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Localization of tritium labeled histamine and tritium labeled prostaglandin e 2 receptors in isolated cells of rat gastric mucosa

Bersimbaev, R.I.; Tairov, M.M.; Argutinskaya, S.V.; Salganik, R.I.

Biokhimiya 48(7): 1113-1121


Accession: 005825071

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Isolated cells of the rat gastric mucosa were obtained by treatment of rat stomach with pronase. Two fractions were isolated, one of which was rich (up to 90%) and the 2nd one poor (to 25%) of parietal cells. Using specific antagonists and agonists of H1- and H2-receptors of histamine (diphenhydramine, metiamide, cimetidine, impromidine, dimaprit), the H2-receptors of histamine were localized in the parietal cells. A preferential binding of (3H)prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) by receptor proteins of plasma membranes of nonparietal (presumably mucoid) cells was found. Rat gastric mucosa contains receptors of histamine and PGE2 which differ in their intracellular localization and strictly, selectively bind (3H)histamine and (3H)PGE2. The starting point in the mechanism of action of these intercellular regulators on gastric secretion is probably the processing of their specific recognition by protein receptors localized in functionally different cells.

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