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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5914

Chapter 5914 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Manzato, E.; Zambon, S.; Marin, R.; Baggio, G.; Crepaldi, G., 1986:
Modifications of plasma lipoproteins after lipase activation in patients with chylomicronemia

Fernández-Ruiz, J.J.; Ubeda, E.; Cebeira, M.; Agrasal, C.; Tresguerres, J.A.; Ramos, J.A.; Esquifino, A.I., 1987:
Modifications of plasma prolactin levels and catecholamine content in an ectopic anterior pituitary gland transplanted under the kidney capsule

Vaughin K.C.; Coyle P.C.; Wilson K.G., 1981:
Modifications of plastid ultrastructure in an efficient yellow mutant of spinach spinacia oleracea cultivar america

Dumenil D.; Sainteny F.; Frindel E., 1982:
Modifications of pluripotent stem cell differentiation after cytosine arabinoside treatment clonal analyses of pluripotent hemopoietic stem cell progeny

Pelhate, M.; Mony, L.; Hue, B.; Chanelet, J., 1975:
Modifications of potassium currents by 4 amino pyridine in the isolated giant axon of a cockroach periplaneta americana

Guerrier G.; Lahlou H.; Boisson C., 1985:
Modifications of potassium ion sodium ion and calcium ion uptake in young tomato plants infected by different strains of verticillium albo atrum

Fischer B.; Boch R., 1982:
Modifications of presaccadic activation of neurons in the extrastriate cortex during prolonged training of rhesus monkeys in a visuo oculo motor task

Meunier S., 1988 :
Modifications of presynaptic inhibition of ia fibers during voluntary contractions in man

Benoist, J.M.; Besson, J.M.; Boissier, J.R., 1974:
Modifications of presynaptic inhibition of various origins by local application of convulsant drugs on cat spinal cord

Chen, E.H.; Saggiomo, A.J.; Tanabe, K.; Verma, B.L.; Nodiff, E.A., 1977:
Modifications of primaquine as anti malarials part 1 5 phenoxy derivatives of primaquine

Tanabe, K.; Chen, E.H.; Verma, B.L.; Saggiomo, A.J.; Nodiff, E.A., 1978:
Modifications of primaquine as anti malarials part 2 5 phenyl thio and 5 anilino derivatives of primaquine

Alarcon C.O.M.; Jonchkeer M.E.; Molina D.S.; Burguera J.L.; Burguera M.; Burguera J.A.; Gonzalez P.L.D., 1986:
Modifications of protein metabolism in acute hypervitaminosis a in rats

Vaiida, T.; Coldea, V.; Zugravu, E., 1978:
Modifications of proteins and pulmonary surfactant tension in conditions of hypoxia

Verini M.; Bosco F.; Flacco L.; Ripari P.; Ribaldi R.; Morgese G.; Vecchiet L., 1985:
Modifications of pulmonary function after free running in healthy children

Nigorikawa T.; Muramoto N.; Yoshigi H.; Oishi K., 1987:
Modifications of pulmonary residual volume measuring method using closed circuit helium dilution technique

Kahn, A.; Boivin, P.; Rubinson, H.; Cottreau, D.; Marie, J.; Dreyfus, J.C., 1976:
Modifications of purified glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec and other enzymes by a factor of low molecular weight abundant in some leukemic cells

Mertl L.; Toman R.; Zelenkova J.; Zeman V.; Hanika J., 1981:
Modifications of rectal mucosa in diabetes

Tegoni, M.; Janot, J.M.; Silvestrini, M.C.; Brunori, M.; Labeyrie, F., 1984:
Modifications of redox equilibria with semi quinone stabilization upon pyruvate binding to l lactate cytochrome c oxido reductase flavo cytochrome b 2 ec

Furukawa, T.; Morishita, H., 1975:
Modifications of responses to adrenergic drugs in arterial strips by treatment in vivo with ephedrine and reserpine

George, B.; Levante, A.; Visot, A.; Cophignon, J., 1977:
Modifications of reticular activity correlated to variations of intra cranial pressure experimental study and correlation to hydrocephalus

Grunberger, D.; Weinstein, I.B., 1971:
Modifications of rna by chemical carcinogens part 3 template activity of poly nucleotides modified by n acetoxy 2 acetylamino fluorene

Demoulin, A.; Brison, J.; Detournay, J.M.; Franchimont, P., 1977:
Modifications of serum levels of gonadotropins in the male rat provoked by pyro glutamyltyrosylarginyl tryptophanamide

Sánchez-Reséndiz, J.; Espinosa, M.; Delángel, H.; González-Vite, J.; Gutiérrez, L.; Lerdo de Tejada, A., 1985:
Modifications of serum lipoprotein cholesterol with Guatteria gaumeri

Muench R.; Kehl O.; Buehler H.; Medici T.; Ammann R., 1987:
Modifications of serum pancreatic enzymes following intravenous stimulation in a control population

Mondaini, F.; Gavazzi, M.; Benelli, R.; De-Maio, P., 1969:
Modifications of sexuality in the hemo dialyzed patient and hyper prolactinemia therapeutic possibility

Vyskocil, F.; Kriz, N., 1972:
Modifications of single and double barrel potassium specific micro electrodes for physiological experiments

Golinska, K., 1986:
Modifications of size and pattern of microtubular organelles in overfed cells of a ciliate Dileptus

Dry, J.; Pradalier, A., 1976:
Modifications of sleep induced by drugs not considered as hypnotics

S.H.laire S K D.; Sovilla J Y.; Hjorth S.; Gaillard J M., 1985:
Modifications of sleep parameters in the rat by dextro and levo 3 3 hydroxyphenyl n n propylpiperidine

Pantoja V.C.; Concha B.J., 1982:
Modifications of sodium chloride and water absorption induced by drugs in the jejunum in vivo

Brun, H.; Jouan, B.; Lemaire, J.M., 1978:
Modifications of soil biocenoses part 2 influence of ph moisture and origin of soil on the micro flora and activity of a proteinaceous substrate used to control soil phyto pathogenic agents

Jezzi T.; Del Gobbo V.; Premrov M.G.; Santucci L.; Favalli C.; Titti F., 1980:
Modifications of some aspects of cell mediated immunity following friend virus infection

Auclair, M.C.; Dechezlepretre, S.; Lauressergues, H.; Lemeignan, M.; Lechat, P., 1976:
Modifications of some consequences of various experimental hypoxias induced by a poly flavan

Corridoni C.; Massaro G.; Marsili P., 1980:
Modifications of some echo cardiographic indexes in hypertension

Barni S.; Gerzeli G., 1984:
Modifications of some erythrocyte parameters in hibernating vertebrates revealed by cyto fluorometric techniques

Bai P.; Brugo M.A.; Minora T.; Pedretti D.; Stringhetti M.; Confalonieri F., 1986:
Modifications of some immunological parameters and presence of human t lymphotropic virus type iii antibodies in drug addicts

Coprean D.; Giurgea R., 1985:
Modifications of some metabolic parameters of the young chicken following injection of a suspension of corynebacterium parvum

Pallavicini C., 1982:
Modifications of some peptic alfalfa leaf protein peptides as a result of plastein reaction with immobilized alpha chymotrypsin

Kacem, N.H.; Aldrin, J.F.; Romestand, B., 1988:
Modifications of some secondary stress responses in dicentrarchus labrax by the use of a beta blocker with a carazolol base application to transport

Granetti, B., 1975:
Modifications of some structural characteristics in valves of navicula pelliculosa during some years of in vitro culture

Lauret E.; Vendrely C.; Frindel E., 1985:
Modifications of spleen colony forming unit differentiation pathways by pluripoietins influence of treatment protocols

Schweizer T.F., 1986:
Modifications of starch in extruded and drum dried wheat flours

Lessire R.; Moreau P.; Cassagne C., 1982:
Modifications of stearoyl coenzyme a and stearyl acyl carrier protein synthetase activities of leek allium porrum epidermal cells by stearoyl coenzyme a and acyl carrier protein

Jori, A.; Dolfini, E., 1976:
Modifications of striatal dopamine levels by steroid contraceptive drugs in mice and rats

Smith W.O.Jr; Cyr K.L., 1988:
Modifications of sulfhydryl groups on phytochrome and their influence on physicochemical differences between the red absorbing and far red absorbing forms

Tufano, M.A.; Romano Carratelli, C.; Sommese, L.; Bentivoglio, C.; Galdiero, F., 1985:
Modifications of surface properties in some enteropathogenic serogroups of Escherichia coli

Daily, P.O.; Dembitsky, W.P.; Peterson, K.L.; Moser, K.M., 1987:
Modifications of techniques and early results of pulmonary thromboendarterectomy for chronic pulmonary embolism

Tahiri-Zagret, C.; Oria, A., 1979:
Modifications of the accessory glands of male genital tract of intact and castrated rats after sulpiride treatment

Staedel C.; Castagna M.; Beck J.P., 1979:
Modifications of the activities of key enzymes and intra cellular levels of cyclic nucleotides in correlation with the glycogen deposition in a cultured hepatoma cell line

Tomei, G.; Mosti, G.B.; Galetta, F.; Giusti, G.; Rossi, M.; Santoro, G., 1978:
Modifications of the apical cardiogram and of systolic times in patients with ischemic heart disease after administration of tri nitrate

Timmermans L.M J.; Canon E.; Timmermans L.G.J.Jr, 1986:
Modifications of the autonomic innervation in experimental bladder retention

Martin, Y., 1979:
Modifications of the bacterial micro flora connected with the use of antibiotics in experimental breeding of mytilus galloprovincialis larvae bivalve mollusk 2. action of bacteria isolated on the larvae

Ishiyama, H.; Okuyama, K.; Masuda, K.; Ozaki, J.; Yasuda, J., 1977:
Modifications of the biological activity of anti blood group d immuno globulin caused by heat aggregation

Zamfirescu N.R.; Petec M.; Lazar M.; Moisin C.; Bubeanu G.; Balta N.; Dragulescu N., 1986:
Modifications of the body of the qrs h loop in previous anterior myocardial infarction

Massaro, A.R., 1978:
Modifications of the cerebro spinal fluid immuno globulin g concentrations in patients with multiple sclerosis treated with intra thecal steroids

Santi, P.; Papa, S.; del Coco, R.; Falcieri, E.; Zini, N.; Marinelli, F.; Maraldi, N.M., 1987:
Modifications of the chromatin arrangement induced by ethidium bromide in isolated nuclei, analyzed by electron microscopy and flow cytometry

Carulli G.; Clerico A.; Marini A.; Del Chicca M.G.; Vanacore R.; Azzara A.; Grassi B.; Ambrogi F., 1985:
Modifications in the concentrations of circulating myoglobin after treatment with low doses of adriamycin

Kruesmann, W.; Slanina, J.; Boser, F.; Loehr, G.W., 1988:
Modifications of the concentrations of the immunoglobulins igg iga and igm after megavoltage radiotherapy by large field technique in patients with hodgkin's disease

Fioretti F.; Rimo A.A.; Ricci M., 1980:
Modifications of the corneal thickness during the use of soft contact lenses by pachometry objectivity of the method

Hatier, R.; Grignon, G., 1976:
Modifications of the cortico adrenal cells in the chick embryo after treatment with cortico sterone or graft of a functional adrenal

Ciaceri, G.; Tita, B.; Pennisi, G.; Cardaci-Ed-Emanuela-Barbaro, S., 1973:
Modifications of the de contractant activity of tubocurarine by interference of penicillin and chloramphenicol

Piacentini F.; Prati R.; Prati A.; Gandellini G., 1986:
Modifications of the detrusor activity induced by electrical stimulation of the posterior tibial nerve in patients with neurogenic bladder first results regarding six patients

Groza, P.; Bordeianu, A.; Boca, A., 1983:
Modifications of the digestive tract in rats submitted to an orbital flight aboard the Soviet satellite Cosmos 1129

Saligaut, C.; Moore, N.; Daoust, M.; Chretien, P.; Boismare, F., 1981:
Modifications of the dopaminergic receptors sensitivity and learning of normoxic or hypobaric hypoxic rats

Kozhomkulov E.; Normatov K.; Azimova Sh; Marzoev A., 1984:
Modifications of the electric characteristics of bilayer lipid membranes by intramitochondrial receptor of thyroid hormones

Michel, C.; Chariot, J.; Souchard, M.; Rozé, C., 1982:
Modifications of the endocrine pancreas in rats after ethionine destruction of acini

Michel C.; Chariot J.; Souchard M.; Roze C., 1986:
Modifications of the endocrine pancreas in rats after mixed endocrine exocrine destruction by streptozotocin and ethionine with a protein free diet

Saffar J.L.; Makris G., 1979:
Modifications of the endosteal bone balance during an induced periodontal disease in the golden hamster

Rogausch, H., 1982:
Modifications of the erythrocyte deformability alter the effect of temperature on the relative viscosity of human blood

Salzgeber B.; Reyss Brion M.; Baulieu E E., 1981:
Modifications of the female gonads in the chick embryo induced by tamoxifen

Barnum S.R.; Clapper D.L.; Brown G.G., 1985:
Modifications of the fertilized egg surface following the cortical reaction in limulus polyphemus as viewed with the scanning electron microscope

Kostov K.D.; Arabov A., 1984:
Modifications of the fruit stalk in quercus armeniaca var stranjensis and quercus protoroburoides

Jaussan, V.; Lemarchand-Béraud, T.; Gómez, F., 1985:
Modifications of the gonadal function in the adult rat after fetal exposure to spironolactone

Navarro J M.; Durand G., 1980:
Modifications of the growth of saccharomyces uvarum by immobilization on solid carrier

Toffoletto F.; Baldasseroni A.; Ghezzi I., 1982:
Modifications of the hemo globin level during chelation therapy in lead poisoning

Lieutier F.; Jastrabsky M.; Bonnafe P., 1985:
Modifications of the hemolymph and ovarian protein pattern induced by parasitic nematodes in ips sexdentatus coleoptera scolytidae

Guerdoux, J.L., 1971:
Modifications of the high frequency of reversion in a nic 2 mutant of coprinus radiatus part 1 evidence for the existence of 3 kinds of strains with more or less high reversion frequencies

Miclaus V.I.C., 1979:
Modifications of the hothouse soils under the impact of culture technologies

Kolb J P.; Loisillier F.; Quan P.C.; Lespinats G., 1981:
Modifications of the immune system in carrageenan treated mice

Vecin M.R., 1981:
Modifications of the internal quality of hen eggs regarding to storing duration under environmental conditions

Wittenberger, C.; Gligor, E., 1986:
Modifications of the involuntary postcontraction in diseased people

Cherchi, A.; Fonzo, R.; Meloni, L.; Bina, P., 1978:
Modifications of the left ventricle dimensions in connection with muscular exercise observed by echo cardiography

Raynaud A., 1981:
Modifications of the limb morphogenesis induced by cytosine arabinoside in embryos of the green lizard lacerta viridis

Andreicay V.; Pop V.I.; Dumutrascu D., 1987:
Modifications of the lipid fractions in the rat gastric mucosa induced by human duodenal juice

Carton, M.; Dousset, N.; Douste-Blazy, L., 1975:
Modifications of the lipo protein lipase activity in the plasma after cephalic irradiation in the rabbit

Brothers, D.J., 1976:
Modifications of the metapostnotum and origin of the propodeal triangle in hymenoptera aculeata

Pickering, R.G.; Martin, J.G., 1970:
Modifications of the michel change in ph method for the estimation of plasma erythrocyte and brain cholin esterase activities of various species of laboratory animals

Kadoum, A.M., 1968:
Modifications of the micro method of sample cleanup for inst thin layer and gas chromatographic separation and determination of common organic pesticide residues

Salomón de Legname, H.; Fernandez, S.N.; Miceli, D.C.; Mariano, M.I.; Legname, A.H., 1977:
Modifications of the mitochondrial ultrastructure related to metabolic changes during Bufo arenarum ontogenesis

Weinstein G.S.; Buerger G.F.Jr, 1982:
Modifications of the muellers muscle conjunctival resection operation for blepharoptosis

Dubinina, L.G., 1970:
Modifications of the mutagenic effect of ethylenimine and gamma rays at seed exposures under different metabolic conditions at partial anaerobiosis

Bibor-Hardy, V.; Suh, M.; Pouchelet, M.; Simard, R., 1982:
Modifications of the nuclear envelope of BHK cells after infection with herpes simplex virus type 1

Kazimierczak, J.; Bucher, O., 1976:
Modifications of the number and structure of certain cytoplasmic components of the renal tubules during compensatory hypertrophy

Oros, I., 1975:
Modifications of the oxygen consumption of the carp cyprinus carpio var tipica under the effect of the blue perlan

Lesevre N.; Joseph J.P., 1979:
Modifications of the pattern evoked potential in relation to the stimulated part of the visual field clues for the most probable origin of each component

Hodek, I., 1976:
Modifications of the photoperiodic response during and after diapause in 3 insect species

Bride, J., 1975:
Modifications of the primary stages of in vitro differentiation of the uropygial gland under the influence of actinomycin d

Korobko V.G.; Dobrynin V.N.; Severtsova I.V.; Chuvpilo S.A.; Shingarova L.N.; Kolosov M.N., 1980:
Modifications of the promoter of gene tet in plasmid pbr 322

Gremigni, D.; Colosi, G.; Peduto, V.A., 1978 :
Modifications of the rat testis after administration of nitrous oxide

Tomescu N.; Kis B.B.; Opreanu I.; Tautan L., 1982:
Modifications of the response of ips typographus coleoptera scolytidae to the aggregation pheromone in mixture with other substances

Vaccari G.; Franchini A.; Perri P.; Gori V.U., 1987:
Modifications of the retinal sensibility threshold in diabetic patients before and after ganglioside treatment

Garcia Fernandez S.; Adria Casas M.A.; Alsina Esteller M.A.; Ruscalleda Ribas J.; Barraco Serra M.; Gorchs Altarriba M.; Raventos Santamaria M., 1985:
Modifications of the rheologic model of milk induced by thermal variations influence of protein and fat content

Tsyganii A.A.; Krishtof A.N.; Vorob'ev V.A.; Sherafudtdinov E.I.; Maksimenko V.B.; Kvasha A.I.; Karpenko V.V., 1981:
Modifications of the rheological properties of the blood and micro circulation in patients with acquired heart defects before during and after surgery

Sengel, A.; Stoebner, P., 1973:
Modifications of the rough endoplasmic reticulum in pathological muscles the flecked vesicles

Myers, R.L., 1977:
Modifications of the sanitary engineering research laboratory proportional diluter

Delia S.; Mauro A., 1980:
Modifications of the sensitivity to 8 antibiotics in bacterial strains isolated during 1974 1978 period

Blier, P.; de Montigny, C.; Chaput, Y., 1987:
Modifications of the serotonin system by antidepressant treatments: implications for the therapeutic response in major depression

Lickl E.; Alth G.; Turtzer K.; Eberman R., 1983:
Modifications of the serum protein spectrum in tumor patients after radio therapy

Durand P.; Cathiard A.M.; Locatelli A.; Saez J.M., 1981:
Modifications of the steroidogenic pathway during spontaneous and acth induced maturation of ovine fetal adrenal

Jori, A.; Colturani, F.; Dolfini, E.; Rutczynski, M., 1976:
Modifications of the striatal dopamine metabolism during the estrus cycle in mice

Sainte-Marie, G.; Pelletier, M.; Peng, F.S., 1984:
Modifications of the structures of the rat lymph nodes by neonatal thymectomy

Rios F.G.; Gonnard P.; Bloch Tardy M.; Wegmann R., 1979:
Modifications of the synaptosomal level of gamma amino butyric acid during convulsions provoked by penta methylene tetrazole

Forconi, S.; Guerrini, M.; Rossi, C.; Pecchi, S.; Di-Perri, T., 1977:
Modifications of the systemic hematic viscosity during effort test in angina pectoris

Forconi, S.; Guerrini, M.; Rossi, C.; Pecchi, S.; Di-Perri, T., 1977:
Modifications of the systemic hematic viscosity during provoked intermittent claudication in peripheral obstructive arteriopathy

Barbiroli, B.; Tadolini, B.; Moruzzi, M.S.; Monti, M.G., 1975:
Modifications of the template capacity of liver chromatin for form b rna polymerase by food intake in rats under controlled feeding schedules

Sobsey M.D.; Glass J.S.; Jacobs R.R.; Rutala W.A., 1980:
Modifications of the tentative standard method for improved virus recovery efficiency

Duda, E.; Marton, L.; Kiss, G., 1976:
Modifications of the thio barbituric acid assay of streptomycin

Scheier M.; Rhomberg W.; Schelling F., 1987:
Modifications of the thorax radiography after postoperative irradiation in mammary carcinoma

Kohler, C.; Jeanvoine, G.; Pierrez, J.; Olive, D.; Gerard, H., 1987:
Modifications of the thymus and splenic thymic dependent zones after in utero exposure to phenytoin: qualitative and quantitative analysis in C3H mice

Tovoli S.; Arienti V.; Boriani L.; Brocchi E.; D.B.nedetto S.; Gasbarrini G., 1986:
Modifications of the thyroid function in elderly persons

Dawson W.O.; Bubrick P.; Grantham G.L., 1988:
Modifications of the tobacco mosaic virus coat protein gene affecting replication movement and symptomatology

Balacco Gabrieli C.; Salamanna S.; Giuliani E.; Mastrandrea G.; Latorre M., 1983:
Modifications of the tone ph ascorbic acid and lactic acid of the aqueous humor of rabbits treated with clonidine

Balacco Gabrieli C.; Salmanna S.; Giuliani E.; Mastrandrea G.; Latorre M., 1983:
Modifications of the tone ph ascorbic acid and lactic acid of the aqueous humor of rabbits treated with epinephrine

Carricaburu P.; Lacroix R.; Lacroix J., 1980:
Modifications of the white mouse electro retinogram after injection of organic solvents

Carricaburu P.; Lacroix R.; Lacroix J., 1979:
Modifications of the white mouse electro retinogram following the administration of toxic doses of hydroxy propane

Troton D.; Calvayrac R.; Anh Thu Pham Thi; Laval Martin D., 1986:
Modifications of thylakoid lipids in euglena gracilis during diuron adaptation

Doni A.; Saint Omer F.B.; D.L.llo S.; Gabbrielli G.; Leoncini G.; Piovanelli C.; Rosi E., 1984:
Modifications of todds method and preliminary results

Sciacca, V.; Tamorri, M.; Rocco, M.; Mingoli, A.; Mattia, C.; Fiume, D.; Cavallaro, A.; Stipa, S., 1986:
Modifications of transcutaneous oxygen tension in lower limb peripheral arterial occlusive disease patients treated with spinal cord stimulation

Priestley C.A., 1980:
Modifications of translocation rate in studies of apple malus sylvestris leaf efficiency

Magni G.; Andreoli F.; Arduino C.; Arsie D.; Ceccherelli F.; Ambrosio F.; Dodi G.; Eandi M., 1987:
Modifications of tritiated imipramine binding sites in platelets of chronic pain patients treated with mianserin

Cunningham R.L.; Detroy R.W.; Bagby M.O.; Baker F.L., 1981:
Modifications of wheat straw to enhance cellulose saccharification by enzymatic hydrolysis

Vavay A.; Martinez M.; Breto M.; Aznar J., 1986:
Modifications of whole blood and red cell filtration in diverse clinical alterations

Morimoto K.; Kataura A., 1981:
Modifications of woodmans operation by newman and work in cases of bilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis

Smith, B.G.; Rubery, P.H., 1979:
Modifications of wound induced changes in phenyl alanine ammonia lyase ec activity in potato tuber tissue

Lichina M.V.; Shugalii A.V.; Mitrokhin Y.I.; Fogel' V.R.; Todorov I.N., 1982:
Modifications of zajdelas hepatoma dna by di bromoethyl acetate

Salinas M.C.; Martinez M.E.; Catalan P.; Ordas J.; Navarro M.P., 1987:
Modifications on serum and urinary phosphorus levels in pregnant women submitted to milk supplementation

Catayee, G.; Senelar, R.; Chalet, M.; Kochoyan, Y., 1975:
Modifications provoked by the action of cyclo phosphamide on the lympho reticular elements with specific enzymatic reactions of the splenic white pulp in the rat and in the guinea pig

D.C.ommo S.; Mazzanti C.; Gori G.; Guerresi E., 1988:
Modifications through the years of the indications for cesarean section

Dingemans, K.P.; Lettinga, K.P., 1976:
Modifications to an lkb pyramitome

Marques Sanchez F., 1982:
Modifications to cyclic hybridization in maize zea mays with single eared plants

Hickey C.W.; Nagels J.W., 1985:
Modifications to electrolytic respirometer systems for precise determination of biochemical oxygen demand exertion kinetics in receiving waters

Jack J.J.B.; Redman S.J.; Wong K., 1981:
Modifications to synaptic transmission at group ia synapses on cat spinal moto neurons by 4 amino pyridine

Hudson G.J.; John P.M.V.; Morris G.F., 1986:
Modifications to the carlo erba nitrogen analyzer 1500 use with biological samples

Bisicchia R.; Zunin A.; Donisi C., 1979:
Modifications to the fluorescence technique for the detection of salmonellae in stools

Sparling G.P.; West A.W., 1988 :
Modifications to the fumigation extraction technique to permit simultaneous extraction and estimation of soil microbial carbon and nitrogen

Ross D.J., 1988:
Modifications to the fumigation procedure to measure microbial biomass carbon in wet soils under pasture influence on estimates of seasonal fluctuations in the soil biomass

Benson P.E., 1982:
Modifications to the gaussian vertical dispersion parameter sigma z near roadways

Lewis, C.E.; Croft, M.G., 1976:
Modifications to the hanus iodine absorption number method

West A.W.; Sparling P., 1986:
Modifications to the substrate induced respiration method to permit measurement of microbial biomass in soils of differing water contents

Cosio L., 1981:
Modifications to the vibratome

Romestain P.; Abraham J P., 1979:
Modifications to the waste disposal station at chooz france nuclear power plant

Gallo J.; Valenta V., 1985:
Modifications used in detection of pea enation mosaic virus

Yamada S.; Sakurai N.; Kasezawa N., 1988:
Modificatory effect of bronchial hypersensitivity on blood change caused by cigarette smoking

Sacks, L.E., 1969:
Modified 2 phase system for partition of bacillus macerans spores

Gray, M.W., 1976 :
Modified 5 nucleotides resistant to 5 nucleotidase ec isolation of 3 3 amino 3 carboxypropyl ump and n 2 n 2 di methyl gmp from snake venom hydrolysates of transfer rna

Gray, M.W.; Thomas, C.A., 1978:
Modified 5 prime nucleotides a general procedure for their isolation from phospho di esterase hydrolysates of transfer rna

Cory, S.; Adams, J.M., 1975:
Modified 5 prime termini in small nuclear rna of mouse myeloma cells

Steinmetz, W.L.; Glick, M.R.; Oei, T.O., 1980:
Modified aca method for determination of iron chelated by deferoxamine and other chelators

Kordan H.A.; Oritseje F.R., 1983:
Modified aceto orcein fast green staining procedure for root apex squashes

Durand D.E., 1983:
Modified achievement motivation training a longitudinal study of effects of a condensed training design for entrepreneurs

Cummings, D.R.; Meshkinpour, H., 1985:
Modified acid reflux test. A benefit and cost analysis

Buehrer, H., 1977:
Modified acridine orange method for direct count of bacteria from lake sediments

Yang, P.Y.; Chan, L.K., 1976:
Modified activated sludge process for treatment of nitrogen deficient organic wastes

Bal de Kier Joffé, E.; Puricelli, L.; de Lustig, E.S., 1986:
Modified adhesion behavior after in vitro passage of two related murine mammary adenocarcinomas with different metastasizing ability

Kaki Ichi N.; Kamata S I.; Kobayashi S.; Uchida K., 1986:
Modified aerated lagoon processes for denitrification of swine feces

Sengupta, S.R.; Humnabadkar, K.M.; Jahagirdar, V.L., 1982:
Modified aeruginocin typing of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Hanson, C.W.; Martin, W.J., 1978:
Modified agar dilution method for rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing of anaerobic bacteria

Zhang P C.; Chung W B.; Chan K W.; Kung I.T.M., 1987:
Modified alkali digestion method for pulmonary asbestos fiber counts

Tiburcio A.F.; Ingersoll R.; Galston A.W., 1985:
Modified alkaloid pattern in developing tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar wisconsin 38 callus

Ranum, P.M.; Kulp, K.; Agasie, F.R., 1978:
Modified amylograph test for determining diastatic activity in flour supplemented with fungal alpha amylase

Hrodzins'kyi A.M.; Mar'yushkina V.Ya; Mirkin B.M., 1984:
Modified analysis of the cenotic regime in grass mixtures

Najafi A., 1987:
Modified and improved method for synthesis of p halogenated n isopropylamphetamine leading to synthesis of no carrier added iodine 131 iodoamphetamine

Hama, H., 1976:
Modified and normal cholin esterases in the respective strains of carbamate resistant and susceptible green rice leafhoppers nephotettix cincticeps hemiptera cicadellidae

Patriarche G.J.; Sepulchre J.R., 1986:
Modified and selective electrodes to certain types of neuroleptics derivatives

Wilbee, R.H., 1982:
Modified anterior crural repair for hiatal hernia

Fukuda, K.; Seino, J.; Kinoshita, Y.; Sudo, K.; Horigome, I.; Furuyama, T.; Yoshinaga, K., 1985:
Modified anti complement c 3 immune complex assay which avoids interference by anti fab' 2 antibodies

Mikami, Y.; Yokoyama, K.; Arai, T., 1977:
Modified arai and mikami melanin formation test of streptomycetes

Ragheb, H.S., 1976:
Modified assay medium for the turbidimetric assay of chlortetracycline in feeds

Katsunuma, T.; Tamura, K.; Fujii, N.; Hayashi, M.; Kobayashi, K., 1977:
Modified assay method of placental alkaline phosphatase in human blood part 1 electrophoresis method

Sykes D.E.; Rana S.S.; Barlow J.J.; Matta K.L., 1983:
Modified assay procedure for gdp l fucose 2 acetamido 2 deoxy beta d gluco pyranoside 1 4 alpha l fucosyl transferase with the aid of synthetic phenyl 2 acetamido 2 deoxy 4 o alpha l fucopyranosyl 3 o beta d galactopyranosyl beta d gluco pyranoside as a reference compound

Waygood E.B.; Meadow N.D.; Roseman S., 1979:
Modified assay procedures for the phospho transferase system in enteric bacteria

Kochan, R.G.; Lamb, D.R.; Reimann, E.M.; Schlender, K.K., 1981:
Modified assays to detect activation of glycogen synthase following exercise

Engel, C.E., 1977:
Modified association of official analytical chemists method for determination of moisture in corn syrups

Han D.S.; Hwang I.Y.; Park K.H.; Shin H.K., 1985:
Modified atmosphere storage of cultivar fuji apples in polyethylene films

Ben Arie R.; Sonego L., 1985:
Modified atmosphere storage of kiwifruit actinidia chinensis with ethylene removal

Parkin K.L.; Wells M.J.; Brown W.D., 1982:
Modified atmosphere storage of rockfish sebastes spp fillets

Aharoni Y.; Stewart J.K.; Guadagni D.G., 1981:
Modified atmospheres to control western flower thrips frankliniella occidentalis on harvested strawberries fragaria ananassa

Sadiq R.A.; Beckwith A.F., 1986:
Modified australian stand growth formula for managed plantations

Macfarlane, P.W.; Coleman, E.N.; Simpson, A., 1977:
Modified axial lead system in children

Alvin K.L.; Hlustik A., 1979:
Modified axillary branching in the fossil frenelopsis alata a new phenomenon among conifers

Pfannenstiel H D., 1982:
Modified axonemes and ciliary membranes in 3 polychaete species

Miyoshi, S.; Nomiyama, S.; Tanaka, R., 1985:
Modified balanced anesthesia for patients with increased intracranial pressure

Kumar P.; Dara S.S., 1980:
Modified barks for scavenging toxic heavy metal ions

Itoh, Y.H.; Itoh, T.; Kaneko, H., 1986:
Modified Bartlett assay for microscale lipid phosphorus analysis

Chierici M.; Cingolani M.; Massone L.; Milone S., 1980:
Modified beutlers test for screening 1555 children for glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Eloranta, V., 1975:
Modified bioassay procedure for toxic effluents

Yokota M.; Aoshima M.; Kyoku I.; Kitano M.; Muraoka R.; Kobayashi A., 1986:
Modified blalock park operation for the interrupted aortic arch by a semi pedicled composite graft

Sriyoscharti S.; Sakiyalak P.; Cherunpong C.; Prachuabmoh K., 1986:
Modified blalock taussig shunt for cyanotic heart disease

Ueda K.; Nojima K.; Saito A.; Nakano H.; Yokota M.; Muraoka R., 1984:
Modified blalock taussig shunt operation without cardiac catheterization 2 dimensional echocardiographic preoperative assessment in cyanotic infants

Hadar H.; Zelikovski A.; Garti I.; Sternberg A.; Urca I., 1979:
Modified bolus ascending phlebography for evaluation of sapheno femoral incompetence

Orduyan, S.L., 1976:
Modified bowies method for detecting specific granules in the cells of the juxtaglomerular apparatus in human kidneys fixed in neutral formalin

Kaussmann, B.; Focke, U., 1975:
Modified bud development in currants ribes sp infested with currant bud mite cecidophyopsis ribis

Bhatia, N.N.; Bergman, A., 1985:
Modified burch vs. pereyra retropubic urethropexy for stress urinary incontinence

Pavone V.; A.; Andini S.; Ferrara L.; D.B.asio B.; Benedetti E.; Pucci P., 1984:
Modified calmodulin calcium binding domain iii solid phase synthesis purification and proton nmr characterization/

Pinkerton C.R.; Mills S.; Chessells J.M., 1986:
Modified capizzi maintenance regimen in children with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Blauth M.; Kujat R.; Tscherne H., 1986:
Modified capsule graft reconstruction for recurrent dislocation of the shoulder

Ertli A.A.; Agkatsev T.V.; Kozhevnikov S.F.; Gimbatov M.M., 1982:
Modified caverno plasty in patients with disseminated destructive pulmonary tuberculosis

Ryabchenko, A.S.; Vysotina, T.A.; Tkachenko, L.I.; Vengerova, N.A.; El'tsefon, B.S.; Osinin, S.G.; Irklei, V.M.; Begichev, N.N.; Kozlov-Yu, G., 1978:
Modified cellophane membranes for hemo dialysis

Seethanathan P.; Chen L.F., 1985:
Modified cellulose products by bleaching and its uses

Kashman, Y.; Edwards, J.A., 1978:
Modified cephalosporins synthesis of benzo 3 4 cephams

Stothert, J.C.; Winn, R.; Nadir, B.; Weaver, L.J.; Carrico, C.J.; Hildebrandt, J., 1981:
Modified chronic lung lymph fistula in goats via thoracic duct

Kavanaugh, M.C., 1978:
Modified coagulation for improved removal of tri halo methane precursors

Narurkar A.N.; Jarowski C.I., 1980:
Modified colorimetric method for plasma prednisolone

Sitar, D.S.; Graham, D.N.; Rangno, R.E.; Dusfresne, L.R.; Ogilvie, R.I., 1976:
Modified colorimetric method for procainamide in plasma

Soreq H.; Safran A.; Eliyahu D., 1983:
Modified composition of major ontogenetically regulated messenger rna species and proteins and the cerebellum of old and staggerer mice

Doehring W.; Linke G., 1981:
Modified computed tomographic imaging by reduction factor transformations

Hauff W.; Strasser G., 1985:
Modified computer assisted biometry for lens power calculation

Tarpley J.E.; Meschter C.L.; Tyler D.E., 1984:
Modified congo red acidified toluidine blue stain a new technique for the simultaneous specific staining of eosinophils and mast cells in paraffin tissue sections

Cassell, B.G.; Norman, H.D., 1977:
Modified contemporary comparison as a predictor for future daughters

Cassell B.G.; Mcdaniel B.T.; Norman H.D., 1983:
Modified contemporary comparison sire evaluations from 1st all and later lactations

Cassell B.G.; Mcdaniel B.T.; Norman H.D., 1983:
Modified contemporary comparisons for 1st and 2nd lactations in the same and different herds

Tysyachnyi, N.D., 1976:
Modified control measuring devices for studying the functions of the lumbar spine

Orr, K.B., 1986:
Modified counterimmunoelectrophoresis procedure for easy identification of antibodies to extractable nuclear antigens

el Gammal, T.; Adams, R.J.; King, D.W.; So, E.L.; Gallagher, B.B., 1987:
Modified CT techniques in the evaluation of temporal lobe epilepsy prior to lobectomy

Facklam, R.R.; Lawrence, D.N.; Sottnek, F.O., 1978:
Modified culture technique for Corynebacterium diphtheriae isolation from desiccated swabs

Carlsen J.; D.O.mos J.S., 1981:
Modified cupric silver technique for the impregnation of degenerating neurons and their processes

Aspinall G.O.; Fanous H.K.; Kumar N.S.; Puvanesarajah V., 1983:
Modified curtius rearrangements in the selective cleavage of beta d glucosiduronic acid and beta d glucosiduronamide linkages/

Baer M.R.; Stein R.S.; Greer J.P.; Wolff S.N.; Hainsworth J.D.; Flexner J.M., 1986:
Modified cyclophosphamide vincristine methotrexate leucovorin and cytarabine in intermediate grade and high grade lymphoma an effective short course regimen

Krutsay, M., 1984:
Modified cytologic trichrome stain

Zerban, H.; Franke, W.W., 1978:
Modified desmosomes in cultured epithelial cells

Kosovsky J.; Popovnakova K.; Zelinka J., 1987:
Modified detection of streptomyces aureofaciens dna polymerase in polyacrylamide gels using nondenaturing conditions

Gupta, P.; Saikh, K.U.; Ghosh, S.K.; De, J.; Nandi, M.; Saha, B.; Bhattacharyya, F.K., 1982:
Modified diffusion assay for detecting antibiotic resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Nicolaides E.D.; Tinney F.J.; Kaltenbronn J.S.; Repine J.T.; Dejohn D.A.; Lunney E.A.; Roark W.H.; Marriott J.G.; Davis R.E.; Voigtman R.E., 1986:
Modified dipeptides and tripeptides of the carboxyl terminal portion of oxytocin and vasopressin as possible cognition activation agents

Lorenzen K.; Gary N.E., 1986:
Modified dissection technique for diagnosis of tracheal mites acarapis woodi acari tarsonemidae in honeybees apis mellifera hymenoptera apidae

Nagasue, N.; Ogawa, Y.; Yukaya, H.; Hirose, S., 1985:
Modified distal splenorenal shunt with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene interposition

Brysk, M.M.; Miller, J.; Chen, S.J.; Rajaraman, S., 1986:
Modified distribution of epidermal glycoproteins in the nude mouse

Nakazawa M.; Mochizuki N.; Sawa Y.; Sato K.; Yoshifuji R.; Ishida K.; Sakamoto T.; Watari T., 1984:
Modified dose distributions in radiotherapy for pulmonary malignancies treatment planning based on computed tomography

Mayya, Y.S.; Kotrappa, P., 1978:
Modified double filter method for the measurement of radon or thoron in air

Leung, J.W.; Frost, R.A.; Burgess, R.; Braganza, J.M.; Slater, D.M.; Cotton, P.B., 1988:
Modified dual label Schilling test for pancreatic exocrine function

Haas, R.G.; Mushel, S., 1982:
Modified Dupont aca calcium method for hemolyzed specimens

Simm S.; Tomaszkiewicz T.; Markowska J.; Kominek P., 1981:
Modified e rosette test in women with malignant neoplasms of the ovaries

O'neill, P.J.; Rahwan, R.G., 1977:
Modified electron capture gas liquid chromatography assay for salsolinol in brain tissue

Jordan F.T.; Coran A.G.; Wesley J.R., 1981:
Modified endo rectal procedure for the management of long segment aganglionosis

Weagant, S.D.; Kaysner, C.A., 1983:
Modified enrichment broth for isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica from nonfood sources

Papasian, C.J.; Bartholomew, W.R.; Amsterdam, D., 1984:
Modified enzyme immunoassay for detecting Neisseria gonorrhoeae antigens

Pal T.; Pacsa A.S.; Emody L.; Voros S.; Selley E., 1985:
Modified enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for detecting enteroinvasive escherichia coli and virulent shigella strains

Piepkorn, M.W.; Hamernyik, P.; Labbe, R.F., 1978:
Modified erythrocyte uro porphyrinogen i synthase ec assay and its clinical interpretation

Seki, T., 1978:
Modified ethylenediamine condensation method and its application in the analysis of catecholamines by ion exchange chromatography

Bohlmann F.; Zdero C.; Robinson H.; King R.M., 1981:
Modified eudesmanolides and other sesqui terpene lactones from wunderlichia mirabilis and actinoseris polymorpha

Safronova E.E.; Rybakova N.A.; Annenkov G.A., 1982:
Modified eulings procedure for detection of homo zygotes and hetero zygotes by phenyl ketonuria gene

Chiang, H.C.; Walstad, P.M., 1976:
Modified exclusion technique for complicated esophageal perforation

Sweeney, R.A., 1980:
Modified extraction procedure for direct available phosphorus pent oxide in fertilizer

A.S.rraj S.M.; Redha F.M.J.; Mahmoud M.J.; Hussein W.A., 1985:
Modified extraction procedure for the active constituents of some iraqi medicinal plants

Pompeo A.C.L.; Campos Freire G.D.; Campagnari J.C.; Borrelli M.; Arap S., 1986:
Modified extravesical ureteroneocystostomy in renal transplantation experience with 250 cases

Cairella M.; Godi R.; Pallotino R., 1984:
Modified fasting in the management of obesity

Dutt, M.K., 1979:
Modified Feulgen staining of DNA with aqueous solution of pinacyanol

Manthapurwar, N.S.; Kshirsagar, S.R., 1978:
Modified field test sampling technique for sulfuric acid mist measurement

Mekis E.; Pinter G.; Bendek G., 1987:
Modified fluorometric flow injection analysis fia method for the determination of 1 3 1 4 beta d glucan

Sapira, J.D.; Klaniecki, T.; Rizk, M., 1971:
Modified fluorometric method for determining plasma catecholamines

Jin L.; Jin H K.; Liu L S., 1984:
Modified fluorometric method for determining plasma epinephrine and norepinephrine

Kishimoto H.; Hirose H.; Matsuda H.; Nakano S.; Shirakura R.; Miura T.; Sano T.; Ogawa M.; Arisawa J.; Kawashima Y., 1986:
Modified fontan operation for single ventricle with common atrium and common atrioventricular valve

Katagiri M.; Irisawa T.; Kobayashi M.; Nakamura C.; Ota M.; Sato T.; Imai K.; Sato Y.; Washio M., 1982:
Modified fontan operation for tricuspid atresia type ib 2 cases

Terada, M.; Imai, Y.; Kurosawa, H.; Nakae, S.; Hoshino, S.; Okuda, K.; Nakazawa, M.; Takao, A., 1987:
Modified Fontan procedure for right ventricular type of single ventricle

Abe T.; Komatsu S.; Sugiki K.; Inaoka M.; Izumiyama O.; Tsukamoto M., 1985:
Modified fontan procedure for the repair of univentricular heart

Doty, D.B.; Marvin, W.J.; Lauer, R.M., 1981:
Modified Fontan procedure. Methods to achieve direct anastomosis of right atrium to pulmonary artery

Dumas, T., 1978:
Modified gas chromatographic determination of phosphine

Nilius B.; Benndorf K.; Markwardt F., 1986:
Modified gating behavior of aconitine treated single sodium channels from adult cardiac myocytes

Desgeorges P.T.; Ambroise Thomas P.; Falanga P.; Renversez J.C., 1980:
Modified gel electrophoresis derived enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay test applications to toxoplasma gondii exo antigens

Cattanach B.M.; Crocker A.J.M., 1980:
Modified genetic response to x irradiation of mouse spermatogonial stem cells surviving treatment with tri ethylene melamine

Godfrey H.P.; Pastore J.; Askenase P.W., 1981:
Modified giemsa stain for demonstrating basophils in glycol methacrylate embedded tissue sections

Tanaka T.; Sato H.; Morikawa H.; Matsushita T.; Yoshida K.; Sakabe T., 1985:
Modified girard operation for esophageal achalasia

Montville T.J.; Hsu A.H M., 1987:
Modified glucose oxidase peroxidase residual glucose assay for use with anaerobic bacteria

Armstrong R.B.; Leach E.E.; Fleiss J.L.; Harber L.C., 1984:
Modified goeckerman therapy for psoriasis a 2 year follow up of a combined hospital ambulatory care program

Herschler, J.; Davis, E.B., 1980:
Modified goniotomy for inflammatory glaucoma. Histologic evidence for the mechanism of pressure reduction

Healy, P.J., 1981:
Modified granulocyte test for determination of mannosidosis genotype of cattle

Chitimia, S.; Groza, P., 1982:
Modified gravitational field and lactate dehydrogenase ec activity

Wesche T.A.; Goertler C.M.; Hubert W.A., 1987:
Modified habitat suitability index model for brown trout in southeastern wyoming usa

Zheng Y J.; Gao Y B., 1984:
Modified highly selective vagotomy 8 year follow up of 100 cases

Linell, F.; Tengrup, I.; Tennvall-Nittby, L.; Landberg, T., 1987:
Modified histologic classification for carcinoma of the breast. Prognostic value and relation to effect of adjuvant oophorectomy

Verma S.C., 1982:
Modified hortons infiltration equation

Rubio, P.A.; Farrell, E.M., 1982:
Modified human umbilical vein arterio venous fistula for maintenance hemo dialysis a 3.5 year experience

Hackler, R.H., 1977:
Modified hutch 1 vesico uretero plasty in paraplegia

Vlacil, F.; Vins, I.; Coupek, J., 1987:
Modified hydroxyethyl methacrylate copolymers as sorbents for ion chromatography i. synthesis and properties of sorbents

Frickhofen, N.; Bross, K.J.; Heit, W.; Heimpel, H., 1985:
Modified immunocytochemical slide technique for demonstrating surface antigens on viable cells

Z.J.n T.; Cole J.A., 1984:
Modified immunodiffusion and peroxidase staining methods to detect escherichia coli nitrite reductase and other siroheme containing proteins

Montenegro-James, S.; James, M.A.; Ristic, M., 1985:
Modified indirect fluorescent antibody test for the serodiagnosis of Anaplasma marginale infections in cattle

Naessens, A.; Lauwers, S., 1987:
Modified indirect immunofluorescence test for serotyping large numbers of Ureaplasma urealyticum clinical isolates

Ueda T.; Momose S., 1982:
Modified inferior pyelocalycotomy for stag-horn calculi and multiple stones: the use of renal pedicle clamp and fibrin coagulum

Catalona, W.J., 1988:
Modified inguinal lymphadenectomy for carcinoma of the penis with preservation of saphenous veins: technique and preliminary results

Stager C.E.; Davis J.R.; Saccomani M.N.; Ortigoza C.O.; Wende R.D.; Raleigh J.W., 1988:
Modified inoculum for radiometric susceptibility testing of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Elphick, M.C., 1968:
Modified inst colorimetric ultramicro method for estimating nonesterified fatty acids in serum new born laboratory animals

Yamada S.; Matsuzawa T.; Yamada K.; Yoshioka S.; Ono S.; Hishinuma T., 1986:
Modified inversion recovery method for nmr imaging

Wardas M.; Weglarz L.; Wardas W., 1987:
Modified isolation procedure of dna from mammalian sperm

Digby P.G.N., 1979:
Modified joint regression analysis for incomplete variety x environment data

Giannini, S.; Girolami, M.; Ceccarelli, F.; Maffei, G., 1985:
Modified Jones operation in the treatment of pes cavovarus

Kenny R.A.; Stevens S.; Hodkinson H.M., 1984:
Modified kew test in demented elderly patients

Campbell, D.T., 1982:
Modified kinetics and selectivity of sodium channels in frog skeletal muscle fibers treated with aconitine

Kaplay S.S., 1979:
Modified kinetics of erythrocyte membrane sodium potassium atpase in protein energy mal nutrition

Kageruka P.; Brandti J.R.A.; Taelman H.; Jonas C., 1984 :
Modified koester staining method for the diagnosis of cryptosporidiosis

Komatsu M.; Yamaoka M.; Shimada H.; Hayashi E.; Yajima H., 1987:
Modified kreyberg stain for diagnosis of oral mucosal keratotic lesions

Story R.N.; Keaster A.J., 1983:
Modified larval bait trap for sampling black cutworm agrotis ipsilon lepidoptera noctuidae populations in field corn

Goh, H.S.; Rauff, A.; Foong, W.C.; Tan, L., 1984:
Modified Longmire's operation for proximal extrahepatic biliary obstruction

Schoendorf, T.H.; Hey, D., 1978:
Modified low dose heparin prophylaxis to reduce thrombosis after hip joint operations

Pullen D.J.; Sullivan M.P.; Falletta J.M.; Boyett J.M.; Humphrey G.B.; Starling K.A.; Land V.J.; Dyment P.G.; E.A., 1982:
Modified lsa 2 l 2 treatment in 53 children with sheep erythrocyte rosette positive t cell leukemia results and prognostic factors a pediatric oncology group study

Brownback, P.E.; Barrow, W.W., 1988:
Modified lymphocyte response to mitogens after intraperitoneal injection of glycopeptidolipid antigens from Mycobacterium avium complex

Ibarra Fernandez D.L.Vega E.J., 1984:
Modified manual aspiration bomb for taking air samples in the working zone

Goodlin, R.C., 1986:
Modified manual rotation in midpelvic delivery

Broda, P., 1974:
Modified map positions for lac and the pro markers in escherichia coli strain k 12

Bagne, F.; Dobelbower, R.R., 1987:
Modified mesh panel for radiation therapy treatment table

Schumm, D.E.; Webb, T.E., 1974:
Modified messenger rna release from isolated hepatic nuclei after inhibition of poly adenylate formation

Yahata, T.; Kurahashi, M.; Ohno, T.; Kuroshima, A., 1977:
Modified metabolic effects of adrenaline in cold acclimation

Goras, J.T., 1979:
Modified method for carbadox in feeds: collaborative study

Shatkin A.A.; Beskina S.R.; Martynova V.R., 1981:
Modified method for cultivating chlamydia in cell cultures

Dangwal, S.K.; Kadam, V.T.; Jethani, B.M., 1978:
Modified method for determination of urinary benzidine

Syatkin S.P., 1981:
Modified method for determining protein in samples containing high amounts of lipo proteins and glyco proteins

Krot V.I.; Yahoraw A.S.; Harbatsevich S.K.; Spitkowski D.M., 1981:
Modified method for determining the number of junctions in the 3 dimensional network of condensed deoxy ribo nucleo protein structures

Csapo J.; Gombos S.; Toth Posfai I.; Henics Z., 1988:
Modified method for diaminopimelic acid determination in samples of biological origin

Sarkozi, L.; Kovacs, H.N.; Fox, H.A.; Kerenyi, T., 1972:
Modified method for estimating the phosphatidyl choline: sphingomyelin ratio in amniotic fluid, and its use in the assessment of fetal lung maturity

Mastrorocco, D.A.J. ; Wagner, G.H., 1978:
Modified method for extracting light filth from chocolate liquor by using 2 percent igepal co 630 as detergent solution collaborative study

Harris, J.L., 1986:
Modified method for fungal slide culture

Yin, K.S.; Chen, J.D.; Wang, K.P.; Zhang, W.Q.; Yang, Y., 1984:
Modified method for histamine release from basophils test

Vanyurikhina L.T.; Valueva T.K.; Zhigailo T.L.; Nuridzhanova A.A.; Preobrazhenskii N.N.; Timchenko I.G., 1981:
Modified method for isolating thymopoietin and its effect on neuro muscular transmission

Dillon, H.C.; Pass, M.A.; Buchanan, B., 1978:
Modified method for serological identification of group B streptococci

Ozerinina O.V.; Chupin V.V.; Geiko N.S.; Nechaev A.P.; Serebrennikova G.A.; Evstigneeva R.P., 1983:
Modified method for stereospecific analysis of tri acyl glycerols

Nakamura M., 1983:
Modified method for the spectrophotometric determination of nitrate in drinking water with 4 5 di hydroxy coumarin

Speroni J.J.; Pell E.J., 1980:
Modified method for tuber glyco alkaloid and leaf glyco alkaloid analysis

Puttanna K.; Rao E.V.S.P., 1986:
Modified method in nitrite determination in soils by sulfanilic acid n 1 naphthylethylenediamine

Berestetskii O.A.; Sherstovoev N.K.; Sherstoboeva E.V.; Patyka V.F., 1986 :
Modified method of cumulative cultures for isolation of symbiotrophic nitrogen fixing microorganisms

De-Klerk, G.; Kruiswijk, C.; Hart, A.A.M.; Goudsmit, R., 1978:
Modified method of erythropoietin bioassay in vitro using mouse fetal liver cells part 1 effect of serum iron on iron 59 incorporation into heme

De-Klerk, G.; Hart, A.A.M.; Kruiswijk, C.; Goudsmit, R., 1978:
Modified method of erythropoietin bioassay in vitro using mouse fetal liver cells part 2 measurement of erythropoietin in human serum

Fedorov, G.N., 1979:
Modified method of injecting parental lymphoid cells in induction of a local graft vs. host reaction

Midro, A.; Wiśniewski, L., 1979:
Modified method of investigation of the sister chromatid exchanges

Novak Z., 1984:
Modified method of preparation of dolders bar laboratory tests

Banks, L.M.; Stevenson, J.C., 1986:
Modified method of spinal computed tomography for trabecular bone mineral measurements

Cherenkova L.V.; Yunatov Y.A., 1980:
Modified method of training cats during visually controlled signaling

Vinogradov, V.V.; Mandrik, K.A., 1976:
Modified method of trans auricular hypophysectomy

Bhattacharya S.K.; Williams J.C., 1979:
Modified method of urinary calcium and magnesium determinations by atomic absorption spectrophotometry using nitrous oxide acetylene flame

Salem, E.A.; Eissawy, M.T.; Atwa, A.A., 1974:
Modified methods for cold storage of egyptian lime

Feinberg, J.G., 1976:
Modified methods of dialysis

Stroy, S.A., 1969:
Modified microbiological assay for rapid estimation of antibiotic concentrations in human sera staphylococcus aureus streptococcus pyogenes

Sarma D.K.; Sharma S.N., 1988:
Modified microcomplement fixation test for detection of fowl pox virus antibodies

Gribanov G.A.; Shchennikova V.V.; Fedorovskii I.V., 1985:
Modified microestimation of the atpase activity in tissues and the ir biostructures using malachite green

Argirova R.A., 1987:
Modified micromethod for detecting the reverse transcriptase activity of retroviruses in a culture medium and in biological materials

Vogel, K.P.; Mattern, P.J.; Lenser, G.W., 1976:
Modified milling procedure for separating endosperm and nonendosperm portions of the wheat kernel for protein and lysine analysis

Musto, L., 1986:
Modified movat's pentachrome stain

Gentile J.M.; Brown S.; Aardema M.; Clark D.; Blankespoor H., 1985:
Modified mutagen metabolism in schistosoma haematobium infested organisms

Ruposhev, A.R., 1976:
Modified mutagenic effect of ethylenimine in crepis capillaris

Zeph, R.D.; Weisberger, E.C.; Einhorn, L.H.; Williams, S.D.; Lingeman, R.E., 1985:
Modified neck dissection for metastatic testicular carcinoma

Shea J.P.; Nelson S.D.; Ford G.P., 1983:
Modified neglect of diatomic overlap calculation of kinetic isotope effects in model cytochrome p 450 oxidations

Baird N.C., 1984:
Modified neglect of differential overlap calculations of the effects of substitution on antioxidant activity of phenols and vitamin e

Abercrombie G.F.; Eardley I.; Payne S.R.; Walmsley B.H.; Vinnicombe J., 1988:
Modified nephro ureterectomy long term follow up with particular reference to subsequent bladder tumors

Hetherington J.W.; Ewing R.; Philp N.H., 1986:
Modified nephroureterectomy a risk of tumor implantation

Kondo S.; Nosaka S.; Ishibashi T.; Amakata Y., 1981:
Modified neurolept anesthesia for pheo chromo cytoma

Reuter N.P.; Haneke A.C.; Lewis E.; Alexander T.G.; Mazzola E.; Aszalos A., 1982:
Modified nmr assay of gentamicins

Yamamoto N.; Yamaizumi Z.; Yokoyama S.; Miyazawa T.; Nishimura S., 1985:
Modified nucleoside 5 carbamoylmethyluridine located in the 1st position of the anticodon of yeast valine transfer rna

Cory, S.; Genin, C.; Adams, J.M., 1976:
Modified nucleosides and 5 prime end groups in purified mouse immuno globulin light chain messenger rna and rabbit globin messenger rna detected by borohydride labeling

Parthasarathy, R.; Ohrt, J.M.; Chheda, G.B., 1977:
Modified nucleosides and conformation of anti codon loops crystal structure of n 6 n threonylcarbonyl adenosine and n 6 n glycylcarbonyl adenosine

Harris C.L.; Marashi F.; Sakallah S., 1988:
Modified nucleosides and the chromatographic and aminoacylation behavior of isoleucine transfer rna from escherichia coli c6

Solomon, S.J.; Fischbein, A.; Sharma, O.K.; Borek, E., 1985:
Modified nucleosides in asbestos workers at high risk of malignant disease: results of a preliminary study applying discriminant analysis

Vold, B., 1976:
Modified nucleosides of bacillus subtilis transfer rna

Reddy, R.; Ro-Choi, T.S.; Henning, D.; Shibata, H.; Choi, Y.C.; Busch, H., 1972:
Modified nucleosides of nuclear and nucleolar low molecular weight rna

Akhrem, A.A.; Timoshchuk, V.A.; Kulinkovich, L.N.; Mikhailopulo, I.A., 1976:
Modified nucleosides part 7 nucleosides of hexo furanuronic acids

Akhrem, A.A.; Kulinkovich, L.N.; Lapko, A.G.; Mikhailopulo, I.A.; Timoshchuk, V.A., 1976:
Modified nucleosides part 8 nucleosides of pento furan uronic acids

Akhrem, A.A.; Zaitseva, G.V.; Kalinichenko, E.N.; Mikhailopulo, I.A., 1976:
Modified nucleosides part 9 the interaction of acetyl salicyloyl chloride with adenosine inosine uridine and 5 bromo uridine

Frister H.; Meisel H.; Schlimme E., 1986:
Modified o phthaldialdehyde method for the characterization of proteolysis products

Huynh Dinh T.; Duchange N.; Zakin M.M.; Lemarchand A.; Igolen J., 1985:
Modified oligonucleotides as alternatives to the synthesis of mixed probes for the screening of complementary dna libraries

Maimets T.O.; Dzhenkins D.R., 1987:
Modified oncoprotein p53 in human ht 1080 tumor cells

Nomoto, Y.; Tomino, Y.; Endoh, M.; Suga, T.; Miura, M.; Nomoto, H.; Sakai, H., 1987:
Modified open renal biopsy: results in 934 patients

Mechler U.; Hilbig V., 1986:
Modified operative technique for perfusion of the isolated chicken liver

Brignone, J.A.; De-Brignone, C.M.C.; Rodriguez, R.R.; Badano, B.N.; Stoppani, A.O.M., 1982:
Modified oscillation behavior and decreased d 3 hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenase ec activity in diabetic rat liver mitochondria

Skinner R.A., 1987:
Modified osheroff ruffing an improved trichrome procedure for glycol methacrylate

Faller, A.; Schleifer, K.H., 1981:
Modified oxidase and benzidine tests for separation of staphylococci from micrococci

Walters, G.R.; Plumb, J.A., 1978:
Modified oxidation fermentation medium for use in identification of bacterial fish pathogens

Hiraoka O.; Nakai T.; Shimizu C., 1980:
Modified pelvic vascular bed isolation chemo therapy theoretical basis surgical procedure and 2 clinical case reports

Fitzgerald, G.; Williams, L.S., 1975:
Modified penicillin enrichment procedure for the selection of bacterial mutants

Mäkinen, J.; Kiilholma, P.; Hämäläinen, R.; Erkkola, R.; Hirvonen, T., 1987:
Modified Pereyra procedure for female stress incontinence

Roberts, J.A.; Angel, J.R.; Thomas, R.; McClung, T.; Lewis, R.W., 1981:
Modified Pereyra procedure for stress incontinence

Growdon, W.A.; Lebherz, T.B., 1986:
Modified Pereyra procedure under local anesthesia

Portnoy, V.F.; Dwortsin, G.F.; Machulin, A.V., 1982:
Modified perfusion and loading technique of the isolated canine heart

Banerjee, S.K.; Chandra, S., 1977:
Modified phenol test for the cultivar identification of wheat seed

Horvath W.; Oertl M.; Tomschi F., 1983:
Modified phlebography for varicose veins report on the effects of bandaging and di hydro ergotamine 2

Horvath W.; Oertl M.; Tomschi F., 1983:
Modified phlebography technique for diagnosis of varicose veins

Sung, W.L.; Narang, S.A., 1982:
Modified phospho tri ester method for chemical synthesis of ribo oligo nucleotides 1. synthesis of ribo undeca adenylate and 2 fragments constituting the sequence of r 17 translation control signal

Vieth, R.; Fraser, D.; Jones, G., 1978:
Modified photography tank for continuous development of thin layer chromatographic plates

Wydrzynski T.; Inoue Y., 1987:
Modified photosystem ii acceptor side properties upon replacement of the quinone at the q b site with 2 5 dimethyl p benzoquinone and phenyl p benzoquinone

Gupta, R.N.; Price, D.; Keane, P.M., 1973:
Modified Pisano method for estimating urinary metanephrines

Roberts, I.; Holmes, W.M.; Hylemon, P.B., 1986:
Modified plasmid isolation method for Clostridium perfringens and Clostridium absonum

Radkowski M.; Kafel S., 1987:
Modified plate inoculation method by koch to determine the amount of bacteria in food

McGowan, E.B.; Detwiler, T.C., 1986:
Modified platelet responses to thrombin. Evidence for two types of receptors or coupling mechanisms

Bumber Z., 1987:
Modified plethysmography in the analysis of the relationship between respiration and swallowing

Sagi, J.; Otvos, L., 1980:
Modified poly nucleotides 5. slow down of nuclease action by 5 alkyl uracil containing dna

Houston, W.E.; Crabbs, C.L.; Stephen, E.L.; Levy, H.B., 1976:
Modified poly ribo inosinic acid poly ribo cytidylic acid an immunological adjuvant

Gatmaitan B.G.; Legaspi R.C.; Lerner A.M.; Levy H.B., 1980:
Modified poly ribo inosinic acid poly ribo cytidylic acid complex induction of serum interferon fever and hypotension in rabbits

Gatmaitan B.G.; Levy H.B.; Lerner A.M., 1980:
Modified poly ribo inosinic acid poly ribo cytidylic acid complex modulation of toxicity for rabbits by alterations in components

Champney K.J.; Levine D.P.; Levy H.B.; Lerner A.M., 1979:
Modified poly ribo inosinic acid poly ribo cytidylic acid complex sustained interferonemia and its physiological associates in humans

Kubo I.; Karube I., 1986:
Modified polymer for enzyme immobilization and characterization of immobilized urease

Vaughan, E.D.; Phillips, H., 1987:
Modified posterior approach for right adrenalectomy

Fink, R.; Wettwer, E., 1978:
Modified potassium channel gating by exhaustion and the block by internally applied tetra ethyl ammonium ion and 4 amino pyridine in muscle

Levin V.A.; Edwards M.S.; Wright D.C.; Seager M.L.; Schimberg T.P.; Townsend J.J.; Wilson C.B., 1980:
Modified procarbazine 1 2 chloroethyl 3 cyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea and vincristine combination chemo therapy in the treatment of malignant brain tumors

Yu, S.Y., 1970:
Modified procedure for determination of small quantities of desmosine iso desmosine and lysinonor leucine in elastin

Landry E.F.; Vaughn J.M.; Vicale T.J., 1980:
Modified procedure for extraction of poliovirus from naturally infected oysters crassostrea gigas using cat floc and beef extract

Bauernfeind, A.; Petermüller, C.; Burrows, J.R., 1978:
Modified procedure for pyocin typing of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

H.R.S.; M.K.C.; Park H.K.; Kim Y.H., 1982:
Modified procedure for the colorimetric determination of plasma free unsaturated fatty acids

Chernomordik A.B., 1981:
Modified procedure for the use of antibiotics in nutrient media for isolation of shigella 3 strip method

Kruger J.E.; Tipples K.H., 1981:
Modified procedure for use of the perkin elmer model 191 grain amylase analyzer in determining low levels of alpha amylase in wheats and flours

Yushkova, L.F.; Nekhanevich, N.F.; Potapov, V.A.; Romashchenko, A.G., 1976:
Modified procedure of dna polymerase isolation from escherichia coli

Cox N.A.; Bailey J.S.; Thomson J.E.; Carson M.O.; Posey D.A.; Rivera E., 1980:
Modified procedure to inoculate micro id

Aubert-Foucher, E.; Font, B.; Gautheron, D.C., 1985:
Modified properties of hexokinase ec from heart mitochondria prepared using proteolytic enzyme

Yang, Y.J.; Youn, J.H.; Bergman, R.N., 1987:
Modified protocols improve insulin sensitivity estimation using the minimal model

McGuire, E.J.; Wang, C.C.; Usitalo, H.; Savastano, J., 1986:
Modified pubovaginal sling in girls with myelodysplasia

Wood, J.S.Jr ; Downing, G.V., 1980:
Modified pulse polarographic determination of nicarbazin in chicken tissue at the 0.1 part per million level

Worowski K., 1980:
Modified purification method of cathepsin d from bovine spleen

Kinne, D.W.; DeCosse, J.J., 1982:
Modified radical mastectomy for carcinoma of the breast

Sakurai T.; Kodama K.; Yokoi H.; Sakanaka K.; Okada N.; Gen E.; Saito K., 1982:
Modified radical mastectomy preserving nipple and areola

Pearlman, N.W.; Meyers, A.D.; Sullivan, W.G., 1982:
Modified radical neck dissection for squamous carcinoma of the head and neck

Ohtsuka H.; Okuda M.; Sakaguchi Y.; Ohnishi M.; Watase T.; Mezawa A., 1984:
Modified radio allergo sorbent test assay

Nakhosteen J.; Petro W.; Wichtmann G., 1980:
Modified radiological method for the determination of the muco ciliary tracheal clearance transport velocity

Prakash K.; Lakshmy A.; Ravindran P.C.; Sharma K.B., 1980:
Modified rapid method of grouping beta hemolytic streptococci using sensitized protein a containing staphylococci

Ekman R., 1979:
Modified resin acids in the reaction zone of fomes annosus infected sap wood of norway spruce

Farquharson, T.A.; Stock, B.H., 1975:
Modified response of hepatic microsomes from rats administered polar aprotic solvents

Schiff, S.E.; Buckley, R.H., 1987:
Modified responses to recipient and donor B cells by genetically donor T cells from human haploidentical bone marrow chimeras

Cross J.D.; Goodman I.J., 1982:
Modified retention of punishment with unilateral single pulse stimulation of amygdala but not hippocampus

Squibb R.E.; Tilson H.A., 1981:
Modified running wheel for continuous recording of loco motor and ingestive related behaviors

Sharma K.D., 1987:
Modified runoff curve numbers for bare crust forming sandy soils

Kalamchi, A., 1982:
Modified Salter osteotomy

Sharma B.L.; Rao R.V.; Bisen S.S.; Dayal R., 1985:
Modified scalariform and reticulate perforation plates in species of euodia rutaceae

Digiacinto T.M.; Priola J., 1979:
Modified scanning table assemblies an aid to ultrasound imaging

Chattopadhya, D.; Basu, S., 1986:
Modified scheme for identification of coliform organisms in drinking water

Valente M.; Alloisio M.; Pastorino U.; Tavecchio L.; Cataldo I.; Bedini A.V.; Muscolino G.; Ongari M.; Ravasi G., 1988:
Modified Schoemacher resection for distal gastric cancer

Pan D.H C.; Lee L S.; Chen M S.; Manns A.G., 1986:
Modified screw and suction technique for stereotactic evacuation of deep intracerebral hematomas

Keswick, B.H.; Frank, D., 1987:
Modified scrub technique for sampling infant skin microflora

Twedt, R.M.; Novelli, R.M., 1971:
Modified selective and differential isolation medium for Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Yee, H.Y.; Bowdell, J.; Jackson, B., 1971:
Modified semi automated method for serum thyroxine

Abe T.; Nuui S.; Asai Y.; Chiba M.; Komatsu S.; Tuda T., 1981:
Modified senning operation for the repair of taussig bing malformation

Coto, E.O.; Norwood, W.I.; Lang, P.; Castaneda, A.R., 1979:
Modified Senning operation for treatment of transposition of the great arteries

Szatmary P.; Petca E.; Erdei M.; Nemes A.; Darvas D.; Toth Z.; Szantay J.; Szabo P., 1984:
Modified serum placental lactogen values under perfusion with dextran 40 solution

Butto, F.; Robinson, J.D.; Vlodaver, Z.; Hunter, D.W.; Castaneda-Zuniga, W.R.; Amplatz, K., 1987:
Modified sheath introducer for reduced arterial damage

Florey, M.J.; Peetoom, F., 1976:
Modified sheep erythrocyte rosette test for detection of total and active rosette forming lymphocytes

Tsunoda K.; Inoue N.; Aoyama M.; Hasebe A., 1986:
Modified simple colorimetry of dehydrogenase activity in shellfishes using tetrazolium chloride studies on the freshness of fishes and shellfishes ii

Park K.Y.; Park S.U.; Moon H.G.; Kang Y.K.; Min H.K.; Hong J.K.; Han S.K.; Jong S.K., 1985:
Modified single crops maize hybrid yangjuok

Boutault F.; Fabie M.; Combelles R.; Secail J.R.; Guittard F.; Cadenat H., 1986:
Modified skin profile after facial osteotomy

Rimel, R.W.; Butler, A.B.; Winn, H.R.; Park, T.S.; Tyson, G.W.; Jane, J.A., 1981:
Modified skull tongs for cervical traction. Technical note

Toyoshima, K.; Tandler, B., 1987:
Modified smooth endoplasmic reticulum in type II cells of rabbit taste buds

Rivera, V.M.; Grabois, M.; Deaton, W.; Breitbach, W.; Hines, M., 1980:
Modified snake venom in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Lack of clinical effectiveness

Steichen, R.J., 1976:
Modified solution approach for the gas chromatographic determination of residual monomers by head space analysis

Wenner L., 1983:
Modified solution of poly iodide ions for sclero therapy of resistant varicose veins

E.H.nawy S.I.; E.N.ggar H.A.; E.S.ahat N., 1980:
Modified solvent systems for the separation of some phenolic compounds by paper chromatography

Nurthen E.J.; Mccleary B.V.; Milthorpe P.L.; Whitworth J.W., 1986:
Modified soxhlet procedure for the quantification of resin and rubber content of guayule parthenium argentatum

Ochiai-Yanagi, S.; Miyauchi, H.; Saio, K.; Watanabe, T., 1978:
Modified soybean protein with high water holding capacity

Oefinger P.E.; Loo S.H.; Gander R.M., 1988:
Modified spin amplified absorption procedure with conventional tissue culture tubes for rapid detection and increased recovery of herpes simplex virus from clinical specimens

Young, H.W.; Larson, E.W.; Dominik, J.W., 1974:
Modified spinning top homogeneous spray apparatus for use in experimental respiratory disease studies

Pehlivan E.; Yildiz S., 1988:
Modified sporopollenin as a novel anion cation and ligand exchange medium

Fivizzani, A.J.; Spieler, R.E., 1978:
Modified staaland device with automatic recording techniques for determining salinity preference in fishes

Hilderbrand P.E., 1984:
Modified stability analysis of farmer managed on farm trials

Senba M.; Yamashita H.; Itakura H., 1980:
Modified staining method for hepatitis b surface antigen and its mechanism

Handsher, R.; Fogel, A., 1977:
Modified staphylococcal absorption method used for detecting rubella specific immuno globulin m antibodies during a rubella epidemic

Hota A.K.; Maiti M.M., 1988:
Modified starch natural rubber blend part v effect of cyanoethylation of starch xanthide on biodegradability of vulcanizates

Garvey W.; Fathi A.; Bigelow F., 1985:
Modified steiner for the demonstration of spirochetes

Elias, J.M.; Greene, C., 1979:
Modified Steiner method for the demonstration of spirochetes in tissue

Swisher B.L., 1987:
Modified steiner procedure for microwave staining of spirochetes and nonfilamentous bacteria

Robinson, F.E.; Beane, W.L.; Bish, C.L.; Ruszler, P.L.; Baker, J.L., 1986:
Modified step up protein feeding regimens for egg type chickens 2. protein level influence on growth and production performance

Neeman, M.; Kartha, G.; Go, K.; Santodonato, J.P.; Dodson-Simmons, O., 1983:
Modified steroid hormones 7. 4 fluoro 17 beta estradiol carbon 13 nmr crystal and molecular structure and biological activity

Rintaia, A.E., 1983:
Modified subtotal mastectomy and free nipple graft in the treatment of severe mammary hypertrophy and ptosis

Bradley, E.L.; DiGirolamo, M.; Tarcan, Y., 1980:
Modified subtotal thyroidectomy in the management of Graves' disease

Patergnani M.; Conte L.; Travaglini M.; Testa D.; Bierti S., 1985:
Modified surgical intervention our experience and critical evaluation of results

O'brien M.; Colwell R., 1985:
Modified taurocholate tellurite gelatin agar for improved differentiation of vibrio spp

Vogt W.; Welsch I., 1988:
Modified tdx assay for cyclosporin and metabolites for use with whole blood samples

Kulkarni P.V.; Parkey R.W.; Wilson J.W.IIi; Lewis S.E.; Buja L.M.; Bonte F.J.; Willerson J.T., 1980:
Modified technetium 99m labeled heparin for the imaging of acute experimental myo cardial infarcts

Springer W.T.; Truman R.W., 1981:
Modified technique for assaying avian immuno globulin m secreting cells

Bitunov, V.A.; Poleshchuk, B.O., 1987:
Modified technique for central vein catheterization

Bradlow, H.L., 1977:
Modified technique for th elution of polar steroid conjugates from Amberlite-XAD-2

Bushe, K.A.; Halves, E., 1978:
Modified technique in trans sphenoidal operations of pituitary adenomas

Epley, J.M., 1977:
Modified technique of iontophoretic anesthesia for myringotomy in children

Ramachandran C.R., 1986:
Modified technique of leukocyte count for eliminating time related alterations

Pearce, W.H.; Ricco, J.B.; Yao, J.S.; Flinn, W.R.; Bergan, J.J., 1983:
Modified technique of obturator bypass in failed or infected grafts

Kerner U., 1988:
Modified technique of the insertion of the perfusion catheter for the intraarterial chemotherapy of tongue cancer

Shah, D.M.; Buchbinder, D., 1981:
Modified technique to produce valvular incompetence in in situ saphenous vein arterial bypass

Duschak V.G., 1987:
Modified techniques for histone h 1 identification in polyacrylamide gels

Abu-Samra, M.T.; Walton, G.S., 1977:
Modified techniques for the isolation of Dermatophilus spp. from infected material

Davis, P.H.; Osherson, A., 1978:
Modified techniques for therapy with inarticulate adolescents

Rozek M., 1983:
Modified techniques of chromosome preparation for karyological studies of carabidae coleoptera

Zao B.; E.A., 1983:
Modified temporalis transposition to brain in the treatment of ischemic cerebro vascular diseases analysis of 50 cases

Liesegang, T.J.; Robinson, N.; Jones, D.B., 1984:
Modified tissue culture medium for corneal storage 1. investigation of the effect of antibiotics on bacterial contamination

Liesegang, T.J.; Robinson, N.; Jones, D.B., 1984:
Modified tissue culture medium for corneal storage 2. investigation of the effect of the corneo scleral rim on bacterial contamination

Witebsky, F.G.; Andrews, J.W.; Gill, V.J.; MacLowry, J.D., 1988:
Modified toluidine blue O stain for Pneumocystis carinii: further evaluation of some technical factors

Heilig, P.; Strasser, G., 1981:
Modified trabeculectomy with scleral wick

Battista, J.J.; Leung, P.M.K.; Taylor, W.B., 1976:
Modified transit dosemeter system for cobalt 60 rotational therapy

Pradhan S.A.; Rajpal R.M., 1983:
Modified treatment plan to restore early swallowing in esophageal cancer

Neimeister, R.; Logan, A.L.; Egleton, J.H., 1985:
Modified trichrome staining technique with a xylene substitute

Yamamoto E.; Yamauchi M.; Iwanaga M.; Morinaka S., 1981:
Modified type iv tympano plasty with preserved cartilage disc

Johnson M.W.; Toscano N.C.; Jones V.P.; Bailey J.B., 1986:
Modified ultrasonic actograph for monitoring activity of lepidopterous larvae

Schmid T.; Spielberger M.; Sandbichler P.; Margreiter R., 1988:
Modified ureterocystostomy low rate of urological complications in renal transplantation

Rytka, J.; Bilinski, T.; Labbe-Bois, R., 1984:
Modified uro porphyrinogen decarboxylase ec activity in a yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mutant which mimics porphyria cutanea tarda

Tsygankov B.D., 1980:
Modified variant of a simultaneous discontinuance of psychotropic drugs combined with diuretics as a method of therapy cessation in protracted attacks of schizophrenia

Wood, G.W.; Lukin, R.R.; Tomsick, T.A.; Chambers, A.A., 1983:
Modified venous catheter technique for digital angiography

Ramsey-Stewart, G., 1986:
Modified vertical banded gastroplasty as revision of failed high gastric reduction for morbid obesity

Lichko R.P., 1982:
Modified vessel insulator for soil respiration measurement using the shtatnov technique

Chau, P.Y.; Chan, A.C., 1976:
Modified Vi tests in the screening of typhoid carriers

Caserta S.; Fava G.; D'imporzano A.; Del Sasso L.; Raffa M., 1980:
Modified viladots operation in patients with cerebral lesions

Tsukamoto N.; Imachi M.; Uchino H.; Ono M.; Kamura T.; Saito T.; Matsukuma K., 1985:
Modified vinblastine actinomycin d bleomycin combination chemotherapy of advanced and recurrent endodermal sinus tumors of the ovary

Poliner, L.S.; Olk, R.J., 1987:
Modified vitreoretinal forceps for membrane peeling

Andrews, G.P.; Martin, S.E., 1978:
Modified vogel and johnson agar for staphylococcus aureus

Gupta R.C.; Nathani D.; Gupta K.K., 1979:
Modified water air mattress in the management of bed sores

Blankenship, L.C.; Cox, N.A., 1976:
Modified water rinse sampling for sensitive nonadulterating salmonellae detection on eviscerated broiler carcasses

Namboodiri K.S., 1988:
Modified water spray chumming system for pole and line fishing of tuna

Wilson, H.R.; Fairchild, D.G., 1977:
Modified Whipf's polychrome: a connective tissue stain with special application for demonstrating Leishmania

Green J.R., 1979:
Modified wilcoxon test for 2 different distributions

Scholl P.J.; Lowry S.R.; Rabe G.G., 1985:
Modified williams sticky traps used to measure activity of adult stable flies stomoxys calcitrans in eastern nebraska usa

Driscoll C.J., 1985:
Modified xyz system of producing hybrid wheat triticum aestivum

Tanda S.; Hori S.H., 1983:
Modifier gene that affects glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase activity in drosophila melanogaster

Cobbs, G., 1987:
Modifier Genes of the Sex Ratio Trait in Drosophila pseudoobscura

Liberman, U., 1976:
Modifier theory of meiotic drive: is Mendelian segregation stable?

Robertson, W.G.; Scurr, D.S., 1986:
Modifiers of calcium oxalate crystallization found in urine. I. Studies with a continuous crystallizer using an artificial urine

Scurr, D.S.; Robertson, W.G., 1986:
Modifiers of calcium oxalate crystallization found in urine. II. Studies on their mode of action in an artificial urine

Martinez, M.N.; Cordeiro, A.R., 1970:
Modifiers of Color Pattern Genes in DROSOPHILA POLYMORPHA

Zentgraf J.; Bachmann K.; Chambers K.L.; Price H.J., 1985:
Modifiers of heterocarpy determine capitulum size in microseris hybrid d 14 asteraceae lactuceae

Liberman, U.; Feldman, M.W., 1986:
Modifiers of mutation rate: a general reduction principle

Gower, D.B., 1974:
Modifiers of steroid hormone metabolism a review of their chemistry biochemistry and clinical applications

Myasishcheva N.V.; Golenko O.D.; Arsenyan F.G.; Gerasimova G.K.; Vares Y.V., 1981:
Modifying action of cobalamins on tumor growth processes

Abhayavardhani P.; Sarma Y.S.R.K., 1983:
Modifying action of cysteine cysteamine and 2 mercapto ethanol on uv induced damage of 2 desmid taxa

Sidorov V.P., 1979:
Modifying action of di phenyl triazine thione derivatives during irradiation of cells in different interphase periods

Avakyan V.A.; Vardanyan A.A., 1979:
Modifying action of gibberellin on the cyto genetic effect of radiation in crepis capillaris

Kolumbaeva S.Zh, 1984:
Modifying action of growth activating substances on the mutagenic effect of nitrosoguanidine and heavy metal salts

Kiskin, N.I.; Kryshtal', O.A.; Tsyndrenko, A.Y. ; Mandel'shtam-Yu, E.; Baranov, G.M.; Deiko, L.I., 1987:
Modifying action of l glutamic acid esters on the excitatory amino acid receptors in the membrane of hippocampal neurons

Stevens, M.J.; Pfost, K.S.; Rapp, B.J., 1987:
Modifying acute pain by matching cognitive style with cognitive treatment

Wolfe, J.L.; Fodor, I.G., 1977:
Modifying assertive behavior in women a comparison of 3 approaches

Haney, M.; Rabin, B., 1984:
Modifying attitudes toward disabled persons while resocializing spinal cord injured patients

Sanson-Fisher, B.; Seymour, F.; Montgomery, W.; Stokes, T., 1978:
Modifying delinquents conversation using token reinforcement of self recorded behavior

Jason, L.A.; Zolik, E.S., 1981:
Modifying dog litter in urban communities

Palyo, W.J.; Cooke, T.P.; Schuler, A.L.; Apolloni, T., 1979:
Modifying echolalic speech in preschool children: training and generalization

Azatyan, R.A.; Voskanyan, A.Z.; Avakyan, V.A.; Akif'ev, A.P., 1978:
Modifying effect of 5 fluoro 2 deoxy uridine and thymidine at g 1 phase on radiation and chemically induced chromosome rearrangement

Azatyan R.A.; Voskanyan A.Z.; Avakyan V.A., 1983:
Modifying effect of 5 fluoro 2 deoxy uridine and thymidine in various phases of the cell cycle on chemically induced chromosome aberrations

Mirzoyan G.I.; Azatyan R.A.; Avakyan V.A., 1985:
Modifying effect of 5 fluoro 2 deoxyuridine on chromosome aberrations output after the storage of irradiated and nitrogen mustard treated crepis capillaris seeds in the g 1 phase

Azatyan R.A.; Avakyan V.A., 1985:
Modifying effect of 5 fluoro 2 deoxyuridine on the frequency of visible x ray induced mutations in wheat

Mirozoyan, G.I.; Azatyan, R.A., 1987:
Modifying effect of 5 fluoro 2' deoxyuridine on chemical and radiation induced mutagenesis in crepis capillaris seeds in the s phase after storage

Portyanko N.Zh; Sidorov V.P.; Tarasov V.A.; Myasova Z.N., 1980:
Modifying effect of 5 fluorodeoxy uridine as related to cyto genetic damage induced by gamma quanta in stimulated and nonstimulated human lymphocytes

Anisimov V.N., 1981:
Modifying effect of aging on n nitrosomethyl urea induced carcinogenesis in female rats

Sapezhinskii I.I.; Dontsova E.G.; Silaev Y.V., 1984:
Modifying effect of alcohols on radiation transformations of serum albumin

Makeeva, V.F.; Komolova, G.S.; Egorov, I.A.; Isabaeva, V.A.; Zakirov, D.Z., 1975:
Modifying effect of alpine hypoxia adaptation on radiation damage to rat spleen dna

Pakhomov V.Yu; Shulyakovskaya T.S.; Artemova L.G.; Saprin A.N., 1986:
Modifying effect of antioxidants on the biotransformation of dialkyl n nitrosamines in microsomes a spin trap study

Amlie J.P., 1980:
Modifying effect of autonomic blockade on digitoxin induced changes in monophasic action potential and refractoriness of the right ventricle of the dog heart

Privalov G.F., 1980:
Modifying effect of auxin on induced mutation variability of m 1 acer negundo plants

Voskanian A.Z.; Avakian V.A.; Egiazarian I.E.; Arakelov G.M., 1980:
Modifying effect of caffeine on chemically induced damages of chromosomes at the beginning of the s phase

Voskanyan A.Z.; Amuradyan A.A.; Avakyan V.A., 1982:
Modifying effect of caffeine on chemically induced damages of chromosomes in crepis capillaris s phase

Nemirovskii, L.E.; Akif-Ev, A.P.; Klimenko, V.V., 1969:
Modifying effect of caffeine on the chemically induced aberrations of chromosomes in the bone marrow cells of rats

Frenkel' L.A.; Yakimova T.P.; Knyazeva M.V., 1982:
Modifying effect of calcium on the efficiency of ionizing radiation in cancer therapy

Gurkalo V.K.; Zabezhinskii M.A., 1982:
Modifying effect of clonidine caffeine and ethanol on n nitroso di ethylamine induced carcinogenesis

Smirnova I.S.; Suslov A.V.; Noskin L.A., 1983:
Modifying effect of cysteamine and 8 bromo caffeine on x radiation induced damages to dna of rat hepatocytes

Hancharova R.I.; Kuzhyr T.D.; Lyevina A.B., 1982:
Modifying effect of cysteamine on ethyl methanesulfonate induced mutability of male drosophila

Beems R.B.; Van Beek L., 1984 :
Modifying effect of dietary fat on benzo a pyrene induced respiratory tract tumors in hamsters

Tikhomirova, M.M., 1980:
Modifying effect of extreme temperature depending on the adaptation of the organism to this factor on the effect of radiation 2. analysis of the potential damage in a heat adapted line

Tikhomirova, M.M.; Belyatskaya, O.Y., 1980:
Modifying effect of extreme temperature on the action of radiation depending on the adaptation to heat 1. characteristics of drosophila melanogaster adapted to high temperature

Tikhomirova, M.M., 1980:
Modifying effect of extreme temperature on the effect of radiation depending on heat adaptation 3. the role of genotype and environment in the determination of the mutation process intensity

Harada Y.; Misawa N.; Inomata N.; Yasuda M., 1986:
Modifying effect of folinic acid on methotrexate induced embryotoxicity in rats

Babayan, R.S., 1968:
Modifying effect of high temperature on the genetic results of irradiation of barley m seeds with x rays

Zasukhina, G.D.; Shvetsova, T.P.; Makedonov, G.P.; Dmitrievskii, I.M.; Kramer-Ageev, E.A.; Kryuchkov, V.P., 1982:
Modifying effect of interferon on the formation of structural mutations of chromosomes and sister chromatid exchanges induced in human leukocytes in vitro by fast neutrons and 4 nitro quinoline 1' oxide

Demin-Yu, S.; Safronova, L.D.; Lapkin-Yu, A., 1978:
Modifying effect of mouse female genotype on the frequency of t haplotype transmission from t 6 males to offspring

Kudryavtsev I.A.; Alekseev S.M.; Ashirova V.E.; Evstigneeva R.P.; Myasishcheva N.V.; Sarycheva I.K.; Taranenko I.P., 1988:
Modifying effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids on the growth of transplantable tumors of various types

Muronets, E.M.; Kameneva, S.V., 1975:
Modifying effect of precursors of dna synthesis on uv irradiated and x irradiated conidia of aspergillus nidulans

Mtskhvetadze A.V.; Aivazishvili M.A., 1983:
Modifying effect of radiation on sodium and water transport in rabbit small intestine in different irradiation conditions

Chatterjee A.; Jacob Raman M., 1986:
Modifying effect of reduced glutathione on x ray induced chromosome aberration and cell cycle delay in muntjac lymphocytes in vitro

Guseva, I.S., 1968:
Modifying effect of sex chromosomes on the genetic complex of the finger print pattern human

Beems R.B., 1984:
Modifying effect of vitamin a on benzo a pyrene induced respiratory tract tumors in hamsters

Hellman B., 1986:
Modifying effects of a single injection of phenobarbital on the inhibitory action of benzo a pyrene on tritiated thymidine incorporation into various organs of the mouse

Srivastava, A.K.; Singh, H.S., 1988:
Modifying effects of coping strategies on the relation of organizational role stress and mental health

Atchuta Ramaiah K.V.; Mookerjee A., 1981:
Modifying effects of divalent ions on the sulfhydryl content of normal and tumorous beet root tissue under thermal and gamma irradiation stress

Dette G.A.; Knothe H.; Kaula S., 1987:
Modifying effects of ph and temperature on carbon 14 erythromycin uptake into staphylococcus aureus relation to antimicrobial activity

Cetl I., 1983:
Modifying effects of the genetic background of drosophila melanogaster populations on the adaptive value of marked genotypes

Kalthoff K.; Rau K G.; Edmond J.C., 1982:
Modifying effects of uv irradiation on the development of abnormal body patterns in centrifuged insect embryos smittia sp chironomidae diptera

Bogovskii, P.A., 1977:
Modifying factors in chemical carcinogenesis an attempt at classification

Pour, P.M.; Birt, D.F.; Salmasi, S.Z.; Gotz, U., 1983:
Modifying factors in pancreatic carcinogenesis in the hamster model 1. effect of protein free diet fed during the early stages of carcinogenesis

Pour, P.M.; Birt, D.F., 1983:
Modifying factors in pancreatic carcinogenesis in the hamster model 4. effects of dietary protein

Fukui, A.; Laskowski, W., 1984:
Modifying factors of the cellular concentration of photo lyase molecules in saccharomyces cerevisiae cells 1. effects of temperature and light

Fukui, A.; Laskowski, W., 1984:
Modifying factors of the cellular concentration of photolyase molecules in saccharomyces cerevisiae 2. effects of preillumination with light flashes

Reilley, R.R.; Parisher, D.W.; Carona, A.; Dobrovolsky, N.W., 1980:
Modifying hypnotic susceptibility by practice and instruction

Rao A.R., 1984:
Modifying influences of betel quid ingredients on benzo a pyrene induced carcinogenesis in the buccal pouch of hamster

Waring R.H.; Pitman G.B., 1985:
Modifying lodgepole pine pinus contorta stands to change susceptibility to mountain pine beetle dendroctonus ponderosae attack

Herman J.H.; Roffwarg H.P., 1983:
Modifying oculo motor activity in awake subjects increases the amplitude of eye movements during rapid eye movement sleep

Zehner, J.; Klaus, D.; Klumpp, F.; Lemke, R., 1975:
Modifying plasma renin activity with propranolol practolol and theophylline

Tsuda H.; Hasegawa R.; Imaida K.; Masui T.; Moore M.A.; Ito N., 1984:
Modifying potential of 31 chemicals on the short term development of gamma glutamyltranspeptidase positive foci in diethylnitrosamine initiated rat liver

Aujla T.S.; Cheema S.S., 1983:
Modifying profile water storage through tillage herbicide chemical evaporation retardant and straw mulch and its effect on rainfed chick pea cicer arietinum

Vesselinovitch S.D.; Itze L.; Mihailovich N.; Rao K.V.N., 1980:
Modifying role of partial hepatectomy and gonadectomy in ethylnitroso urea induced hepato carcinogenesis

Isaacs L.D., 1987:
Modifying the bassin anticipation timer

Arends-Merino, A.; Sjogren, A.M.; Reizenstein, P., 1983:
Modifying the biological response to acute myeloid leukemia 1. bcg allogeneic leukemic cells and spontaneous cyto toxicity

Bayer, B.L.; Foerster, W.; Sperling, J., 1976:
Modifying the conduction time and refractory period of the heart in vitro and in vivo with prostaglandins

Gus'kov E.P.; Dvorkina R.M.; Belichenko N.I., 1986:
Modifying the cytogenetic effect of hyperbaric oxygenation by c phenyl n tert butylnitrone

Keller, J.V., 1974:
Modifying the Gerbrands cumulative recorder to produce histograms

Vanetten, H.D.; Kolmark, H.G., 1977:
Modifying the growth habit of the filamentous fungus fusarium solani to facilitate replica plating procedures

Ransford, C.P., 1977:
Modifying the hoeltge hb 1110 fw flush rack for automatic water deprivation

Denney N.W.; Jones F.W.; Krigel S.H., 1979:
Modifying the questioning strategies of young children and elderly adults with strategy modeling techniques

Loeprecht, H.; Vollmar, J.; Heyes, H.; Paulini, K.; Spohn, B., 1976:
Modifying the spontaneous course of phlebo thrombosis and the results of surgical therapy by changing hemodynamics temporary arterio venous fistula an experimental study with animals

Rao R.R., 1984:
Modiola caroliniana new record malvaceae for india

Hill S.R.; Fryxell P.A., 1980:
Modiolastrum sandemanii new combination malvaceae and remarks about the genus in south america

Wikander P.B., 1981:
Modiolus adriaticus new record bivalvia mytilidae in norway

Osorio C., 1979:
Modiolus aurum new species from juan fernandez archipelago chile mollusca bivalvia mytilidae

Comely, C.A., 1978:
Modiolus modiolus from the scottish uk west coast part 1 biology

Shimizu Y.; Nomura A.; Nishioka F., 1986:
Modori fish gel degradation occurring at around 60 c inducing property of croaker myosin preparation

Reed, A.V., 1976:
Modpac a modular package of computer programs for fitting model parameters to data and plotting fitted curves

Woollard M.L.; Cooper W.D., 1983:
Moducren and propranolol as initial therapies in essential hypertension

Severe J.B.; Creecy R.H., 1984:
Modular algorithm for tardive dyskinesia diagnosis a demonstration of a methodological concept for diagnostic decision making

Begue, R.J.; Desgres, J.; Gustafsson, J.A.; Padieu, P., 1976:
Modular analysis of urinary steroids during human gestation

Garnier E.; Roy J., 1988:
Modular and demographic analysis of plant leaf area in sward and woodland populations of dactylis glomerata and bromus erectus

Barnabe G., 1979:
Modular aquaculture system in harbor zone

Jasin M.; Regan L.; Schimmel P., 1983:
Modular arrangement of functional domains along the sequence of an aminoacyl transfer rna synthetase

Alexoff, D.L.; Russell, J.A.G.; Shiue, C.Y.; Wolf, A.P.; Fowler, J.S.; Macgregor, R.R., 1986:
Modular automation in pet tracer manufacturing application of an autosynthesizer to the production of fluorine 18 2 deoxy 2 fluoro d glucose

Crimes, T.P., 1977 :
Modular construction of deep water trace fossils from the cretaceous of spain

Klish, W.J.; Potts, E.; Ferry, G.D.; Nichols, B.L., 1976:
Modular Formula: an approach to management of infants with specific or complex food intolerances

Baumann G., 1979:
Modular gating channel and cole moore effect next neighbor hill chen vs nonrestricted aggregation

Ezrokhi V.L.; Tarasova L.Yu; Derevyagin V.I.; Makarov F.N., 1984:
Modular organization of callosal neurons in sensorimotor cortex of rabbits

Seeger, B.R.; Sutherland, A.D., 1981:
Modular seating for paralytic scoliosis: design and initial experience

Yamashita T., 1987:
Modulated degradation of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase in leaves on top pruned shoots of the mulberry tree morus alba l

Jalife, J.; Michaels, D.C.; Langendorf, R., 1986:
Modulated parasystole originating in the sinoatrial node

Currie S.N.; Carlsen R.C., 1987:
Modulated vibration sensitivity of lamprey mauthner neurons

Nordlind K.; Mutt V., 1986:
Modulating effect of beta endorphin somatostatin substance p and vasoactive intestinal peptide on the proliferative response of peripheral blood t lymphocytes of nickel allergic patients to nickel sulfate

Flagg Newton J.L.; D.B.ult L.E., 1987:
Modulating effect of cystamine and unsaturated fatty acids on gamma glutamyl transpeptidase relation to cellular oxidative status

Fujii T.; Inoue T., 1987:
Modulating effect of dimethylbenzanthracene on gamma ray mutagenesis in the soybean test system

Reshetnyak V.K.; Churin B.T., 1986:
Modulating effect of electroacupuncture stimulation on the bioelectrical activity of neurons in specific and nonspecific thalamic nuclei

Bratus', G.G.; Darchuk, G.F.; Komissarenko, V.G.; Nastenko, E.P., 1987:
Modulating effect of immunotherapy with modified tumor cells in transplantable lymphoma

Mkrtchyan L.N.; Ter Pogosyan Z.R.; Sarkisyan O.M.; Gevorkyan R.A.; Movsesyan E.A.; Kamalyan L.A., 1983:
Modulating effect of interferon preparations on cellular reactions in anti tumor immunity

Tedesco F.; Rottini G.; Patriarca P., 1981:
Modulating effect of late acting components of the complement system on the bactericidal activity of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes on escherichia coli o 111 b 4

Pelletier, M.; Willoughby, D.A.; Giroud, J.P., 1978:
Modulating effect of levamisole on DNA synthesis in macrophages in vitro

Sapozhnikov A.M.; Dozmorov I.M.; Lutsenko G.V.; Chernousov A.D., 1988:
Modulating effect of polycations in the phenomenon of the inactivation of nonsyngeneic stem cells by lymphocytes

Roitrub B.A.; Oksamitnyi V.N.; Limanskii Y.P.; Zlatin R.S.; Il'in V.N., 1987:
Modulating effect of serotonin and histamine on the contraction of musculus rectus abdominis in the frog induced by small doses of acetylcholine

Pusztai-Markos, Z.; Pranada, F.; Leimbrock, C., 1982:
Modulating effect of subinhibitory concentrations of compound LY 127935 on the virulence of Escherichia coli in the mouse

Cano, J.; de la Roza, C.; Rodríguez-Echandía, E.L., 1978:
Modulating effect of the salivary glands upon differentiation and maturation of taste bud cells in the rat

Olson C.E.; Soll A.H.; Kaplowitz N., 1985:
Modulating effect of thiol disulfide status on carbon 14 aminopyrine accumulation in the isolated parietal cell

Jensen, J.R.; Thestrup-Pedersen, K., 1983:
Modulating effects of enzymes on T gamma and T mu cells in patients with atopic dermatitis

Nordlind, K., 1987:
Modulating effects of heparin preparations on the DNA synthesis response of human peripheral blood T lymphocytes activated by mercuric chloride and nickel sulfate

Kamikawa Y.; Shimo Y., 1982:
Modulating effects of opioids purine compounds 5 hydroxy tryptamine and prostaglandin f 2 on cholinergic neuro transmission in a guinea pig esophagus preparation

Liang K.C.; Juler R.G.; Mcgauch J.L., 1986:
Modulating effects of posttraining epinephrine in memory involvement of the amygdala noradrenergic system

Sergienko N.G.; Tikhonova T.N., 1982:
Modulating effects of the raphe nuclei on the convulsive process of limbic origin

Rauschen I.; Pfeiffer P.; Koenig W., 1985:
Modulating immunoglobulin e release out of mouse cells in vitro with an interleukin containing medium

Miller J.L.; Ismail F.; Waligora J.K.; Gevers W., 1985:
Modulating influence of racemic propranolol on triiodothyronine induced skeletal muscle protein degradation

Gun A.A., 1983:
Modulating influences of orbito frontal cortex on spindle burst generation in the brain

Nishimoto H., 1981:
Modulating mechanism of dorsal column stimulation for pain relief inhibitory modulating effect on nociceptive medial thalamic neurons and the descending neural system in brain stem

Welch, W.J.; Wilcox, C.S., 1988:
Modulating role for thromboxane in the tubuloglomerular feedback response in the rat

Yarygin K.N.; Kazimirskii A.N.; Kositskii G.I.; Rubina A.Yu; Vinogradov V.A.; Pylaev A.S., 1986:
Modulating the activity of ornithine decarboxylase in the normal or regenerating rat liver induced by varying dosages of hydraundecapeptide morphogen

Linkens D.A., 1979:
Modulation analysis of forced nonlinear oscillators for biological modeling

Matossian-Rogers, A.; Rogers, P.D., 1987:
Modulation and biological effects of ly 6.2 expression on el4 tumor cells

Formby, C.; Muir, K., 1988:
Modulation and gap detection for broadband and filtered noise signals

Kimball, E.S.; Wolf, B., 1976:
Modulation and re growth of allotype on normal rabbit peripheral blood lymphocytes allelic inclusion of b 4 and b 6 in single cells

Mueller P.K.; Kirsch E.; Gauss Mueller V.; Krieg T., 1981:
Modulation and regulation of collagen synthesis in vitro

Chisholm J.C.; Kim S.; Tashjian A.H.Jr, 1988:
Modulation by 1 25 dihydroxycholecalciferol of the acute change in cytosolic free calcium induced by trh in gh 4c 1 pituitary cells

Ostenson C G.; Grill V.; Nylen A.; Efendic S., 1983:
Modulation by 3 iso butyl 1 methyl xanthine fasting and experimental diabetes of glibenclamide induced islet hormone release from the perfused rat pancreas

Muthukrishnan S.; Chandra G.R.; Albaugh G.P., 1983:
Modulation by abscisic acid and s 2 aminoethyl l cysteine of alpha amylase messenger rna in barley aleurone cells

Barratt D.H.P., 1986:
Modulation by abscisic acid of storage protein accumulation in vicia faba cotyledons cultured in vitro

Sandru G.; Veraguth P., 1981:
Modulation by adherent cells and irradiation of in vitro leukocyte inhibitory factor production by concanavalin a stimulated mononuclear cells

Goto, Y.; Seino, Y.; Taminato, T.; Inoue, Y.; Kadowaki, S.; Mori, K.; Imura, H., 1978:
Modulation by alloxan of glucagon and insulin secretion in the isolated perfused rat pancreas

Yamasaki Y.; Shimamura O.; Kizu A.; Nakagawa M.; Ijichi H., 1983:
Modulation by alpha 2 adrenergic stimulation of immuno globulin e mediated carbon 14 labeled serotonin release from rat mast cells

Chan, C.Y.; Nicholson, C., 1986:
Modulation by applied electric fields of Purkinje and stellate cell activity in the isolated turtle cerebellum

Disturnal, J.E.; Veale, W.L.; Pittman, Q.J., 1987:
Modulation by arginine vasopressin of glutamate excitation in the ventral septal area of the rat brain

Hochman Y.; Carmeli C., 1981:
Modulation by bi carbonate phosphate and maleate of the kinetics of atpase activity and of the binding of manganese ions to chloroplast coupling factor 1

Pivovarov A.S.; Saganelidze G.N., 1986:
Modulation by calcium ions of short term plasticity of cholinoreceptive membrane of mollusk neurons

Majewska M.D.; Chuang D M., 1984:
Modulation by calcium of gamma amino butyric acid binding to alpha amino butyric acid a and alpha amino butyric acid b recognition sites in rat brain involvement of different mechanisms

Bonne, D.; Belhadi, O.; Cohen, P., 1977:
Modulation by calcium of the insulin action and of the insulin like effect of oxytocin on isolated rat lipocytes

Dumas D.; Charrier B.; Margotat A.; Mauchamp J., 1982:
Modulation by catecholamines and thyrotropin of cyclic amp response to beta adrenergic stimulation by cultured porcine thyroid cells

Benedetto A.; Zaniratti S.; Meo P.; Rossi G.B., 1979:
Modulation by cell trypsinization of sendai virus expression in african green monkey kidney cells 1st infection and establishment of a carrier state

Allan, I.; Pearce, J.H., 1979:
Modulation by centrifugation of cell susceptibility to chlamydial infection

Firozi P.F.; Aboobaker V.S.; Bhattacharya R.K., 1986:
Modulation by certain factors of metabolic activation of aflatoxin b 1 as detected in vitro in a simple fluorometric assay

Matsubara, T.; Frunzke, K.; Zumft, W.G., 1982:
Modulation by copper of the products of nitrite respiration in Pseudomonas perfectomarinus

Challis J.R.G.; Huhtanen D.; Sprague C.; Mitchell B.F.; Lye S.J., 1985:
Modulation by cortisol of acth induced activation of adrenal function in fetal sheep

Armerding, D.; Scriba, M.; Hren, A.; Rossiter, H., 1982:
Modulation by cyclosporin a of murine natural resistance against herpes simplex virus infection 1. interference with the susceptibility to herpes simplex virus infection

Armerding, D.; Scriba, M.; Kirchner, H.; Hren, A.; Rossiter, H., 1982:
Modulation by cyclosporin a of murine natural resistance against herpes simplex virus infection 2. influence on the herpes simplex virus induced natural killer cell responses macrophage activities and interferon levels

Umeki, S.; Nozawa, Y., 1984:
Modulation by dexamethasone of the fatty acyl coenzyme a desaturase ec system in tetrahymena pyriformis microsomes

Carmeli C.; Lifshitz Y.; Gutman M., 1981:
Modulation by divalent metal ions of the auto catalytic reactivity of atpase from chloroplasts

Steele, M.K.; McCann, S.M.; Negro-Vilar, A., 1982:
Modulation by dopamine and estradiol of the central effects of angiotensin II on anterior pituitary hormone release

Jacobi, J.M.; Lloyd, H.M., 1981:
Modulation by dopamine antagonists of DNA synthesis in the pituitary gland of the male rat

Brune, K.; Peskar, B.A., 1985:
Modulation by drugs of leukotriene and prostaglandin production from mouse peritoneal macrophages

Ishii T., 1981:
Modulation by endogenous opioid peptides of nonadrenergic neuro transmission in the guinea pig tenia coli

Stansfield, S.C.; Cunningham, F.J., 1987:
Modulation by endogenous opioid peptides of the secretion of LHRH from cockerel (Gallus domesticus) mediobasal hypothalamic tissue

Scardella, A.T.; Neubauer, J.A.; Edelman, N.H.; Santiago, T.V., 1988:
Modulation by endogenous opioids of pulmonary vasoconstrictor response to acute lung injury

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