Meiotic chromosome pairing in interspecific hybrids of nicotiana part 2 south american species hybrids the influence of genotype on pairing

Williams, E.; Pandey, K.K.

New Zealand Journal of Botany 13(4): 611-622


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-825X
Accession: 005873999

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Meiotic chromosome pairing and pollen fertility were examined in 5 types of interspecific hybrid between South American species of Nicotiana, namely: N. bonariensis .times. N. langsdorfii, N. langsdorfii .times. N. alata, N. glutinosa .times. N. glauca, N. bonariensis .times. N. glauca and N. forgetiana .times. N. glauca. Of these, the last 2 had not previously been studied. In the intrasectional combination N. bonariensis .times. N. langsdorfii and the intersubgeneric combination N. forgetiana .times. N. glauca, analysis of several individuals indicated genotypic modification of the degree of chromosome pairing. Some observations are included on pollen tube growth in backcrosses of N. forgetiana .times. N. glauca hybrids with pollen from each parental species.