Moisture stress patterns and corn yields in northwestern iowa usa and adjacent areas

Dos Reis, N.V.B.; Shaw, R.H.

Iowa State Journal of Research 55(1): 13-24


Accession: 005916462

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Nine stations were used to determine the effect of different levels of spring soil moisture on a weighted stress index and on corn yields for northwestern Iowa and adjacent areas of Nebraska and South Dakota with a spring soil moisture of 100% field capacity, average corn yields ranged 5900-7800 kg/ha. For a soil moisture level of 60% of field capacity, average yields ranged 5300-7400 kg/ha, and at 20% of field capacity, from 3800-6400 kg/ha. Actual spring soil moisture levels across the area studied range from near 60% of field capacity in Iowa to near 20-30% of field capacity at Pickstown and Redfield, South Dakota.