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Molecular basis of genetic diversity among cytoplasms of triticum and aegilops species iv. chloroplast dna variation in aegilops triuncialis

Murai, K.; Tsunewaki, K.

Heredity 57(3): 335-340


ISSN/ISBN: 0018-067X
Accession: 005917098

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Restriction endonuclease analysis of chloroplast DNA of Ae. triuncialis was carried out. Thirteen accessions had the type 2a chloroplast genome derived from Ae. caudata, eight possessed type 3 chloroplast genome of Ae. umbellulata, and the remaining five contained a new chloroplast genome (named type 2b) differing from the former two, by a 0.3 kbp insertion and four base substitutions, respectively. The accessions with type 2a and type 3 chlorolast genomes distribute in wide areas, and in both of its subspecies, eu-triuncialis and orientalis, whereas those having the type 2b chloroplast genome occur only locally in Azerbaijan, Transcaucasus. From these results, the following two conclusions are drawn; (a) Ae. triuncialis originated from the reciprocal crosses between Ae. caudata and Ae. umbellulata, and (b) the type 2b chloroplast genome was arisen from type 2a chloroplast genome by a 0.3 kbp insertion.

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