Monocarpic senescence in helianthus annuus cultivar ec 68414 2. prevention of fruit induced senescence chlorophyll degradation and chlorophyllase activity by penicillin

Purohit, S.S.; Chandra, K.

Photosynthetica 17(2): 223-226


ISSN/ISBN: 0300-3604
Accession: 005923284

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A relationship between fruit development and monocarpic senescence in H. annuus cv. EC 68414 was studied. The developing fruit caused leaf chlorosis and increased chlorophyllase activity in leaves. Maturing fruits not only eventually killed the plant but also influenced the above-ground biomass and total fruit mass per 100 fruits. Foliar applications of penicillin (50-250 g m-3) prevented fruit-induced chlorophyll loss in this plant. In addition to halting leaf yellowing and shedding, this treatment inhibited chlorophyllase activity during senescence in these leaves. Above-ground biomass and fresh mass per 100 fruits were increased in penicillin-treated plants.