Section 6
Chapter 5,897

Microbial ecology of shiro in tricholoma matsutake and its allied species part 2 tricholoma matsutake in pinus pumila var yezoalpina forest

Ogawa, M.

Nippon Kingakukai Kaiho 17(2): 176-187


Accession: 005896338

T. matsutake in P. pumila var. yezoalpina forest was one of this species growing in several coniferous forest on Japanese islands. This strain formed shiro [circular fungal colonies or fairy rings] in mineral soil horizons consisting of lapilli and volcanic sand. The mycelium was enlarging radially forming mycorrhizal clusters which seemed to be ectomycorrhiza with some parasitic characteristics. Most soil fungi were excluded from the territory and gradually recovered from the inner part of shiro following the decomposition of the mycorrhiza and mycelium and the loosening and moistening of the soil. These ecological characteristics were similar to those of the shiro in P. densiflora forest.

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