Section 6
Chapter 5,911

Modern botanical sciences problems achievements prospects

Sytnyk, K.M.

Ukrayins'kyi Botanichnyi Zhurnal 33(1): 3-11


Accession: 005910364

The modern state and development prospects of botanical science as a whole and its individual branches which are characterized by an accelerated rate of development, interscientific interaction and integration are discussed. The process of mathematization, penetration of cybernetics ideas and application of methods used in other sciences to botany are observed. Modern botany should be named phytobiology, as it covers a part of biology, the subject of which is a structure and functioning of the plant organisms at molecular, submolecular, cellular, organism, population and ecosystem levels. Obliteration of boundaries between the relevant disciplines on the basis of common interests and mutual penetration of the methods and ideas is a characteristic feature of botany development. Modern botany consists of many branches, each of them has its problems, purposes, ways, potentialities and trends of development. However, at the present state the physiological and botanical divisions develop more rapidly compared to the morphological and taxonomic disciplines. On the basis of the data of the 12th International Botanical Congress, the main trends of 17 botanical sciences are dealt with. Greatest attention is paid to ecology, studies in resources and problems of plant protection.

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