ligands copper ii n p substituted phenylglycines

Ratzenhofer, E.; Hohlbrugger, H.; Gebhart, W.; Lubec, G., 1981:
Linear epidermal nevus with multiple malformations.

Osborne D.; Colligan R.C., 1986:
Linear equations for the development of non normalized t score tables based on the contemporary normative study of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory

Rodgers G.R.; Neish W.J.P., 1986:
Linear expanded xanthines 1

Thornton J.D.; Johnson G.C., 1986:
Linear extension rates of serpula lacrymans within a simulated wall cavity

Mokrosz J.L.; Ekiert L., 1984:
Linear free energy relationship in thin layer chromatography of 5 arylidenebarbiturates

Chang G.; Mertes M.P., 1987:
Linear free energy relationship studies of 5 substituted 2 4 dioxopyrimidine nucleosides

Oertli E.H.; Beier R.C.; Ivie G.W.; Rowe L.D., 1984:
Linear furo coumarins and other constituents from thamnosma texana

Surico G.; Varvaro L.; Solfrizzo M., 1987:
Linear furocoumarin accumulation in celery plants infected with erwinia carotovora pathovar carotovora

Ray, A.; Das-Gupta, A.; Sen, K., 1978:
Linear furocoumarins part 7 a new synthesis of 6 allyl umbelliferone

Ivie, G.W., 1978:
Linear furocoumarins psoralens from the seed of texas usa ammi majus bishops weed

Cameron, A.J.; Higgins, J.A., 1986:
Linear gastric erosion. A lesion associated with large diaphragmatic hernia and chronic blood loss anemia

Querin, S.; Noel, L.H.; Grunfeld, J.P.; Droz, D.; Mahieu, P.; Berger, J.; Kreis, H., 1986:
Linear glomerular immunoglobulin g fixation in renal allografts incidence and significance in alport's syndrome

Bovio B.; Bonati F.; Burini A.; Pietroni B.R., 1984:
Linear gold i derivatives with bulky phosphine and imidazolato ligands x ray crystal structure of 1 tricyclohexylphosphine gold 2 isopropylimidazole

McDow, R.A.; Fields, J.P., 1987:
Linear granuloma annulare of the finger

Marinho L.S.; Jacobson R.G.D.S.; Nunes V.A.; Goloubeff B.; Teixeira J.R., 1987:
Linear granuloma in the cat a case report

Kharitonov S.N., 1987:
Linear group breeding of sires using a computer

Dzhuraeva Z., 1979:
Linear growth and biomass of epigeic lichens in clay deserts of the southwestern turkmen ssr ussr

Pertzelan A.; Adler Bier M.; Kauli R.; Josefsberg Z.; Grunebaum M.; Horodniceanu C.; Laron Z., 1979:
Linear growth in hypo pituitary patients treated with human growth hormone after age 15

Leong, J.C.; Low, W.D.; Mok, C.K.; Kung, L.S.; Yau, A.C., 1982:
Linear growth in southern Chinese female patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

Roonwal, M.I.; Rao, J.S., 1977:
Linear growth of eyes in the desert locust schistocerca gregaria orthoptera acrididae

Bouain A., 1986:
Linear growth of groupers from the gulf of gabes tunisia

Silina A.V.; Pozdnyakova L.A., 1986:
Linear growth of the light scallop chlamys albidus pectinida pectinidae

Low W.D.; Kung L.S., 1985:
Linear growth of the tibia in chinese children

Buschang, P.H.; Malina, R.M.; Little, B.B., 1986:
Linear growth of Zapotec schoolchildren: growth status and yearly velocity for leg length and sitting height

Duncan, P.A.; Shapiro, L.R.; Soley, R.L.; Turet, S.E., 1983:
Linear growth patterns in patients with cleft lip or palate or both

Sekula, S.A.; Tschen, J.A.; Bean, S.F.; Wolf, J.E., 1986:
Linear IgA bullous disease in a patient with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder

Blickenstaff R.D.; Perry H.O.; Peters M.S., 1988:
Linear iga deposition association with cutaneous varicella zoster infection a case report

Smith, S.B.; Harrist, T.J.; Murphy, G.F.; Haleprin, A.J.; Newell, J.B.; Fallon, J.T.; Fine, J.D.; Mihm, M.C.J., 1984:
Linear immuno globulin a bullous dermatosis vs. dermatitis herpetiformis quantitative measurements of dermo epidermal alterations

Scott D.W.; Manning T.O.; Lewis R.M., 1982:
Linear immuno globulin a dermatoses in the dog bullous pemphigoid discoid lupus erythematosus and a subcorneal pustular dermatitis

Leonard J.N.; Haffenden G.P.; Ring N.P.; Mcminn R.M.H.; Sidgwicks A.; Mowbray J.F.; Unsworth D.J.; Holborow E.J.; Blenkinsopp W.K.; E.A., 1982:
Linear immuno globulin a disease in adults

Oranje A.P.; Vuzevski V.D.; Bouquet J.; Sinaasappel M.; Van Joost T.; Stolz E., 1985:
Linear immunoglobulin a disease and chronic active hepatitis a coincidence or not

Hickson, R.C.; Bomze, H.A.; Holloszy, J.O., 1977:
Linear increase in aerobic power induced by a strenuous program of endurance exercise

Hamburger, K.; Kramhoft, B.; Nissen, S.B.; Zeuthen, E., 1977:
Linear increase in glycolytic activity through the cell cycle of schizosaccharomyces pombe

Spaeth S.C.; Sinclair T.R., 1985:
Linear increase in soybean glycine max harvest index during seed filling

Tranchina D.; Gordon J.; Shapley R.; Toyoda J I., 1981:
Linear information processing in retina a study of horizontal cell responses

Glantz, R.M.; Nudelman, H.B.; Waldrop, B., 1984:
Linear integration of convergent visual inputs in an oculomotor reflex pathway

Gaylor, D.W.; Kodell, R.L., 1980:
Linear interpolation algorithm for low dose risk assessment of toxic substances

Ascone I.; Bianconi A.; Dartyge E.; Della Longa S.; Fontaine A.; Momenteau M., 1987:
Linear iron carbonyl configuration in carbonyl 1 methylimidazole iron ii porphyrin detected by xanes in dispersive mode

D.P.scual Teresa J.; Urones J.G.; Montana Pedrero A.; Basabe Barcala P., 1987:
Linear lactone synthesis from cistus ladaniferus

Brown, E.; Prevec, L., 1982:
Linear mapping of tryptophan residues in Vesiculovirus M and N proteins by partial chemical cleavage

Otsuka, J.; Toyomitsu, Y.; Nishinakagawa, H., 1980:
Linear measurements of the bones of lepus brachyurus brachyurus pentalagus furnessi and oryctolagus cuniculus 1. on the cranium and ossa trunci

Otsuka, J.; Toyomitsu, Y.; Nishinakagawa, H., 1981:
Linear measurements of the bones of lepus brachyurus brachyurus pentalagus furnessi and oryctolagus cuniculus strain jw nibs 2. the ossa membri thoracici et pelvini

Wesolowski M.; Fukuhara H., 1981:
Linear mitochondrial dna from the yeast hansenula mrakii

Erickson L.; Beversdorf W.D.; Pauls K.P., 1985 :
Linear mitochondrial plasmid in brassica has terminal protein

Franaszczuk P.J.; Blinowska K.J., 1985:
Linear model of brain electrical activity electroencephalogram as a superposition of damped oscillatory modes

Kushalappa A.C., 1981:
Linear models applied to variation in the rate of coffee rust hemileia vastatrix development

Green P.J., 1985:
Linear models for field trials smoothing and cross validation

Boudreault, F.R.; Dupont, J.N.; Sylvain, C., 1977:
Linear models for predicting landings of lobsters in the magdalen islands gulf of st lawrence

Mellenbergh G.J.; Kelderman H.; Stijlen J.G.; Zondag E., 1979:
Linear models for the analysis and construction of instruments in a facet design

Golovenko N.Ya; Zin'kovskii V.G., 1982:
Linear models of pharmaco kinetics of phenazepam

Pekary A.E.; Hershman J.M.; Sawin C.T., 1980:
Linear modulation of serum thyrotropin by thyroid hormone treatment in hypo thyroidism

Larregue M.; Ziegler J.E.; Lauret P.; Bonafe J.; Lorette G.; Titi A.; Ramdenee P.; Bressieux J.M., 1986:
Linear morphea in children a review based on 27 cases

Pavithran K., 1981:
Linear morphea with hyper trichosis and entrapment neuropathy

Berkowitz S.A., 1987 :
Linear multidimensional liquid chromatography in protein separation

Chau N.P., 1985:
Linear n compartment catenary models formulas to describe tracer amount in any compartment and identification of parameters from a concentration time curve

Chalhub, E.G.; Volpe, J.J.; Gado, M.H., 1975:
Linear nevus sebaceous syndrome associated with porencephaly and nonfunctioning major cerebral venous sinuses

Mani M.Z.; Nainan G.; Khanna S.D., 1980:
Linear nevus verrucosus like lesions a case occurring on sites of trauma

de Roos, A.; Op den Orth, J.O., 1983:
Linear niches in the duodenal bulb

D.P.eri G.; Signor A.; Bonora G.M.; Toniolo C., 1984:
Linear oligo peptides circular dichroism and nmr study of n 2 4 di nitro phenyl p nitro anilide derivatives of alpha amino iso butyric acid containing tetra peptides in a beta bend conformation

Toniolo, C.; Bonora, G.M., 1976:
Linear oligo peptides part 27 contribution to the circular dichroism of internal peptide chromophores

Toniolo, C.; Bonora, G.M.; Palumbo, M.; Peggion, E.; Stevens, E.S., 1978:
Linear oligo peptides part 43 study of the relationship between conformation and nature of side chain homologous series derived from gamma branched amino acid residues

Tsagris M.; Tabler M.; Muehlbach H P.; Saenger H.L., 1987:
Linear oligomeric potato spindle tuber viroid pstv rna species are accurately processed in vitro to the monomeric circular viroid proper when incubated with a nuclear extract from healthy potato cells

Valle, G.; Bonora, G.M.; Toniolo, C., 1984:
Linear oligopeptides 118. preferred conformations and modes of self association of the fluoren 9 ylmethoxycarbonylamino acid derivatives

Benedetti E.; Bavoso A.; D.B.asio B.; Grimaldi P.; Pavone V.; Pedone C.; Toniolo C.; Bonora G.M., 1985:
Linear oligopeptides effect of lengthening of the main chain by 1 tetrahedral carbon atom in the alpha aminoisobutyric acid l alanine sequence a solid state conformational analysis of segments of polypeptide antibiotics

Toniolo C.; Bonora G.M.; Benedetti E.; Bavoso A.; D.B.asio B.; Pavone V.; Pedone C., 1985:
Linear oligopeptides peptaibol antibiotics preferred conformation of the 2 9 segment of emerimicins iii and iv and all related short sequences

Cunningham B.A.; Leutzinger Y.; Gallin W.J.; Sorkin B.C.; Edelman G.M., 1984:
Linear organization of the liver cell adhesion molecule

Narsinga Rao P.S.R.L.; Sybenga J., 1984:
Linear orientation of trivalents and quadrivalents in late metaphase i pollen mother cells of pearl millet

Stonard R.J.; Andersen R.J., 1980:
Linear peptide alkaloids from the sponge cliona celata celenamide c and celenamide d

Wagner, J.G., 1976:
Linear pharmaco kinetic equations allowing direct calculation of many needed pharmaco kinetic parameters from the coefficients and exponents of poly exponential equations which have been fitted to the data

Wagner, J.G., 1976:
Linear pharmaco kinetic models and vanishing exponential terms implications in pharmaco kinetics

Nguyen, P.C., 1977:
Linear pharmaco kinetic models geometric construction to determine transfer and elimination rate constants

Saltzman, B.E., 1988:
Linear pharmacokinetic models for evaluating unusual work schedules, exposure limits and body burdens of pollutants

Hose B.; Langner G.; Scheich H., 1983:
Linear phoneme boundaries for german synthetic 2 formant vowels

Barbour, A.G.; Garon, C.F., 1987:
Linear plasmids of the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi have covalently closed ends

Lewis, E.R., 1977:
Linear population models with stochastic time delays

Risby T.H.; Yergey J.A.; Scocca J.J., 1982:
Linear programmed thermal degradation mass spectrometry of poly styrene and poly vinyl chloride

Adkins, J.A.; Risby, T.H.; Scocca, J.J.; Yasbin, R.E.; Ezzell, J.W., 1984:
Linear programmed thermal degradation methane chemical ionization mass spectrometry 1. peptidoglycan cell walls and related compounds from bacillus

Adkins, J.A.; Risby, T.H.; Scocca, J.J.; Yasbin, R.E.; Ezzell, J.W., 1984:
Linear programmed thermal degradation methane chemical ionization mass spectrometry 2. defined compounds and lipid containing envelope constituents from salmonella

Kapitan K.S.; Wagner P.G., 1986:
Linear programming analysis of ventilation perfusion ratio distributions limits on central moments

Brown B.E.; Brennan J.A.; Palmer J.E., 1979:
Linear programming simulations of the effects of bycatch on the management of mixed species fisheries off the northeastern coast of the usa

Brink F.Jr, 1983:
Linear range of sodium pump in sciatic nerve of frog rana pipiens

Self S.G.; Grossman E.A., 1986:
Linear rank tests for interval censored data with application to polychlorinated biphenyl levels in adipose tissue of transformer repair workers

Pakudin V.Z.; Lopatina L.M.; Toderkan V.G., 1986:
Linear reaction of simple three lines and double corn hybrids to environmental effects

Gupta G.; Sabaratnam S.; Dadson R., 1986:
Linear regression analyses of ozone and sulfur dioxide in ambient air

Besozzi M.; Franzini C., 1986:
Linear regression analysis applied to methods comparison data new parametric and distribution free statistical methods with a basic program in appendix

Doody, M.C.; Gibbons, W.E.; Buttram, V.C., 1988:
Linear regression analysis of ultrasound follicular growth series: evidence for an abnormality of follicular growth in endometriosis patients

Doody, M.C.; Gibbons, W.E.; Zamah, N.M., 1987:
Linear regression analysis of ultrasound follicular growth series: statistical relationship of growth rate and calculated date of growth onset to total growth period

Marais G.F., 1985:
Linear regression and stability measurements as possible aids in wheat selection trials

Richardson, J.L.; Edmonds, W.J., 1987:
Linear regression estimations of jenny's relative effectiveness of state factors equation

Orth D.S., 1979:
Linear regression method for rapid determination of cosmetic preservative efficacy

Pomerance, H.H.; Krall, J.M., 1981 :
Linear regression to approximate longitudinal growth curves: revised standards for velocity of weight and length in infants

Wedlund P.J.; Nelson S.D.; Nickelson S.; Levy R.H., 1982:
Linear relationship between cytochrome p 450 and carbamazepine clearance in rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Tanaka T.; Sobue K.; Owada M.K.; Hakura A., 1985:
Linear relationship between diphosphorylation of 20 kilodalton light chain of gizzard myosin and the actin activated myosin atpase activity

Boudoulas, H.; Geleris, P.; Lewis, R.P.; Rittgers, S.E., 1981:
Linear relationship between electrical systole, mechanical systole, and heart rate

Lawler J.; Powers S.K.; Thompson D., 1988:
Linear relationship between maximum oxygen consumption and maximum oxygen consumption decrement during exposure to acute hypoxia

Nutt, J.G.; Kupferberg, H.J., 1979:
Linear relationship between plasma concentration and dosage of sodium valproate

Querido D.; Knobel G.J., 1986:
Linear relationship between plasma total solute content and post mortem interval during the early post mortem period in the rat

Neilsen A.P.; Morris K.G.; Murdock R.; Bruno F.P.; Cobb F.R., 1980:
Linear relationship between the distribution of thallium 201 and blood flow in ischemic and nonischemic myo cardium during exercise

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Linearity between the weighted sum of the electro myographies of the human triceps surae and the total torque

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Linearizing mechanisms in conventional tomographic imaging

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Lines produced by nicotiana rustica l. x nicotiana tabacum l. crosses

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Lingual clamping procedures for measuring oral vibro tactile thresholds part 2 effects of using a lower clamping disc

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Lingual mechano receptive information 2. an evoked potential study of the central projections of low threshold lingual nerve afferent information

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Lingual vibro tactile sensation magnitudes stimulus frequency effect

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Linguistic and spatial processings in solving three term series problem

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Linguistic correlates of attitude and intention in persuasive communication

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Linguistic politeness at different age levels

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Linguistic processing and reaction time differences in stutterers and nonstutterers

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Linguistic status subsequent to childhood immersion injury

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Linguistic typology of artificially evoked states of altered consciousness 2

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Lingula anatina from mutsu bay northern japan

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Lingula murphiana brachiopoda collected in madagascar

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Linguo hypoglossal reflex elicited by mechanical stimulation in rabbits

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Linitis plastica carcinoma of the stomach a case

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Linitis plastica carcinoma of the stomach traced retrospectively for 2 years and 5 months a case

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Linitis plastica carcinoma with rapid progression in a short period

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Linitis plastica caused by metastatic lobular carcinoma of the breast

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Linitis plastica of the stomach in carcinoma of the breast

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Linitis plastica stomach cancer whose primary lesion revealed almost no change in size during observation over a period of 22 months a case

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Linitis plastica type cancer of the stomach developing rapidly from minute cancers on the gastric body a case

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Link between the structure and the clinical course of chondro sarcomas

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Linkage dis equilibrium genetic distance and evolutionary distance under a general model of linked genes or a part of the genome

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Linkage dis equilibrium of extranuclear genes under neutral mutations and random genetic drift

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Linkage dis equilibrium selection and recombination at 3 loci

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Linkage disequilibria and or equilibria in laboratory populations of drosophila melanogaster

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Linkage disequilibrium and a contact zone in plethodon cinereus on the delmarva peninsula usa

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Linkage disequilibrium at steady state determined by random genetic drift and recurrent mutation

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Linkage disequilibrium between 2 segregating nucleotide sites under the steady flux of mutations in a finite population

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Linkage Disequilibrium between Allozymes in Natural Populations of Lodgepole Pine

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Linkage disequilibrium between the monocyte alloantigen system and the HLA system

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Linkage group II in the Syrian hamster. Linkage between hydrocephalus and cream coat color

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Linkage group III in the Syrian hamster: linkage between white band and long hair

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Linkage group v of platyfishes and swordtails of the genus xiphophorus poeciliidae linkage of loci for malate dehydrogenase 2 ec and esterase 1 ec and esterase 4 with a gene controlling the severity of hybrid melanomas

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Linkage group vi of fish of the genus xiphophorus poeciliidae assignment of genes coding for glutamine synthetase ec ump kinase ec 2.7.4. and transferrin

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Linkage groups in Aspergillus flavus

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Linkage imbalance

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Linkage imbalance in chromosomes of drosophila subobscura

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Linkage in mice of genes controlling an immuno globulin kappa chain marker and the surface allo antigen ly 3 on thymus derived lymphocytes

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Linkage in spinacia oleracea between the locus for resistance to peronospora spinaciae and the locus for tolerance for cucumber virus 1

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Linkage in spinacia oleracea of 2 race specific genes for resistance to downy mildew peronospora farinosa f sp spinaciae

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Linkage in wheat of the h 3 and h 6 genetic factors for resistance to hessian fly

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Linkage map of 2 hla sb beta and 2 hla sb alpha related genes an intron in one of the sb beta genes contains a processed pseudogene

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Linkage mapping from pair-wise recombination data

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Linkage mapping of four gene loci glu b 1 gli b 1 rg 1 and yr 10 on chromosome 1b of bread wheat

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Linkage mapping of genes controlling endosperm storage proteins in wheat 1. genes on the short arms of group 1 chromosomes

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Linkage mapping of genes controlling endosperm storage proteins in wheat 2. genes on the long arms of group 1 chromosomes

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Linkage of 2 enzyme loci in fishes of the genus xiphophorus poeciliidae guanylate kinase 2 and glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase 1 designated as linkage group iii

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Linkage of 5 antho cyanin genes in rice oryza sativa

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Linkage of 5s rna and 16s 23s rna genes on the escherichia coli chromosome

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Linkage of 6 genes in chlamydomonas reinhardtii and the construction of linkage test strains

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Linkage of a 7S RNA sequence and kappa light chain genes in the mouse

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Linkage of a membrane skeleton to integral membrane glycoproteins in human platelets. Identification of one of the glycoproteins as glycoprotein Ib

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Linkage of aconitase 1 and major urinary protein 1 loci in male rats

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Linkage of adult alpha globin and beta globin genes in xenopus laevis and gene duplication by tetra ploidization

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Linkage of albino and pink eyed dilution genes in the mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus and other rodents

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Linkage of an acetylenic seco steroid suicide substrate to the active site of delta 5 3 keto steroid isomerase ec isolation and characterization of a tetra peptide

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Linkage of glyoxalase i with human histo compatibility antigen and properdin factor b effect of population and sex on recombination frequency

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Linkage of human keratin genes

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Linkage of lactate dehydrogenase 2 ec ldh 2 in the mouse

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Linkage of mercury, cadmium, and arsenate and drug resistance in clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Linkage of monocyte alloantigens with mhc loci

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Linkage of mutations affecting minus flagellar membrane agglutinability to the mt minus mating type locus of chlamydomonas reinhardi

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Linkage of p coumaroyl and feruloyl groups to cell wall polysaccharides of barley straw

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Linkage of pgm 3 in the house mouse and homologies of 3 phospho gluco mutase ec loci in mouse and man

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Linkage of plant dwarfness genes with morphological spike traits in spring barley hordeum sativum form ci 3694

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Linkage of plasma alpha l fucosidase and the plasminogen system

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Linkage of the 4 gamma subclass heavy chain genes

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Linkage of the acetate and the nicotinic auxotrophs in the uni cellular alga chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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Linkage of the alcohol dehydrogenase structural genes in pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoides)

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Linkage of the analbuminemia locus (alb) and the hooded locus in the rat, Rattus norvegicus

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Linkage of the cadmium resistance locus to loci on mouse chromosome 12

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Linkage of the equine serum esterase and mitochondrial glutamate oxalo acetate trans aminase ec got m loci a horse mouse homology

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Linkage of the gene controlling the synthesis of complement c 4 to the major histo compatibility complex of the guinea pig

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Linkage of the genes pr and pre determining shortening of the inflorescences in pisum

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Linkage of the hexose mono phosphate pentose pathway to atp generation by the proline cycle

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Linkage of the major histocompatibility (B) complex and the nucleolar organizer in the chicken. Assignment to a microchromosome

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Linkage of the n terminal peptide portion of renin substrate to the remainder of the protein evidence for an alkali labile tyrosine serine and against an ester bond

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Linkage of the reindeer and alate prothorax loci and sex differences in recombination frequency in linkage group ix of tribolium castaneum

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Linkage of the satin and umbrous loci in the Syrian hamster

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Linkage of the structural gene for uro porphyrinogen i synthase ec to markers on mouse chromosome 9 in a cross between feral and inbred mice

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Linkage of total deficiency of complement c 2 and of genetic c 2 polymorphism to the major histo compatibility complex of the guinea pig

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Linkage of tritium labeled 5 hydroxy tryptamine and adenylate cyclase activation induced by the 5 hydroxy tryptamine in preparations of brain glial membranes

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Linkage relation of resistance to cladosporium fulvum leaf mold cf 2 and root knot nematodes meloidogyne incognita mi in tomato lycopersicon esculentum and a new gene for leaf mold resistance cf 11

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Linkage relations among loci responsible for genetic variants of serum and milk proteins in cattle

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Linkage relations of a locus for congenital total nuclear cataract

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Linkage relations of dumpy, a recessive mutant on chromosome 13 of the mouse

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Linkage relationship between thymidine kinase and sv 40 t antigen genes in the sv 40 transformed wi 98vad human cell line

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Linkage relationship for seedling resistance to races of stem rust puccinia graminis f sp tritici in tetraploid wheats triticum durum and triticum carthlicum

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Linkage relationships among 11 biochemical loci in peromyscus

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Linkage relationships among 4 enzyme loci in the predatory treehole mosquito toxorhynchites rutilus rutilus

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Linkage relationships among 5 enzyme coding gene loci in the copepod tigriopus californicus a genetic confirmation of achiasmatic meiosis

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Linkage relationships among allozyme loci in japanese black pine pinus thunbergii parl

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Linkage relationships and chromosomal locations of enzyme coding genes in pepper capsicum annuum

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Linkage relationships between a major gene for catechol o methyltransferase ec activity and 25 polymorphic marker systems

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Linkage relationships between an esterase locus and group II markers in the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

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Linkage relationships between le and gl alleles in cotton gossypium hirsutum

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Linkage relationships between mutants of methylobacterium organophilum impaired in their ability to grow on 1 carbon compounds

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Linkage Relationships between the Homologous Malate Dehydrogenase Loci in Teleosts

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Linkage relationships in soybean glycine max between genes controlling reactions to phytophthora rot and metribuzin

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Linkage relationships in the bovine MHC region. High recombination frequency between class II subregions

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Linkage Relationships in Wild Emmer Wheat, TRITICUM DICOCCOIDES

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Linkage relationships of 10 powdery mildew erysiphe graminis f sp hordei resistance genes on barley hordeum vulgare chromosome 5

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Linkage relationships of 11 enzyme loci in the aedes scutellaris group

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Linkage relationships of 2 genes causing partial resistance to chloramphenicol anti infect in escherichia coli

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Linkage relationships of 4 seedling mutants in turnip rape

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Linkage relationships of 9 enzyme loci in sunfishes lepomis centrarchidae

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Linkage relationships of 9 induced mutants in common bean phaseolus vulgaris

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Linkage relationships of biochemical markers to q band and c band variants in a large black kindred

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Linkage relationships of paraoxonase with other markers indication of paraoxonase cystic fibrosis synteny

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Linkage relationships of some genes for disease and insect resistance and semi dwarf stature in rice

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Linkage relationships of the knockdown resistance gene kdr in larvae of culex quinquefasciatus diptera culicidae

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Linkage studies by the use of backcross data in rice genetical studies on rice plant xcv

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Linkage studies in a pedigree with Van der Woude syndrome

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Linkage studies in apis mellifera using biochemical and morphological markers

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Linkage studies in Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophies

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Linkage studies in hereditary angio edema

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Linkage studies in Lenz microphthalmia

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Linkage studies in peripheral neurofibromatosis

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Linkage studies in rice oryza sativa 10. identification of linkage groups in indica rice

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Linkage studies in rice oryza sativa on some mutants derived from chronic gamma irradiation

Iwata, N.; Omura, T.; Satoh, H., 1978:
Linkage studies in rice oryza sativa on some mutants for physiological leaf spots

Omura, T.; Iwata, N.; Satoh, H., 1978:
Linkage studies in rice oryza sativa on some virescent and chlorina mutants

Kullaiswamy B.Y.; Goud J.V., 1979:
Linkage studies in sorghum sorghum bicolor

Helle, W.; Van-Zon, A.Q., 1970:
Linkage studies in the pacific spider mite tetranychus pacificus part 2 genes for white eye ii lemon and flamingo

Brown, E.; Sokoloff, A., 1978:
Linkage studies in tribolium castaneum part 11 the map position of charcoal a pseudoallele of black

Eastman, J.R.; Bixler, D.; Escobar, V., 1978:
Linkage studies in Van der Woude syndrome

Barlow K.K.; Driscoll C.J., 1981:
Linkage studies involving 2 chromosomal male sterility mutants in hexa ploid wheat triticum aestivum

Doira H.; Kihara H.; Nagai N., 1980:
Linkage studies of bombyx mori discovery of a new linkage group nd tub

Doira H.; Nakayama M.; Kawaguchi Y.; Kihara H., 1985:
Linkage studies of bombyx mori discovery of the twenty fifth linkage group naked and y translucent

Jabs, E.W.; Meyers, D.A.; Bias, W.B., 1986:
Linkage studies of polymorphic, repeated DNA sequences in centromeric regions of human chromosomes

Nakayama M.; Doira H.; Watanabe T., 1987:
Linkage studies of the fibroin heavy chain gene in bombyx mori

Robinson, R., 1988:
Linkage studies of wavy in the Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus

Davies K.E.; Mattei M.G.; Mattei J.F.; Veenema H.; Mcglade S.; Harper K.; Tommerup N.; Nielsen K.B.; Mikkelsen M.; Beighton P.; Drayna D.; White R.; Pembrey M.E., 1985:
Linkage studies of x linked mental retardation high frequency of recombination in the telomeric region of the human x chromosome

Tadano T., 1981:
Linkage studies on 2 new mutants frostybody and pigmented pupa in the mosquito aedes albopictus

Tadano T., 1980:
Linkage studies on a new dominant mutant extra jointed palp and 3 other mutants in the mosquito aedes togoi

Tadano, T., 1984:
Linkage studies on alpha glycerophosphate dehydrogenase ec and isocitrate dehydrogenase ec in aedes albopictus diptera culicidae

Banno Y.; Kawaguchi Y.; X.M.K.; Doira H., 1987:
Linkage studies on the larval female protein gene in bombyx mori

Skre, H.; Berg, K., 1977:
Linkage studies on the marinesco sjogren syndrome and hyper gonadotropic hypo gonadism

Doira H.; Kihara H.; Masuda S., 1984:
Linkage studies on the mottled gray egg mutant of bombyx mori

Doira H.; Kawaguchi Y.; Nakayama M., 1984:
Linkage studies on the spindle shaped egg mutant in bombyx mori with special references to the naked mutations

Kawaguchi Y.; Banno Y.; Shimda T.; Kobayashi M., 1986:
Linkage studies on the storage protein 2 gene pst in bombyx mori

Kuenzel G.; Scholz F., 1982:
Linkage studies with induced translocations and genes for male sterility in barley

Bryan, J.H.; Chalkley, J.;, M., 1976:
Linkage study on dieldrin resistance and an inversion on the second chromosome of Anopheles stephensi

Turcotte E.L.; Feaster C.V., 1979:
Linkage tests in american pima cotton

Kohel, R.J., 1978:
Linkage tests in upland cotton part 3

Sealey, J.E.; Atlas, S.A.; Laragh, J.H., 1978:
Linkage the kallikrein and renin systems via activation of inactive renin new data and a hypothesis

Rasmuson M., 1980:
Linkage to a self sterility locus consequences for segregation and selection

Kimchi, A.; Rosenberg, E., 1976:
Linkages between dna synthesis and cell division in myxococcus xanthus

Howard, W.D.; Timasheff, S.N., 1988:
Linkages between the effects of taxol, colchicine, and GTP on tubulin polymerization

Swiecicki, W.K., 1984:
Linkages in pisum 1. the gene orp orange pod

Swiecicki, W.K., 1985:
Linkages in pisum ii. the gene nec necrosis

Swiecicki, W.K., 1987 :
Linkages in pisum l. iv. the gene det determinate growth

Kim D.S.; Chung M.N., 1986:
Linkages of agricultural extension with research and agricultural education in korea

Romero Garcia A.T.; Blanca G.; Torres C.M., 1987:
Linkagrostis new genus of the family poaceae

Annear, D.I., 1976:
Linked and unstable characteristics of colony structure gentamicin resistance and colistin resistance in pseudomonas aeruginosa

Cox, M.T.; Jaggers, S.E.; Jones, G., 1978:
Linked aryl aryloxy propanolamines as a new class of lipid catabolic agents

Matin, L.; Kornheiser, A., 1976:
Linked changes in spatial integration size discrimination and increment threshold with change in the background diameter

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