Manifestation of the homeosis mutation antp in drosophila melanogaster gynandromorphs

Bulyzhenkov, V.E.; Baklanova Elkina, E.Yu

Tsitologiya i Genetika 19(3): 175-178


Accession: 005851442

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The frequency of XX/XO mosaicism was studied on antennae and mesothoracic legs in gynandromorphs of normal (Antp+) and homeotic (AntpNs) stocks. It was shown that the mosaicism frequency on homeotically transformed antennae in AntpNs flies was higher than that on normal antennae but was similar to that on mesothoracic legs. This permits suggesting that antennal anlage in AntpNs flies is larger in size than that in Antp+ flies. Thus, the Antp gene action in the antennal analge may be traced to the blastoderm stage.