Micro determination of an insecticide cartap hydro chloride 2 di methylaminotrimethylene s s' bis thio carbamate hydro chloride in soil

Nishi, K.; Funakoshi, K.; Tan, N.; Hattori, M.

Journal of Pesticide Science 4(1): 29-36


ISSN/ISBN: 1348-589X
Accession: 005893604

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Microdetermination of cartap hydrochloride in soil is described. Cartap hydrochloride was adsorbed to soil with the effect of functional groups in the structure. Cartap hydrochloride was extracted from soil at 65.degree. C with 0.1 N HCl containing 1.5% L-cysteine hydrochloride, and was hydrolyzed with 1.5% NH4OH and oxidized with air to give nereistoxin(4-dimethylamino-1,2-dithiolane). FPD-gas chromatography using sulfur mode was used to determine cartap hydrochloride without interference. The minimum detection limit of nereistoxin by this method was 1 ng corresponding to 0.005 ppm in 20 g of soil. The overall average recovers from alluvial soil and volcanic ash soil were 96.8% and 98.0%, respectively. This conventional method will be useful for the residue analysis of cartape hydrochloride in soil.