Modulation by leaf age and sulfur di oxide concentration of the enzymic response to sub necrotic sulfur di oxide pollution

Pierre, M.; Queiroz, O.

Environmental Pollution Series A Ecological and Biological 28(3): 209-218


Accession: 005914020

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An increase in the capacity of several enzymes was observed in bean leaves under continuous subnecrotic pollution by SO2 at 0.06, 0.1 and 0.15 ppm. The kinetics, amplitude and duration of this functional readjustment depend on the level of pollutant in the air and on the developmental stage of the leaf at the onset of pollution. Young, metabolically very active leaves can undergo pollution with only a slight readjustment of enzyme capacity; in contrast, as leaves age and the level of their metabolic functioning becomes lower, a larger enzymic readjustment is required in response to pollution. This enzymic readjustment would probably contribute to stabilize the internal S content.