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Chapter 5,910

Modeling black cutworm lepidoptera noctuidae field development in iowa usa

Kaster, L.V.; Showers, W.B.

Environmental Entomology 13(2): 384-389


ISSN/ISBN: 0046-225X
Accession: 005909328

A black cutworm, Agrotis ipsilon (Hufnagel), developmental model was evaluated in Iowa field trials. The model's simulations deviated from the biological data. In all but 1 case, actual black cutworm development was faster than the simulation. Two areas of potential model refinement were identified. Incorporation of the variable development times within a population would allow the model to accurately simulate individuals that develop either faster or slower than usual. Accounting for accelerated black cutworm development under natural, fluctuating temperatures would enhance the model's predictive capabilities. The model's simulations were similar when soil temperature inputs were compared with air temperature inputs. During the field studies, black cutworm field development was probably unaffected by the natural photophases of Iowa spring, summer or autumn. Soil moisture may have influenced black cutworm developmental rates during the field trials.

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