Meiotic chromosome pairing in interspecific hybrids of nicotiana part 1 comparative pairing of hybrids in section suaveolentes

Williams, E.

New Zealand Journal of Botany 13(4): 601-609


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-825X
Accession: 005873998

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The degree of pairing at 1st meiotic metaphase was compared for interspecific F1 hybrids from 8 intra-Suaveolentes combinations involving 9 spp. [N. exigua, N. suaveolens, N. benthamiana, N. megalosiphon, N. cavicola, N. umbratica, N. debneyi, N. fragrens, N. glutinosa]. All showed a substantial degree of pairing, but were separable into 2 groups within the high pairing range. One intersubgeneric hybrid showed an almost complete absence of pairing. In 1 triploid intrasectional hybrid carrying 2 genomes from the female parent, pairing was predominantly autosyndetic.