Long-term mean concentrations of atmospheric smoke and sulphur dioxide in country areas of England and Wales

Barnes, R.A.

Atmospheric Environment 10(8): 619-631


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-6981
PMID: 971358
Accession: 005829453

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The representiveness of daily observations at atmospheric smoke and SO2 concentrations monitored at National Survey country sites is discussed. Long-term mean smoke and SO2 concentrations for wind octants at 21 country sites in England and Wales are presented and examined in the context of urban and background concentrations. Sources are identified and the effects of wind speed on the long-distance transport of air pollution discussed. Estimates of domestic and industrial smoke emissions, by counties, for England and Wales are given. An expression is developed from which long-term concentrations of smoke or SO2 at a country site can be calculated.