Molluscan fossils from the neogene deposits scattered along the western wing of the hidaka mountains hokkaido japan

Suzuki, S.; Sakai, A.; Uozumi, S.

Journal of the Faculty of Science Hokkaido University Series IV Geology and Mineralogy 20(2-3): 225-248


Accession: 005920516

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A marine molluscan fauna was newly found in Tertiary deposits scattered along the western wing of the Hidaka Mountains. This fauna is composed of over 40 molluscan species in company with some species of brachiopods and others, and is characterized by a considerable number of cold and shallow water elements. The geological age of this fauna is discussed. The stratigraphy and the faunal assemblage are analyzed. This fauna may be referable to the Middle Miocene Kawabata Stage in the provincial Neogene molluscan succession of Hokkaido. In addition to the description of this fauna, the unique plicate species Mytilus (Plicatomytilus) hidakensis sp. nov. is discussed in detail; its morphological features in relation to its allied species are examined. [Other new species include M. (Mytilus) shunbetsuensis and Chlamys sakaii ].