Marine algae of subtidal cliffs in lough hyne county cork ireland

Maggs, C.A.; Freamhainn, M.T.; Guiry, M.D.

Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Section B Biological Geological and Chemical Science 83(20): 251-266


Accession: 005853218

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The marine algae of all subtidal cliffs (vertical and near-vertical slopes) in Lough Hyne were surveyed in July 1981 by transects of representative sections of the cliffs. A brief description and depth profile are given for each of these transects, and the main plant communities are described for these and 2 other sites. An annotated species list includes all algae identified during this study, a total of 130 spp. (87 Rhodophyta; 10 Chlorophyta; 33 Phaeophyta). The Hymenoclonium serpens (Crouan frat.) Batt. phase of Bonnemaisonia asparagoides (Woodw.) C. Ag., Pterosiphonia pennata (C. Ag.) Falkenb.,Ulvella lens Crouan frat., Liebmannia leveillei J. Ag., and Myriocladia lovenii J. Ag. are reported for the 1st time from Ireland; the report of Cruoriella armorica Crouan frat. is the 1st for the British Isles.