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Chapter 5,884

Metabolism of amino acids in the spruce needle feeding sawfly gilpinia hercyniae hymenoptera diprionidae

Schopf, R.

Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Entomologie 92(1): 84-92


Accession: 005883146

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The concentrations of 17 soluble and protein bound amino acids in larvae without alimentary canal (3 populations, L3,L4-, L4L5- and old L5-instar larvae), in adult females before (Iv) and after (In) oviposition and in cocoons (K) and exuvies of 5th instar larvae (E) were estimated. The concentrations of amino acids decrease during larval development and increase after metamorphosis. The larval and adult stages of these sawflies are characterized by typical patterns of amino acids. More than 30% of the protein in the old 5th instar larvae is used for synthesis of the cocoon, for which 75% of the protein consists of serine, glycine and alanine. The absolute amount of protein in a typical old larva increases during metamorphosis.

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