Microbiological quality of recreational waters in the pacific northwest usa

Vasconcelos, G.J.; Anthony, N.C.

Journal Water Pollution Control Federation 57(5): 366-377


ISSN/ISBN: 0043-1303
Accession: 005897648

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A 5 yr comprehensive water quality survey was made of 10 public beaches and recreational sites in Washington, Oregon and Idaho [USA] to gather baseline microbiological and physiochemical data for establishment of recreational water quality criteria. Bacteriological indicators, opportunistic pathogens and enteroviruses were measured in addition to physical/chemical characteristics. Although the water quality met [USA] EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] guidelines for fecal coliforms, swimmers may have been at risk of illness related to enterococci. No enteroviruses were isolated. Opportunistic pathogens were detected at concentrations that could present a health hazard to individuals under certain circumstances.