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Marine organic chemistry 4. isolation of 20 r 5 alpha pregn 9 11 ene 3 beta 6 alpha 20 triol from the saponins of starfish asterias forbesi and asterias vulgaris and its synthesis

Apsimon, J.W.; Badripersaud, S.; Buccini, J.A.; Eenkhoorn, J.; Gilgan, M.W.

Canadian Journal of Chemistry 58(23): 2703-2708


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4042
Accession: 005853504

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A minor constituent of the saponin hydrolysate of the starfishes A. forbesi and A. vulgaris is (20R)-5.alpha.-pregn-9(11)-ene-3.beta.,6.alpha.,20-triol by synthesis from 11-oxoprogesterone. The occurrence of the reduced progesterone side chain could have implications concerning the origins of progesterone-type compounds in saponin hydrolysates from starfish.

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