Section 6
Chapter 5,853

Mapping of reindeer ranges in the kautokeino area northern norway by use of landsat 5 tm data

Tommervik, H.; Lauknes, I.

Rangifer 7(2): 2-14


Accession: 005852530

The aim of this study was to test the utility of Landsat 5/TM data to detect and map reindeer ranges (winter ranges). The area which has been investigated is the Avzze area in Kautokeino, North Norway, on the means of Landsat 5 TM-data. A "hybrid" non-supervised/supervised classification routine was elaborated and applied in this project. The initial stage was an analysis of several band combinations, and the 5/4/3 combination gave the preferable combination was input to the cluster algorithm (unsupervised classification). The image was divided in 4 section s of size 512 samples and 512 lines. One of this sections (the section which cover the ground truth map) was selected for the non-supervised classification. In the beginning 17 classes were merged, and a median filter was applied for the resultant image, which comprises 12 classes. The statistics from the final result from the non-supervised classification were then used together with the TM band combination 5/4/3 for the whole image, as input to the minimum distance classification algorithm. This algorithm was applied to every section in turn. A mosaic of the 4 sections was then made and a median filter was then registered to a digitalized map (UTM-projection). The final result was a colored thematic map over the whole area. The classification of the scene was successful with an overall classification of 90-100% for lichen-heaths (9dx/9c/9a/9av Dry shrub, fresh shrub) and birch-forests (56d/6dv/6dx shrubtype with lichen). The condition of the lichen-heaths could be detected on a sufficient level on the basis of the satellite data, but further analysis will be done her. The accuracy of the digital classification was assessed on a quantitative basis. Visual classification and interpretation of the satellite imagery showed that areas of conflict (roads, agriculture) could be detected. In chapter 6, "Resultater og diskusjon" some of other results from other studies/investigations carried out in Scandinavia concerning remote sensing in mapping of vegetation are referred and discussed. Based on this study, we will conclude that use of satellite data is capable to serve as first stage classification in a multistage land use and reindeer range inventory and monitoring system.

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