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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5830

Chapter 5830 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sharma S.K.; Bapna B.C., 1984:
Long term follow up of ileal ureter for multiple renal stones

Lynn T C.; T.S.M.; Kawamura A.Jr, 1985:
Long term follow up of immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin a antibodies against viral capsid antigens of epstein barr virus in nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Rabkin S.W.; Mathewson F.A.L.; Tate R.B., 1981:
Long term follow up of incomplete right bundle branch block the risk of development of complete right bundle branch block

Y.T.F.; Roboz J., 1981:
Long term follow up of incorporation of nitrogen 15 from glycine into uric acid in gout

Delcour C.; Bellens B.; Vandenbosch G.; Dereume J.P.; Struyven J., 1987:
Long term follow up of intraarterial infusion of streptokinase in acute lower limb ischemia

Noble M.; Cheng H.; Jacobs P.; Salmon J.; Mcpherson K., 1984:
Long term follow up of intraocular lens implants the 1st 127 compared with the latest 100 of the same style in a span of 9 years

Visser C.A.; Kan G.; Meltzer R.S.; Lie K.I.; Durrer D., 1984:
Long term follow up of left ventricular thrombus after acute myocardial infarction a 2 dimensional echocardiographic study in 96 patients

Mariani P.P.; Denti M.; Fabbriciani C.; Coari G.C., 1987:
Long term follow up of negative arthroscopies in athletes

Schilsky R.L.; Sherins R.J.; Hubbard S.M.; Wesley M.N.; Young R.C.; Devita V.T., 1981:
Long term follow up of ovarian function in women treated with mechlorethamine vincristine procarbazine and prednisone chemo therapy for hodgkins disease

Sandor G.G.S.; Olley P.M.; Trusler G.A.; Williams W.G.; Rowe R.D.; Morch J.E., 1980:
Long term follow up of patients after valvotomy for congenital valvular aortic stenosis in children a clinical and actuarial follow up

Ruckert R.F.; Meier W.E.; Senning A., 1980:
Long term follow up of patients with asymptomatic and expanding abdominal aortic aneurysms

Dutcher J.P.; Schiffer C.A.; Aisner J.; Wiernik P.H., 1981:
Long term follow up of patients with leukemia receiving platelet transfusions identification of a large group of patients who do not become allo immunized

Appel G.B.; Cohen D.J.; Pirani C.L.; Meltzer J.I.; Estes D., 1987:
Long term follow up of patients with lupus nephritis a study based on the classification of the who

Asada K., 1986:
Long term follow up of patients with mitral annuloplasty using echocardiography

Kanamori M.; Takayasu M.; Shibuya M.; Kageyama N., 1985:
Long term follow up of patients with optic glioma

Durairaj, S.K.; Haywood, L.J., 1978:
Long term follow up of patients with poor left ventricular function after myo cardial infarction

Nagayama N., 1988:
Long term follow up of post tuberculosis

Ingemarsson, I.; Westgren, M.; Svenningsen, N.W., 1978:
Long term follow up of preterm infants in breech presentation delivered by cesarean section a prospective study

Capitanio J.P.; Rasmussen K.L.R.; Snyder D.S.; Laudenslager M.; Reite M., 1986:
Long term follow up of previously separated pigtail macaques macaca nemestrina group and individual differences in response to novel situations

Neuhold A.; Mlczoch J.; Grabner G.; Kotscher E., 1985:
Long term follow up of radiological signs of pulmonary hypertension in correlation with hemodynamic changes

Soskis, D.A.; Harrow, M.; Detre, T.P., 1969:
Long term follow up of schizophrenics admitted to a general hospital psychiatric ward

Weigand K.; Zaugg P Y.; Frei A.; Zimmermann A., 1984:
Long term follow up of serum amino terminal propeptide of collagen type iii levels in patients with chronic liver disease

Cozzolino G.; Lonardo A.; Francica G.; Dionisio M.; Cacciatore L., 1986:
Long term follow up of severe chronic active hepatitis in southern italy

Hennart P.; Beghin D.; Bossuyt M., 1987:
Long-term follow-up of severe protein-energy malnutrition in Eastern Zaïre

Komatsu M.; Miyata K.; Shimizu K., 1988:
Long term follow up of silicone pcl

Lamid S., 1988:
Long term follow up of spinal cord injury patients with vesicoureteral reflux

Jurkovic Petrusic J.; Paucic Kirincic E.; Kriz M., 1987 :
Long term follow up of survivors after neonatal meningitis

Lepley D.Jr; Flemma R.J.; Mullen D.C.; Motl M.; Anderson A.J.; Weirauch E., 1980:
Long term follow up of the bjork shiley prosthetic valve used in the mitral position

Oouchi T.; R.S.; Suga K., 1988:
Long term follow up of the corneal endothelium in anterior chamber lens implantation

Fazikov E.; Chlumsky J.; Jirsa M.; Kalab M.; Kordac V., 1987:
Long term follow up of the kinetics of meso tetra p sulfophenylporphyrin

Tabayashi K., 1981:
Long term follow up of the patients who underwent valve replacements for acquired valvular disease clinical and hemodynamic study

Breda, G.; Rovasio, A.; Comunale, L., 1974:
Long term follow up of the uretero cysto neostomy review of 1196 cases from the literature

Goto M.; Nakatsuka K.; Yamanouchi U., 1988:
Long term follow up of uveal effusion

Szanto, E., 1977:
Long term follow up of yttrium 90 treated knee joint arthritis

Harris I.E.; Weinstein S.L., 1987:
Long term follow up patients with grade iii and iv spondylolisthesis treatment with and without posterior fusion

Matsuki O.; Kawazoe K.; Kito Y.; Kaku K.; Ohara K.; Kosakai Y.; Fujii N.; Kasegawa H.; Tanaka K.; Fujita T., 1987:
Long term follow up result of the ionescu shiley pericardial xenograft 328 cases

Bosquet M.; Burssens A.; Mulier J.C., 1980:
Long term follow up results of a femoral mega prosthesis a review of 13 patients

Komori T., 1981:
Long term follow up results on intra ocular lens gifu lens implantation

Okajima Y.; Shiraki N.; Motegi M., 1982:
Long term follow up results on the effects of laminectomy on lumbar disc hernia

Christenson, B.; Espmark, A., 1976:
Long term follow up studies on herpes simplex antibodies in the course of cervical cancer part 2 antibodies to surface antigen of herpes simplex virus infected cells

Moreaux J.; Thomsen C., 1983:
Long term follow up study after surgery for chronic pancreatitis in 107 patients

Nukui H.; Miyagi O.; Tamada J.; Mitsuka S.; Kawafuchi J I., 1982:
Long term follow up study by cerebral angiography in cases with arterio venous malformation of the brain with special reference to spontaneous disappearance of arterio venous malformation in cerebral angiography

Shimakura K.; Shirai T.; Yamaguchi K.; Nakama H.; Akamatsu T.; Matsuda Y.; Nakamura Y.; Shigeno T.; Sakato M.; Ueno K.; Furuta S., 1985:
Long term follow up study in patients with unresectable malignant biliary obstructive diseases underwent endoscopic retrograde biliary drainage

Moreaux J., 1984:
Long term follow up study of 50 patients with pancreatico duodenectomy for chronic pancreatitis

Sato K.; Kaneko M.; Tanaka K.; Muraki M.; Kawahara N., 1986:
Long term follow up study of 93 patients with transcutaneous ischemic attacks

Moyes T.; Tennent T.G.; Bedford A.P., 1985:
Long term follow up study of a ward based behavior modification program for adolescents with acting out and conduct problems

Rumpf K.D.; Antonschmidt J.; Datan C.; Zick R.; Mitzkat H J., 1980:
Long term follow up study of beta cell function after partial duodeno pancreatectomy

Kanematsu S., 1988:
Long term follow up study of children with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus iddm

Sridama V.; Mccormick M.; Kaplan E.L.; Fauchet R.; Degroot L.J., 1984:
Long term follow up study of compensated low dose iodine 131 therapy for graves disease

Sasaki A.; Uehara M.; Horiuchi N.; Hasegawa K., 1982:
Long term follow up study of diabetic patients in osaka japan

Katsumori N.; Mizokami K., 1987:
Long term follow up study of fluorescein angiographic changes of the optic disc in glaucoma

Ogawa K., 1984:
Long term follow up study of gastric and duodenal ulcers

Hendarto S.K.; Soetomenggolo T.S.; Ismael S.; Monintja H.E., 1986:
Long term follow up study of infants with intermediate levels of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia

Okura F.; Futa R.; Baba H., 1988:
Long term follow up study of primary congenital glaucoma

Nakajima M., 1987:
Long term follow up study of pupillary dynamics in patients with tonic pupil

Hsia, C.Y.; Chang, M.Y., 1978:
Long term follow up study of schizophrenia

Hayakawa, M., 1980:
Long term follow up study of simple buphthalmos 2. ocular enlargement of the buphthalmic eye

Ozaki S., 1983:
Long term follow up study of the post operative condition of coronary artery disease by m mode echo cardiography

Steinbach P D.; Gruia D.G., 1987:
Long term follow up study of treatment of chronic glaucoma with a beta adrenergic receptor blocking solution timolol

Taniguchi T.; Shimizu U.; Kitazawa Y., 1988:
Long term follow up study on 5 fluorouracil trabeculectomy

Sawaya H.; Nomura Y.; Tagata K.; Tsuchiya T.; Saito Y.; Kiuchi A.; Watanabe H.; Hara M.; Tabuchi K.; E.A., 1980:
Long term follow up study on a large scale outbreak of porcine mycobacteriosis in japan

Nakamura, C., 1980:
Long term follow up study on clinical and hemodynamic results of mitral valve replacement for acquired mitral valve disease with starr edwards ball valve

Itoh K.; Nagata K., 1981:
Long term follow up study on idiopathic neo vascular muculopathy

Tsuiki T.; E.A., 1981:
Long term follow up study on sudden sensori neural hearing loss of unknown etiology

Nagura N., 1986:
Long term follow up study on the muscle release operation for osteoarthritis of the hip

Maeda M., 1985:
Long term follow up study on valve function and left ventricular function after mitral valve replacement with tilting disc valve an echocardiographic study

Altman, R.D., 1985:
Long term follow up therapy with intermittent etidronate disodium in paget's disease of bone

Opatrny, K.; Karlicek, V.; Topolcan, O.; Sova, J.; Podzimek, A.; Novak, V., 1975:
Long term following of the level of plasmatic renin in patients after kidney transplantation

Donaghay P.L.; Small L.F., 1979:
Long term food modification by acartia clausi a preliminary view

Pechhacker H., 1988:
Long term forecast of physokermes homoptera coccidae honeydew flow on spruce

Rudnev, E.D.; Terekhov, V.I.; Bugaets, T.G.; Solodukhina, L.D.; Afonin, S.P., 1976:
Long term forecasting of brown rust of wheat for the european part of the ussr

Minkevich, I.I.; Zakharova, T.I., 1977:
Long term forecasting of brown rust of winter wheat in the forest steppe zone of the ukrainian ssr ussr in connection with changes in solar activity

Takeuchi M.; Matsushima H.; Sugawara Y., 1980:
Long term freeze preservation of protoplasts of carrot daucus carota and marchantia polymorpha

Sondergaard L.; Sick K., 1985:
Long term frequencies of ebony in artificial drosophila melanogaster populations kept in light and darkness

Bazzini G.; Rognoni A.; Pistarini C.; Galli M.; Guarnaschelli C.; Zalaschi F., 1986:
Long term functional evaluation in a group of rehabilitated hemiplegias

Wirtz, P.; Loermans, H.; Wallinga-de Jonge, W., 1986:
Long term functional improvement of dystrophic mouse leg muscles upon early immobilization

Sigmund L.; Rigamonti D.; Nylen E., 1981:
Long term functional restoration of the paralyzed hemi diaphragm in the dog

Friesen, D.K.; Sale, P.W.G.; Blair, G.J., 1987:
Long term greenhouse evaluation of partially acidulated phosphate rock fertilizers i. effect of acidulant and degree of acidulation on availability of phosphorus from two phosphate rocks

Friesen, D.K.; Sale, P.W.G.; Blair, G.J., 1987:
Long term greenhouse evaluation of partially acidulated phosphate rock fertilizers ii. effect of cogranulation with elemental sulfur on availability of phosphorus from two phosphate rocks

Broome S.W.; Seneca E.D.; Woodhouse W.W.Jr, 1986:
Long term growth and development of transplants of the salt marsh grass spartina alterniflora

Wallace, R.A.; Misulovin, Z., 1978:
Long term growth and differentiation of xenopus laevis oocytes in a defined medium

Kurnick J.T.; Gronvik K O.; Kimura A.K.; Lindblom J.B.; Skoof V.T.; Sjoberg O.; Wigzell H., 1979:
Long term growth in vitro of human thymus derived cell blasts with maintenance of specificity and function

Pajunen H., 1981:
Long term growth rate of a tropical peat deposit in burundi

Miller R.E.; Tarrant R.F., 1983:
Long term growth response of douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii to ammonium nitrate fertilizer

Preest, D.S., 1977:
Long term growth response of douglas fir to weed control

Maluszynski, M.; Adamska, E., 1976:
Long term growth stimulation of nicotiana langsdorfii plants induced by the reaction of n nitroso n methyl urea

Raev I.; Georgiev N., 1985:
Long term growth variations of quercus cerris forests in the strandja mountain bulgaria

Saito K.; Sato T.; Ohno S.; Tomita T.; Takakuwa E., 1979:
Long term health care for workers exposed to low concentration of lead

Smyth G.D.L.; Hassard T.H.; E.K.rdy A.F.A., 1980:
Long term hearing performance after stapedectomy

Johnson, S.A.N.; Bateman, C.J.T.; Beard, M.E.J.; Whitehouse, J.M.A.; Waters, A.H., 1977:
Long term hematological complications of thorotrast

Lund Johansen P., 1979:
Long term hemodynamic effects of penbutolol at rest and during exercise in essential hypertension

Tandon, A.P.; Smith, D.R.; Whitaker, W.; Ionescu, M.I., 1978:
Long term hemodynamic evaluation of aortic peri cardial xeno graft

Cappellini M.D.; Potter C.G.; Wood W.G., 1984:
Long term hemopoiesis in human fetal liver cell cultures

Haese, W.H.; Bueding, E., 1976:
Long term hepato cellular effects of hycanthone and of 2 other anti schistosomal drugs in mice infected with schistosoma mansoni

Goerz, G.; Krieg, T.; Bolsen, K.; Lissner, R., 1977:
Long term hexa chloro benzene exposition of rats influence on porphyrin excretion in the urine and on cytochrome p 450 in the liver

Scheibel E.; Federsen C.; Hertz H., 1985:
Long term high dose factor viii treatment of 3 hemophiliacs with factor viii inhibitor

Braithwaite P.A., 1981:
Long term high dose mebendazole for cystic hydatid disease of liver failure in 2 cases

Heyser J.W.; Nabors M.W.; Mackinnon C.; Dykes T.A.; Demott K.J.; Kautzman D.C.; Mujeeb Kazi A., 1985:
Long term high frequency plant regeneration and the induction of somatic embryogenesis in callus cultures of wheat triticum aestivum

Almay B.G.L.; Johansson F.; Von Knorring L.; Sakurada T.; Terenius L., 1985:
Long term high frequency transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in chronic pain clinical response and effects on cerebrospinal fluid endorphins monoamine metabolites substance p like immunoreactivity and pain measures

Banks M.A.; Martin W.G.; Hinton D.E., 1987:
Long term histological observations in the liver and pancreas of vitamin e and selenium deficient syrian golden hamsters

Hanne Paparo N.; Kellermann J.J., 1981:
Long term holter electro cardiographic monitoring of athletes

Dab I.; Alexander F., 1979:
Long term hospital treatment of asthmatic children with beclomethasone di propionate aerosol

Brunner U., 1987:
Long term hospitalization in vascular surgery

Krensky A.M.; Reiss C.S.; Mier J.W.; Strominger J.L.; Burakoff S.J., 1982:
Long term human cytolytic t cell lines allo specific for hla dr 6 antigen are okt 4 plus

Zadina J.E.; Kastin A.J.; Manasco P.K.; Pignatiello M.F.; Nastiuk K.L., 1987:
Long term hyperalgesia induced by neonatal beta endorphin and morphiceptin is blocked by neonatal tyrosin mif 1

Calcagno L.; Casarico A.; Cella G.; Campagnoli M.; Bozzo L.; Conzi G.; Porro P.; Gavazzi L., 1981:
Long term hypotension a new tool in prognostic evaluation of reno vascular hypertension

Brenkman, R.F., 1978:
Long term hypotensive effect of atenolol 4 percent eyedrops

Stanghelle J.K.; Gjone R.N., 1987:
Long term immobilization hypercalcemia

Angelova L.A., 1982:
Long term immunity to influenza a h 1n 1 in humans

Polmar S.H.; Schacter B.Z.; Sorensen R.U., 1986:
Long term immunological reconstitution by peripheral blood leukocytes in severe combined immune deficiency disease implications for the role of mature lymphocytes in histocompatible bone marrow transplantation

Lhermitte F.; Marteau R.; Roullet E.; D.S.xce H.; Loridan M., 1984:
Long term immunosuppression in multiple sclerosis a 15 year study with azathioprine

Silverman, F.H., 1976:
Long term impact of a miniature metronome on stuttering an interim report

Michael J.L., 1980:
Long term impact of aerial application of 2 4 5 t to longleaf pine pinus palustris

Olsson M.T., 1986:
Long term impact of lime on the humus form in a beech stand on sandy till

Mellanby J.; Renshaw M.; Cracknell H.; Rands G.; Thompson P., 1982:
Long term impairment of learning ability in rats after an experimental hippocampal epileptiform syndrome

Res J.C.J.; Simoons M.L.; Van Der Wall E.E.; Van Eenige M.J.; Vermeer F.; Verheugt F.W.A.; Wijns W.; Braat S.; Remme W.J.; E.A., 1986:
Long term improvement in global left ventricular function after early thrombolytic treatment in acute myocardial infarction report of a randomized multicenter trial of intracoronary streptokinase in acute myocardial infarction

Bodansky, H.J.; Medback, S.; Cudworth, A.G.; Rees, L.H.; de Silva, R.S., 1982:
Long term improvement in insulin response with gliclazide treatment

Velley L.; Cardo B., 1979:
Long-term improvement of learning after early electrical stimulation of some central nervous structures: is the effect structure and age-dependent?

Smirnova S.A., 1980:
Long term in patient observation during the rehabilitation period of persons with a history of viral hepatitis

Schramm, W., 1973:
Long term in situ measurements of oxygen exchange in marine benthic plants in a continuously recording flow through system

Tertian, G.; Yung, Y.P.; Guy-Grand, D.; Moore, M.A.S., 1981:
Long term in vitro culture of murine mast cells 1. description of a growth factor dependent culture technique

Yung, Y.P.; Eger, R.; Tertian, G.; Moore, M.A.S., 1981:
Long term in vitro culture of murine mast cells 2. purification of a mast cell growth factor and its dissociation from t cell growth factor

Yung, Y.P.; Moore, M.A.S., 1982:
Long term in vitro culture of murine mast cells 3. discrimination of mast cell growth factor and granulocyte colony stimulating factor

Centola G.M., 1986:
Long term in vitro growth of a heterologous mixed muellerian tumor of the ovary

Norris S.J.; Miller J.N.; Sykes J.A., 1980:
Long term incorporation of tritium labeled adenine into dna and rna by treponema pallidum nichols strain

Enerback L.; Lowhagen G B., 1979:
Long term increase of mucosal mast cells in the rat induced by administration of compound 48 80 p methoxyphenethyl methylamine formaldehyde product

Montenero A.S.; Mazzari M.; Schiavoni G.; Coppola E.; Manzoli U., 1985:
Long term indenolol securpres in hypertension

Haukioja E.; Suomela J.; Neuvonen S., 1985:
Long term inducible resistance in birch foliage triggering cues and efficacy on a defoliator

Fleury, H.; Adam, C.; Heme, G., 1977:
Long term infection of a cell culture from new born mouse brain with the french neurotropic strain of yellow fever virus

Ecob-Johnston, M.S.; Bornstein, M.B.; Raine, C.S., 1977:
Long term infection of cultured hamster dorsal root ganglia with halle subacute sclerosing panencephalitis virus

Richardson N.J.; Koornhof H.J.; Bokkenheuser V.D., 1981:
Long term infections with campylobacter fetus jejuni

Yelle S.; Gosselin A.; Trudel M J., 1987:
Long term influence of carbon enrichment on greenhouse tomatoes produced with or without supplementary lighting

Karlyev K.M.; Annanurova L.A.; Tagirova T.R.; Lavrinenko N.S., 1982:
Long term influence of high external temperature on the content of nucleic acids and proteins in white rat kidneys

Layne R.E.C.; Tan C.S., 1984:
Long term influence of irrigation and tree density on growth survival and production of peach prunus persica cultivar harken siberian c

Kaleta M.; Horvath I., 1984:
Long term influence of magnesite plant immissions on the vegetation region of jelsava south eastern slovakia

Voelker U.; Heisig W.; Mueller G., 1980:
Long term influence of tillage fertilization and crop rotation practices on humus dynamics

Luquet P.; Cravedi J.P.; Choubert G.; Tulliez J.; Bories G., 1983:
Long term ingestion by rainbow trout of saturated hydro carbons effects of n paraffins pristane and dodecyl cyclo hexane on growth feed intake lipid digestibility and canthaxanthin deposition

Jenkins, L.J.J. ; Jones, R.A.; Siegel, J., 1970:
Long term inhalation screening studies of benzene toluene o xylene and cumene on experimental animals

Mitsuya, H.; Jarret, R.F.; Matsukura, M.; Veronese, F.D.; Devico, A.L.; Sarngadharan, M.G.; Johns, D.G.; Reitz, M.S.; Broder, S., 1987:
Long term inhibition of human t lymphotropic virus type iii lymphadenopathy associated virus human immunodeficiency virus dna synthesis and rna expression t cells protected by 2' 3' dideoxynucleosides in vitro

Shao J.; Valenstein E.S., 1982:
Long term inhibition of kindled seizures by brain stimulation

Kovacs M.; Mezo I.; Flerko B.; Teplan I.; Nikolics K., 1984:
Long term inhibition of ovulation by a gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist at low dose level

Logunov D.B., 1981:
Long term inhibitory potential in the edible snail central nervous system and conditions for its formation

Yoshioka T.; Nakahara Y.; Nakano S.; Ohmori K., 1981:
Long term injection of gluco corticoid hormone and its effect on the mitochondria of the ventricular muscle of a rat

Sharfnadel' M.G.; Aronov D.M., 1980:
Long term intensive training as a method of nondrug therapy and rehabilitation of patients after myo cardial infarction

Glazer, H.I.; Weiss, J.M., 1976:
Long term interference effect an alternative to learned helplessness

Limsila T., 1985:
Long term intermittent adjuvant chemotherapy for postresected lung cancer with unfavorable prognostic factors

Baker S.R.; Wheeler R.H., 1982:
Long term intra arterial chemo therapy infusion of ambulatory head cancer and neck cancer patients

Romanini A.; Trodella L.; D.G.ovanni V.; Turriziani A.; Maresca G.; Moneta E., 1985:
Long term intra arterial chemotherapy using an implantable infusion pump before the radiosurgical treatment of cervical cancer a pilot study

Michalowski, R.; Kuczynska, L., 1978:
Long term intra muscular triamcinolone acetonide therapy in alopecia areata alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis

Bergquist C.; Nillius S.J.; Wide L., 1982:
Long term intra nasal lhrh agonist treatment for contraception in women

Nakata Y.; Sakurai T.; Yamada I., 1988:
Long term intraarterial infusion therapy with prostaglandin e 1 in patients with ischemic ulcer of the extremities

Bauerfeind P.; Cilluffo T.; Fimmel C.J.; Gasser T.; Kohler W.; Merki H.; Emde C.; Etienne A.; Blum A.L., 1985:
Long term intragastric ph metry

Brazenor, G.A., 1987:
Long term intrathecal administration of morphine: a comparison of bolus injection via reservoir with continuous infusion by implanted pump

Ulrich, F.; Duerselen, R.; Schober, R., 1988:
Long term investigations of laser assisted microvascular anastomoses with the 1.318 micrometer neodymium yag laser

Mandel T.E.; Hoffman L.; Carter W.M., 1981:
Long term iso grafts of cultured fetal mouse pancreatic islets oncogenic effects of streptozotocin and prevention of diabetic renal complications

Christensen, B.; Jelnes, J.; Berg, U., 1978:
Long term isozyme variation in parthenogenetic poly ploid forms of lumbricillus lineatus enchytraeidae oligochaeta in recently established environments

Sainerova, H.; Svoboda, J., 1978:
Long term karyological study of rvp 3 tumor cells grown in vitro

Webman, I.; Kestner, N.R., 1977:
Long term kinetics of the reactions of solvated electrons in glasses

Pieraggi, M.T.; D.G.aeve, J.; Julian, M.; Thiers, J.C.; Bouissou, H., 1980:
Long term lathyrism and atherogenic diet in the rat. Protective action of pyridinol carbamate

Dudas M.J., 1981:
Long term leachability of selected elements from fly ash

Rothbaum, H.P.; Rohde, A.G., 1976:
Long term leaching of nutrients from magnesium ammonium phosphate at various temperatures

Stewart, J.; Schulz-Baldes, M., 1976:
Long term lead accumulation in abalone haliotis spp fed on lead treated brown algae egregia laevigata

Chamove A.S., 1984:
Long term learning deficits of mentally retarded monkeys macaca mulatta

Rihanek J.; Dostal M., 1987:
Long term left heart bypass in experiments with calves laboratory and morphological findings

Pant V.L.N.; Chaturvedi S.K.; Varma V.K.; Diwan S.; Yadav R.V.S.; Chugh K.S., 1985:
Long term life adjustment in kidney transplant recipients

Kandalov G.T., 1983:
Long term life cycle of eminium lehmannii araceae in the eastern kara kums ussr

Arnold H., 1983:
Long term lines of development in agriculture ecological limits and problems of agricultural policy with particular reference to plant production

Yoshida K.; Takatsu H.; Miura I.; Takahashi T.; Fukushima Y.; Fukuda M.; Yamaguchi A.; Miura A.B., 1986:
Long term liquid culture of marrow colony forming cells in culture from normal subjects and patients with aplastic anemia

Oxlund, H., 1982:
Long term local cortisol treatment of tendons and the indirect effect on skin. An experimental study in rats

Testa R.; Biagini A.; Carpeggiani C.; Mazzei M.G.; Michelassi C.; Emdin M.; L'abbate A., 1984:
Long term local therapy with isosorbide dinitrate ointment in intermittent claudication

Inaba R., 1988:
Long term local vibration exposure influence of frequencies on the occurrence of intimal thickening of peripheral arteries

Somberg, J.; Butler, B.; Flowers, D.; Tepper, D.; Torres, V., 1985:
Long term lorcainide therapy guided by electrophysiology studies

Bianchi-Porro, G.; Lazzaroni, M.; Pace, F.; Petrillo, M., 1986:
Long term low dose antacid vs. cimetidine therapy in the treatment of duodenal ulcer recurrence

Landes R.R., 1980:
Long term low dose cinoxacin therapy for the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections

Grimaldi M.G., 1985:
Long term low dose ticlopidine treatment in rheumatoid arthritis effects on serum sulfhydryl levels technetium index erythrocyte sedimentation rate and clinical disease activity

O.K.; Mizuno Y., 1981:
Long term low dose treatment of persistent or recurrent urinary tract infection with sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim in diabetic patients

Jourdane J., 1984:
Long term maintenance of a male clone and a female clone of schistosoma mansoni by microsurgical transplantation of sporocysts reliability of the technique

Hank J.A.; Inouye H.; Guy L.A.; Alter B.J.; Bach F.H., 1980:
Long term maintenance of cloned human primed lymphocyte hla d typing cells in t cell growth factor with lympho blastoid cell line cells as a feeder layer

Kurnick J.T.; Altevogt P.; Lindblom J.; Sjoberg O.; Danneus A.; Wigzell H., 1980:
Long term maintenance of hla d restricted thymus derived cells specific for soluble antigens

Bollinne A.; Kremers P.; Kolodzici C.; Gielen J.E., 1987:
Long term maintenance of monooxygenase activities in cultured fetal rat hepatocytes

Campbell C.S.; Baum F.R., 1979:
Long-term maintenance of receptivity by subcutaneous implants of estradiol

Poplawsky, A., 1978:
Long term maintenance of shuttle box avoidance behavior before and after septal lesions

Svestka J.; Nahunek K., 1979:
Long term maintenance treatment with oxyprothepin in patients with endogenous psychoses

Batshaw, M.L.; Brusilow, S.; Walser, M., 1976:
Long term management of a case of carbamyl phosphate synthetase deficiency using keto analogs and hydroxy analogs of essential amino acids

Barsanti J.A.; Gitter M.L.; Crowell W.A., 1981:
Long term management of chronic renal failure in a cat

Burns, E.C.; Jones, R.B., 1985:
Long term management of congenital cataracts

Wade, A.G.; Rowley-Jones, D., 1988:
Long term management of duodenal ulcer in general practice: how best to use cimetidine?

Romano, M.; Di-Maro, T.; Cotecchia, M.R.; Carella, G.; De-Arcangelis, E.; Clarizia, M.; Chiariello, M., 1986:
Long term management of exercise induced myocardial ischemia diltiazem vs. propranolol a double blind crossover study

Jetne, M., 1974:
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Long term metabolism of uniformly carbon 14 labeled glucose in the whole rat brain

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Long term neuronal rearrangements within area 7 of the cat neocortex after dissection of the visual radiations

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Long term nitrogen di oxide exposure of mice in the presence and absence of vitamin e part 2 effect of glutathione peroxidase ec

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Long term nitrogen phosphorus fertilizer and climate influences on morphology and yield components of spring wheat triticum aestivum

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Long term nutritional effects of extensive resection of the small intestine

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Long term observation of radioactive iodine 131 in thyro toxicosis

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Long term observation of the aesculapian snake elaphe longissima serpentes colubridae

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Long term observation of the families of probands with ischemic heart disease

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Long term observation of the interaction between aluminum oxide bioceramic and tissue in an animal experiment

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Long term observation on patients with laryngeal cancer

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Long term observation on the connection between sunspot activity and the sprouting of seeds

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Long term observations of children with acute lympho blastic leukemia treated according to the modified program of pinkel

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Long term organ cultures of intact and isolated from the primordial mesenchyma of the respiratory tract in mice

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Long term oscillation in glycolysis

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Long term outcome of haemophilus influenzae meningitis related to antibiotic treatment

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Long term outcome of hypertensive patients treated by beta blockers 2. a study of factors in resistance to treatment

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Long term outcome of treatment of end stage renal failure

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Long term outcomes of chemical traumas of the stomach

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Long term outcomes of heavy marihuana use among adolescents

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Long term oxygen treatment for domiciliary use with chronic lung diseases and hypoxemia

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Long term pacing in conscious dogs with experimental heart block hemodynamic changes at rest and during exercise

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Long-term patency of occipital artery-middle cerebral artery bypass demonstrated by angiography

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Long term patterns of sediment production following road construction and logging in the oregon usa coast range

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Long term patterns of seed softening and seedling establishment from single seed crops of subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum

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Long-term peritoneal tissue response in rats to mould-release agents and lubricant powder used on surgeons' gloves

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Long term permeation kinetics of estradiol 5. development and evaluation of transdermal bioactivated hormone delivery system

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Long term persistence in a rocky intertidal fish assemblage

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Long term persistence of picloram in a sandy loam soil

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Long term persistence of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the douglas fir tussock moth orgyia pseudotsugata lepidoptera lymantriidae in forest soil

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Long term persistence of toxoplasma gondii in tissues of pigs inoculated with toxoplasma gondii oocysts and effect of freezing on viability of tissue cysts in pork

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Long term ph measurements in the hind limb of the dog experimental studies with vasoactive substances under acute arterial occlusion conditions

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Long term pharmacokinetics of 2 2' 4 4' 5 5' hexachlorobiphenyl in rats with constant adipose tissue mass

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Long term phenological observations on sand flies inhabiting burrows of great gerbils in the karshinskaya steppe uzbek ssr ussr phenology of phlebotomus papatasi

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Long-term phenothiazine treatment does not cause pituitary tumours

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Long term phorbol ester treatment down regulates protein kinase c and sensitizes the phosphoinositide signaling pathway to hormone and growth factor stimulation evidence for a role of protein kinase c in agonist induced desensitization

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Long term phosphorus flux to deep sea sediments

Nagpal N.K., 1985:
Long term phosphorus sorption in a brunisol in response to dosed effluent loading

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Long term physiological effects of enhanced oxygen release by inositol hexaphosphate loaded erythrocytes

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Long term placement problems in an acute care hospital

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Long term plant survival and density data from reclaimed southwestern usa coal mine spoils

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Long term plasma exchange therapy in bullous pemphigoid

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Long term plot studies in 1 ungrazed 1 spaded up and 2 scalped dwarf shrub heaths genisto callunetum

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Long term population changes of the most abundant south finnish forest birds during the past 50 years

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Long term population dynamics and production of pisidium bivalvia in the profundal of lake esrom denmark

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Long term post menopausal hormone therapy and serum high density lipo protein c total cholesterol and tri glycerides

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Long term potassium requirements of nitrogen fertilized smooth brome grass bromus inermis

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Long term potential effects from management of the fish resources of the north atlantic

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Long term potentiation blocked by phencyclidine and cyclazocine in vitro

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Long term potentiation in the dentate gyrus induction and increased glutamate release are blocked by d levo aminophosphonovalerate

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Long term potentiation in the goldfish carassius auratus optic tectum

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Long term potentiation in thin hippocampal sections studied by intra cellular and extracellular recordings

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Long term potentiation is associated with an increase in calcium dependent potassium stimulated release of carbon 14 glutamate from hippocampal slices an ex vivo study in the rat

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Long term potentiation of evoked responses in the neocortex of intact brain and in in vitro cortical slices

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Long term potentiation of synaptic transmission in the dentate gyrus increased release of carbon 14 glutamate without increase in receptor binding

Lynch M.A.; Bliss T.V.P., 1986:
Long term potentiation of synaptic transmission in the hippocampus of the rat effect of calmodulin and oleoylacetylglycerol on release of tritiated glutamate

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Long term potentiation of transmitter release induced by adrenaline in bullfrog rana catesbeiana sympathetic ganglia

Koyano K.; Kuba K.; Minota S., 1985:
Long term potentiation of transmitter release induced by repetitive presynaptic activities in bull frog rana catesbeiana sympathetic ganglia

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Long term predictive validity of the wechsler preschool and primary scale of intelligence an 11 year follow up study

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Long term predictive validity of the wppsi and the wisc r with black school children

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Long term predictive value of exercise testing after myocardial infarction usefulness of repeated test during 10 year follow up

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Long term preformation of leaves and inflorescences by a long lived perennial monocarp frasera speciosa gentianaceae

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Long term prenylamine therapy effects on responses to myo cardial ischemia in the isolated rat heart

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Long term prescribed burning increases nutrient uptake and growth of loblolly pine seedlings

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Long term preservation by l drying and storage of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Savva D., 1980:
Long term preservation of bacteria in liquid nitrogen

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Long term preservation of bone marrow and stem cell pool in dogs

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Long term preservation of chestnut pollen on catkin after vacuum drying

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Long term preservation of hematopoietic tissue for marrow transplantation

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Long term preservation of high moisture dried apricots with and without chemical preservatives

Storry, J.R., 1987:
Long term preservation of red cell antibody identification panels in low ionic strength solution

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Long term preservation of sorghum seed as affected by seed moisture temperature and atmospheric environment

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Long term preservation of thawed bone marrow cells in a biologically rich condition

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Long term proactive interference and novelty enhancement effects in monkey list memory

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Long term problems of l dopa therapy in parkinson's disease

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Long term production of erythroid precursor cells in bone marrow cultures

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Long term productivity of intensive rice cropping systems on the central plain of thailand

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Long term progestogen treatment and bone re modeling in peri menopausal women a longitudinal study

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Long term prognosis after 1st q wave trans mural or non q wave nontransmural myo cardial infarction analysis of 593 patients

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Long term prognosis after haemophilus influenzae meningitis prospective evaluation

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Long term radium retention in contaminated dial painters

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