Meiosis in radiation induced tri ploid and tetra ploid plants of pearl millet

Singh, R.B.; Singh, B.D.; Singh, R.M.; Laxmi, V.

Cytologia 42(3-4): 633-638


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-4545
Accession: 005873855

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A triploid and a tetraploid plant were isolated from mutagen treated populations of HB3 (Tif23A .times. J104) and HB1 (Tif23A .times. Bil3B) hydrid pearl millet, respectively. The triploid plant regularly showed univalents (1-9 per cell) and trivalents (1-6 per cell) at MI [metaphase I]. In the case of the tetraploid, only bivalents were observed which showed loose or tight secondary associations at MI. At AI [anaphase I] bivalents separated as units (instead of chromosomes), while at AII [anaphase II] chromosomes (instead of chromatids) moved to the opposite poles. Although the chromosome behavior was quite regular, the plant was highly sterile (98%). Gamma-rays induced mutations in a number of genes, including those affecting pairing, concomitant to the induction of tetraploidy.