Mitotic recombination in cleavage divisions of drosophila melanogaster part 1 the effect of x rays on sperms and spermatogonia of male parents

Abeleva, E.A.; Myasnyankina, E.N.

Genetika 12(5): 90-99


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6758
Accession: 005906714

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After X-irradiation of y and w sn males (5 k) and mating them with virgin w sn and y females, respectively, the mitotic recombinants were found in F1. Exchanges occurred between chromatids of male (irradiated) and female (intact) in 1 of the daughter nuclei of the 1st cleavage division. Only in 2 cases the recombination was concerned with somatic mosaicism. Other 78 recombinants (50 males among them) were not somatic mosaics, 37 recombinants were fertile. In 33 recombinants the nuclei of the germ and somatic cells originated from 1 nucleus of the 1st 4 cleavage nuclei. In 3 recombinants, the fertile mosaic included, the descendants of both sister nuclei of the 1st cleavage division were in the germ line but the descendants of one of them significantly predominated. In 3 recombinants both sister nuclei of the 2nd cleavage division were preserved. One of them was a gonado-somatic mosaic, another one, a left-right mosaic (sterile) and the 3rd, a gynandromorph. Mitotic recombinants appeared 2.5 times more often after the irradiation of sperm than of spermatogonia. X-rays induced premutation changes can be not only preserved in a number of cell generations but cause breaks in homologous chromosome during somatic pairing.