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Mass spectrometric determination of cyto kinins in young sweet potato ipomoea batatas cultivar kohkei no. 14 plants using deuterium labeled standards

Sugiyama, T.; Suye, S.I.; Hashizume, T.

Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 47(2): 315-318


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1369
Accession: 005854916

The presence of levels of trans- and cis-ribosylzeatin, trans- and cis-zeatin, N6-isopentenyladenosine, and 6-(3-methyl-2-butenylamino)-9-.beta.-D-glucopyranosylpurine were determined in the root, and the stem and leaf of young sweet potato plants by mass spectrometry using deuterium-labeled standards. The 6-(3-methyl-2-butenylamino)-9-.beta.-D-glucopyranosylpurine level was the highest in both the root, and the stem and leaf. trans-Ribosylzeatin was present at a high level in the root. The ratio of trans- and cis-isomers of zeatin in the root, and in the stem and leaf was determined to be 10 and 2.4, respectively. The variation in the trans/cis ratios of both zeatin and ribosylzeatin may reflect the growth stage of the organ in the plant.

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