Section 6
Chapter 5,931

Morphological features of f 1 generation in rosa hybrids part 1 hybrids of some species of the section caninae with rosa rugosa

Jicinska, D.

Folia Geobotanica and Phytotaxonomica 11(3): 301-311


Accession: 005930913

Morphological features of the hybrids gained by crossing 4 spp. from the Caninae sect. (R. canina, R. zalana, R. rubiginosa and R. shererdii) with R. rugosa (Cinnamomeae sect.) varied in F1 generation only within individual variability and were more or less uniform. Even when mother genomes prevailed these hybrids with the Caninae mother plants were not considered matroclinal. Matroclinally inherited features of the hybrids were glabrosity of stems and nearly all morphological features of the leaves. The shape and quantity of the prickles were inherited patroclinally as well as somewhat more protruding nerves (although less than in R. rugosa) and the position of sepals which were always erect (except in hybrids of R. rubiginosa and R. sherardii possessing the same feature as R. rugosa). The size and color of flowers, bulkiness of hips and presence of appendages were intermediate features. All hybrid plants were highly vital and fertile.

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