Section 6
Chapter 5,904

Mineral nutrition of high yielding rice varieties 1. nitrogen uptake by rice as influenced by plant density and fertility levels

Venkateswarlu, M.S.; Singh, M.

Indian Journal of Agricultural Chemistry 15(2): 187-194


Accession: 005903113

Among the cultivars, 'Sona' contained consistently maximum content of N at all phases of growth as well as uptake of N in grain. 'Jagannath' which yielded more straw had a greater proportion of the total uptake of N in straw. This was much more pronounced in 1974. N content in 3 rice cultivars was less at flowering than at tillering. Both at tillering and in grain at harvest, N content increased with increase in spacing and fertility level. 'Saket-3' alone improved N content in grain significantly upto F2 level. Total uptake by grain increased with wider spacing but [was] not affected by the highest fertility level only in the adverse year, 1974. In 1973, the proportion of N uptake in straw increased with the duration of the cultivar. The tendency for more N to be diverted to straw than in grain as the fertility level increased was more pronounced in 1974.

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