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The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 5932

Chapter 5932 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Morphological findings in spontaneously hypertensive rats in comparison with findings after experimental renal hypertension
, Experimentelle Pathologie 15(6): 341-347 (1978)

Morphological findings in sudden death from coronary disease in younger women
, Zeitschrift fuer Rechtsmedizin 91(2): 85-100 (1983)

Morphological findings in the liver of children with cystic fibrosis: a light and electron microscopical study
, Hepatology 6(5): 881-889 (1986)

Morphological findings in the rabbit cornea after tear gas cauterization
, Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 218(4): 177-184 (1982)

Morphological findings in varicocele: an ultrastructural study of 30 bilateral testicular biopsies
, International Journal of Andrology 4(5): 515-531 (1981)

Morphological findings in Zieve's syndrome
, Zeitschrift für Rechtsmedizin. Journal of Legal Medicine 76(4): 335-341 (1975)

Morphological findings on the brain of rats after local freezing
, Acta Neuropathologica 37(2): 137-140 (1977)

Morphological findings relating to the problem of cortex and medulla in the pineal glands of rat and hamster
, Journal of Anatomy 136(Pt 4): 723-734 (1983)

Morphological fine tuning of retinotopy within the cat lateral geniculate nucleus
, Neuroscience Letters 39(1): 15-20 (1983)

Morphological form and photosynthetic performances of marine macro algae tests of a functional form hypothesis
, Botanica Marina 23(3): 161-166 (1980)

Morphological form variation in a loricate rotifer keratella tropica apstein from a perennial pond janaktal gwalior india
, Internationale Revue der Gesamten Hydrobiologie 71(2): 283-288 (1986)

Morphological forms and poly ploidy in triglochin procera in victoria australia
, Australian Journal of Botany 29(6): 639-652 (1981)

Morphological forms and viability of Campylobacter species studied by electron microscopy
, Journal of Bacteriology 164(1): 338-343 (1985)

Morphological forms of the water soldier stratiotes aloides
, Acta Hydrobiologica 25-26(2): 145-156 (1984)

Morphological functional and practical aspects of countercurrent systems in animals
, Monatshefte fuer Veterinaermedizin 40(14): 494-498 (1985)

Morphological functional changes in the liver after sub cutaneous administration of manganese compounds
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Gruzinskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskaya 4(5): 428-434 (1978)

Morphological functional characteristics of the digestive system of the mite amblyseius andersoni gamasoidea phytoseiidae
, Vestnik Zoologii 3: 82-86 (1977)

Morphological functional characteristics of the gonad wall of the scallop patinopecten yessoensis
, Biologiya Morya (Vladivostok) (3): 60-66 (1984)

Morphological functional characteristics of the tegument and the papilliform structures of notocotylus ephemera nitzsch 1817 harwood 1939 trematoda notocotylidae
, Khelmintologiya 23: 36-43 (1987)

Morphological grouping of prosthecobacteria
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR Seriya Biologicheskaya 5: 719-737 (1980)

Morphological growth behavioral development and parental care of broad winged hawks
, Journal of Field Ornithology 58(3): 334-344 (1987)

Morphological hematological and biochemical findings after heptacaine infusion
, Farmaceuticky Obzor 56(2): 61-68 (1987)

Morphological heterogeneity in childhood B cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
, Journal of Clinical Pathology 37(12): 1348-1352 (1984)

Morphological heterogeneity of bordetella pertussis populations and clones according to the data of electron microscopy
, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii 9: 54-58 (1984)

Morphological heterogeneity of Leu7, Leu11 and OKM1 positive lymphocyte subsets: an ultrastructural study with the immunogold method
, Clinical and Experimental Immunology 68(2): 331-339 (1987)

Morphological heterogeneity of nasal basophilic cells in nasal allergy
, Arerugi 33(5): 259-263 (1984)

Morphological heterogeneity of the cyanobacterium anabaena variabilis under different conditions of its growth and destruction
, Mikrobiologiya 48(5): 873-879 (1979)

Morphological, histochemical and biochemical observations on the connective tissue matrix of in situ and isolated hepatic granulomas in experimental murine schistosomiasis
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 80(1): 27-41 (1986)

Morphological, histochemical and biochemical studies on germ cell mitochondria of normal rats
, Cell and Tissue Research 196(1): 1-22 (1979)

Morphological, histochemical, and biochemical studies on the gut of Haemonchus contortus Rud., 1803)
, Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde 56(3): 267-273 (1978)

Morphological histochemical and electron microscopic studies of organs and tissues of goats treated with ruelene
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Turkmenskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk 4: 39-45 (1982)

Morphological, histochemical and histoenzymatic investigations on the lungs of mice chronically infected with influenza virus type A
, Virologie 36(1): 11-14 (1985)

Morphological histochemical and ultrastructural observations on the proctodeal glands of adult and young impuberal female rabbits
, Archivio Italiano di Anatomia e di Embriologia 84(2): 149-170 (1979)

Morphological histological and cytological study of an infrequent tumor observed in leaves of brassica oleracea
, Bulletin de la Societe Botanique de France 125(3-4): 139-152 (1978)

Morphological histological and functional aspects of alimentary canal and associated organ development in larval leiostomus xanthurus
, Revue Canadienne de Biologie 39(2): 69-80 (1980)

Morphological histological and lipid changes during adventitious budding in pinus pinaster cultured cotyledons
, Journal of Experimental Botany 39(204): 907-916 (1988)

Morphological histological and ultrastructural review of the olfactory mucosa 2. the neurosensorial cell the chorion
, Anales Otorrinolaringologicos Ibero Americanos 12(5): 385-402 (1985)

Morphological histological characteristics of sections of the intestine malpighian tubules and salivary glands in larvae of the sawfly pontania proxima hymenoptera tenthredinidae in relation to their lifestyle
, Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 57(3): 488-494 (1978)

Morphological homogeneity in the turtle sternotherus odoratus kinosternidae throughout its range
, Journal of Herpetology 17(2): 113-120 (1983)

Morphological homogeneity of male genitalia in glossina palpalis palpalis diptera muscidae from ivory coast
, Cahiers O R S T O M (Office de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique Outre-Mer) Serie Entomologie Medicale et Parasitologie 23(1): 55-60 (1985)

Morphological identification and biochemical characterization of isolated brain cell nuclei from the developing rat cerebellum
, Brain Research 170(3): 443-457 (1979)

Morphological identification and functional analysis of central neurons innervating the penis retractor muscle of helix pomatia
, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A 63(4): 599-614 (1979)

Morphological identification of alpha-I-antitrypsin in the human small intestine
, Histopathology 6(1): 55-60 (1982)

Morphological identification of brain stem neurones associated with predatory behaviour elicited by lateral hypothalamic electrical stimulation in the cat: a retrograde transport study using horseradish peroxidase subsequent to an electrolytic lesion
, Brain Research 224(1): 141-148 (1981)

Morphological identification of st. augustinegrass stenotaphrum secundatum cultivars
, Crop Science 26(1): 28-32 (1986)

Morphological identification of the motor neurons innervating the dorsal longitudinal flight muscle of Drosophila melanogaster
, Journal of Comparative Neurology 273(3): 436-444 (1988)

Morphological identification of the receptors activated under the specific acoustic load in the tympanal organ of the cricket gryllus bimaculatus
, Zhurnal Evolyutsionnoi Biokhimii i Fiziologii 23(5): 600-605 (1987)

Morphological identification of the sex of the atlantic salmon salmo salar
, Bulletin Francais de la Peche et de la Pisciculture 300: 13-18 (1986)

Morphologic identity of primary tumor and axillary metastases in breast carcinoma. A quantitative study
, Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 109(3): 256-259 (1985)

Morphological, immunochemical, and biochemical study of rabbit achilles tendon at various ages
, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume 62(4): 583-598 (1980)

Morphological, immunological, and biochemical analyses of chicken spleen cells transformed in vitro by reticuloendotheliosis virus strain T
, Cancer Research 42(7): 2722-2728 (1982)

Morphological indications for compartmental boundaries in the imaginal wing disc of drosophila melanogaster
, Netherlands Journal of Zoology 31(4): 773-776 (1981)

Morphological indices of the effectiveness of the therapeutic effect of the compound l 2 on the tumoral process and some organs of the tumor carrier
, Zhurnal Eksperimental'noi i Klinicheskoi Meditsiny 25(1): 17-21 (1985)

Morphological indices of the peripheral blood during chemo radiation therapy of patients with malignant tumors of the maxilla
, Meditsinskaya Radiologiya 24(3): 3-9 (1979)

Morphological inheritance in selected pinus echinata pinus taeda and putative hybrids
, Canadian Journal of Forest Research 6(3): 395-399 (1976)

Morphological integrity of single adult cardiac myocytes isolated by collagenase treatment: immunolocalization of tubulin, microtubule-associated proteins 1 and 2, plectin, vimentin, and vinculin
, European Journal of Cell Biology 38(1): 113-122 (1985)

Morphological integrity of the rat superior cervical ganglion after prolonged incubation in vitro
, Acta Anatomica 112(2): 137-141 (1982)

Morphological intergradation between modern populations of lophospyris and phormospyris trissocyclidae radiolaria
, Micropaleontology (New York) 22(4): 379-418 (1976)

Morphological intergradation of varieties of bidens aristosa compositae in northern arkansas usa
, Rhodora 79(818): 203-213 (1977)

Morphological interpretation of the cactaceae flower 1. gynoecium
, Biologicheskie Nauki (Moscow) (11): 66-71 (1981)

Morphological interpretation of the cactus flower 2. receptacle perianth androecium
, Biologicheskie Nauki (Moscow) (5): 75-80 (1982)

Morphological interrelations in digestive organs in ulcer disease and in postgastrectomic complications
, Materia Medica Polona. Polish Journal of Medicine and Pharmacy 11(3): 279-287 (1979)

Morphological intraspecific variation, according to the biotope, in larvae of the Simulium damnosum complex
, Annales de la Societe Belge de Medecine Tropicale 61(3): 399-403 (1981)

Morphological investigation into functions of the jaw symphysis in carnivorans
, Journal of Morphology 167(3): 339-375 (1981)

Morphological investigation of cavity formation in articular cartilage induced by ofloxacin in rats
, Fundamental and Applied Toxicology: Official Journal of the Society of Toxicology 11(1): 110-119 (1988)

Morphological investigation of early changes in rat bones during exposure to simulated weightlessness
, Kosmicheskaia Biologiia i Aviakosmicheskaia Meditsina 21(6): 36-39 (1987)

Morphological investigation of human synovial cells in organ and explant cultures
, Zeitschrift fuer Rheumatologie 47(1): 30-36 (1988)

Morphological investigation of innominate bones from pleistocene in japan with special reference to the akashi man
, Journal of the Anthropological Society of Nippon 90(Suppl): 27-54 (1982)

Morphological investigation of osteochondrosis induced by ofloxacin in rats
, Fundamental and Applied Toxicology: Official Journal of the Society of Toxicology 11(1): 120-131 (1988)

Morphological investigation of recent palmae pollen grains
, Acta Botanica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 26(3-4): 339-374 (1980)

Morphological investigation of sensory nerve endings of the human larynx
, Otologia Fukuoka 31(Suppl 1): 330-345 (1985)

Morphological investigation of the deep pineal of the rat
, Cell and Tissue Research 210(2): 283-294 (1980)

Morphological investigation of the peripheral distribution of cutaneous nerves in the upper extremity
, Okajimas Folia Anatomica Japonica 58(4-6): 603-612 (1982)

Morphological investigation on ectopic erythropoiesis in experimental hemolytic anemia
, Cytobiologie 15(3): 391-409 (1977)

Morphological investigation on the brain of pangolins mammalia pholidota with special regard to the cerebellum
, Zoologischer Anzeiger 197(5-6): 313-331 (1976)

Morphological investigation on the effect of low positive temperature over the structure of chloroplasts from various maize hybrids
, Fiziologiya na Rasteniyata 5(3): 62-71 (1979)

Morphological investigations in involucral and receptacular bracts of the genus carlina l
, Flora (Jena) 179(1): 17-33 (1987)

Morphological investigations into reactive changes of articular cartilage in experimentally induced erysipelas arthritis
, Zeitschrift fuer Rheumatologie 46(3): 112-119 (1987)

Morphological investigations of a porous aluminum oxide ceramic and the consequences for clinical application
, Archives of Orthopaedic and Traumatic Surgery. Archiv für Orthopadische und Unfall-Chirurgie 106(6): 385-389 (1987)

Morphological investigations of animal skins excavated at naklo on notec poland
, Zoologica Poloniae 28(1): 57-84 (1980)

Morphological investigations of eosinophil granulocyte series in bone marrow of white rats
, Acta Haematologica Polonica 13(1-2): 17-24 (1982)

Morphological investigations of european nicoletiellidae acari trombidiformes
, Acarologia 21(3-4): 367-383 (1980)

Morphological investigations of leydig cells in impaired fertility
, Zentralblatt fuer Gynaekologie 107(5): 280-287 (1985)

Morphological investigations of mixed pituitary adenomas
, Acta Morphologica Hungarica 31(4): 353-364 (1983)

Morphological investigations of the arterial system in pinnipeds
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 65(9): 1400-1410 (1986)

Morphological investigations of the level of aberrance of abdominal aorta's big visceral branches
, Acta Biologiae et Medicinae Experimentalis 12(1): 15-18 (1987)

Morphological investigations of the masticatory apparatus of the shrews suncus murinus soriculus nigrescens and soriculus caudatus soricidae
, Saeugetierkundliche Mitteilungen 31(1): 27-46 (1983)

Morphological investigations of the rete testis of the domestic goat capra hircus
, Anatomia Histologia Embryologia 13(1): 42-49 (1984)

Morphological investigations of the sense organs on antennae in ischnoceran mallophaga of birds
, Angewandte Parasitologie 27(4): 241-251 (1986)

Morphological investigations on a protective effect of small doses of carbon tetra chloride on rat liver
, Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska Sectio D Medicina 35: 259-262 (1980)

Morphological investigations on axonal swellings and spheroids in various human diseases
, Virchows Archiv. A Pathological Anatomy and Histology 378(3): 181-197 (1978)

Morphological investigations on the flowers of erythrina lysistemon
, Biologisch Jaarboek 48: 126-140 (1980)

Morphological investigations on the toxicity of ethacrynic acid in the spiral prominence
, Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 236(6): 217-228 (1982)

Morphological irregularities in Dane particle cores
, Journal of General Virology 45(2): 509-514 (1979)

Morphological islet changes in the rat following injection of homologous homogenized islets
, Journal of the Japan Diabetes Society 24(7): 761-763 (1981)

Morphological karyologic and cultural characteristics of mycelia of 3 species of rickenella agaricales
, Beihefte zur Sydowia Annales Mycologici Ser II 8: 251-254 (1979)

Morphological karyological and taxonomic investigations in micrasterias the denticulata complex
, Mitteilungen aus dem Institut fuer Allgemeine Botanik Hamburg 15: 53-68 (1977)

Morphological karyological and taxonomic studies of fresh water planarians from south brazil 4. dugesia anderlani new species turbellaria tricladida paludicola from sao leopoldo in estado de rio grande do sul
, Annotationes Zoologicae Japonenses 56(3): 196-208 (1983)

Morphological lesions in the brain preceding the development of postischemic seizures
, Acta Neuropathologica 76(3): 253-264 (1988)

Morphological limitations prey size selectivity and growth response of juvenile atlantic salmon salmo salar
, Journal of Fish Biology 14(1): 89-100 (1979)

Morphological localization of peripheral nervous system myelin proteins
, Brain Research 152(1): 17-30 (1978)

Morphological malformations among scorpions of puerto rico and the adjacent islands
, Pan-Pacific Entomologist 62(1): 77-82 (1986)

Morphological manifestations of disorders of renal tissue differentiation in children
, Arkhiv Patologii 41(10): 6-13 (1979)

Morphological manifestations of functional changes in the hypothalamic pituitary neuro secretory system and the kidneys of rats after space flight
, Kosmicheskaia Biologiia i Aviakosmicheskaia Meditsina 11(5): 72-76 (1977)

Morphological manifestations of immune responses in stomach cancer and their links with tumor histological structure
, Voprosy Onkologii (St Petersburg) 27(7): 25-31 (1981)

Morphologic manifestations of intercellular interaction in the organs of immunogenesis
, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii 1980(6): 54-57 (1980)

Morphological manifestations of intra cellular toxic effect of the causative agents of the ornithosis lympho granuloma trachoma group
, Voprosy Virusologii 3: 336-341 (1975)

Morphological manifestations of near and delayed effects of americium 241 inhaled by dogs
, Radiobiologiya 27(6): 796-800 (1987)

Morphological manifestations of primate adaptation to orthograde statics and upright posture
, Kosmicheskaia Biologiia i Aviakosmicheskaia Meditsina 21(6): 50-54 (1987)

Morphological manifestations of the age reactivity in fetuses in bovine escherichia coli abortion
, Obshta i Sravnitelna Patologiya 7: 102-109 (1979)

Morphological manifestations of tumor progression
, Arkhiv Patologii 44(2): 3-8 (1982)

Morphological markers of oncogenic transformation in respiratory tract epithelial cells
, Cancer Research 39(7 Pt 1): 2390-2399 (1979)

Morphological measurements meristic enumeration and taxonomy of the coelacanth latimeria chalumnae
, Naturaliste Canadien (Quebec) 105(2): 63-76 (1978)

Morphological metabolism of nucleic acids in chick ovary after hatching 2. auto radiographic investigations of rna synthesis
, Acta Morphologica (Sofia) (4): 10-17 (1983)

Morphological methods in diagnosis of early cervical cancer
, Voprosy Onkologii (Stsburg). 24(3): 87-90 (1978)

Morphological micro variations among males and females living in the parisian region france related to geographical origin and professional categories
, Bulletins et Memoires de la Societe d'Anthropologie de Paris 6(3 SERIES 13): 269-294 (1979)

Morphological mimicry of feeble poly dactyly cleft of the distal phalanges in rana temporaria
, Bulletin Mensuel de la Societe Linneenne de Lyon 46(5): 143-146 (1977)

Morphological modifications in experimental hydrosalpinx
, Journal de Gynecologie Obstetrique et biologie de la Reproduction 15(7): 887-892 (1986)

Morphological modifications induced by long term aseptic cultivation in 4 species of liverworts
, Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica 35(4-6): 103-112 (1984)

Morphological modifications of corpuscles of stannius of freshwater mud eel amphipnous cuchia in response to calcium rich medium
, Boletim de Zoologia 8: 25-28 (1984)

Morphological modifications of oocyte vitelline envelope from bufo arenarum during different functional states
, Development Growth and Differentiation 26(1): 33-42 (1984)

Morphological modifications of pigeon columba livia adrenal glands after hemispherectomy
, Studia Universitatis Babes Bolyai Biologia 1: 29-37 (1978)

Morphological monotypic and polytypic species of lepidoptera
, Studii si Cercetari de Biologie 26(4): 219-224 (1974)

Morphological morphometric and allometric variations in hemicriconemoides cocophillus from orissa india
, Indian Journal of Nematology 15(2): 180-185 (1985)

Morphological mutant of rhizoctonia solani and its cell wall component
, Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 50(4): 915-922 (1986)

Morphological mutants of certain species of dematiaceae family
, Mikrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 46(2): 18-24 (1984)

Morphological mutants of emmonsia crescens the causative agent of adiaspiro mycosis
, Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis Facultatis Medicae 76: 25-32 (1976)

Morphological mutants of Escherichia coli: nature of the permeability barrier in mon and envC cells
, Annales de Microbiologie 129(3): 265-284 (1978)

Morphological mutants of yeasts saccharomyces cerevisiae
, Genetica 4(9): 82-88 (1968)

Morphological nature of disease resistance in winged bean cultivars to phoma sorghina
, International Journal of Tropical Plant Diseases 3(1): 57-62 (1985)

Morphological nature of floral cup in lauraceae
, Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences Section B 88(4 Part 2): 277-282 (1979)

Morphological nature of uniform fruiting phenomenon in apple and pear
, Sel'skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 3: 88-93 (1983)

Morphological normality of cattle embryos following super ovulation using pregnant mare serum gonadotropin
, Theriogenology 10(2-3): 175-180 (1978)

Morphological notes on oreohelix amariradix pulmonata oreohelicidae
, Nautilus 94(1): 27-30 (1980)

Morphological notes on the polyp and medusa of climaccodon ikarii hydrozoa margelopsidae in hokkaido japan
, Journal of the Faculty of Science Hokkaido University Series VI Zoology 22(1): 122-136 (1979)

Morphological novelty in the limb skeleton accompanies miniaturization in salamanders
, Science 229(4716): 871-874 (1985)

Morphological observation of actinomycetes strains by scanning electron microscopy
, Institute for Fermentation Research Communications (Osaka) (13): 35-44 (1987)

Morphological observation of bovine embryos cultured by test tube methods
, Japanese Journal of Animal Reproduction 27(1): 40-44 (1981)

Morphological observation of carcinoma of cervix uteri during pregnancy
, Tianjin Medical Journal 10(3): 147-149 (1982)

Morphological observation of developmental stages in oithona brevicornis copepoda cyclopoida
, Bulletin of Plankton Society of Japan 26(2): 59-76 (1979)

Morphological observation of early endothelial changes induced by various vascular clips for temporary occlusion
, Journal of Catholic Medical College 34(3): 481-492 (1981)

Morphological observation of the calli derived from 4 coniferous species in vitro
, Wood Research 71: 1-12 (1985)

Morphological observation of the elongated materials on the surface of porcine uterus and bovine cervical epithelium
, Japanese Journal of Animal Reproduction 27(3-4): 143-144 (1981)

Morphological observation of the protective effects of coenzyme q 10 on ischemic injury to myo cardium in dogs with left ventricular hypertrophy
, Sapporo Medical Journal 50(6): 479-492 (1981)

Morphological observation of the veliger and the creeping larvae of an abalone haliotis discus hannai from rebun island in the northwestern hokkaido japan
, Scientific Reports of Hokkaido Fisheries Experimental Station 19: 13-19 (1977)

Morphological observation on euglena gracilis grown in zinc sufficient media containing cadmium ions
, Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 44(10): 2305-2316 (1980)

Morphological observation on extramedullary hematopoiesis of human fetuses
, Seoul Journal of Medicine 25(2): 117-122 (1984)

Morphological observation on liver fluke detected from naturally infected carabaos in the philippines
, Science Reports of Faculty of Agriculture Kobe University 16(1): 353-357 (1984)

Morphological observation on the atrial septum in chinese
, Zhonghua Xinxueguanbing Zazhi 14(2): 112-114, 127 (1986)

Morphological observation on the fibrous materials in the gilts vagina
, Tohoku Journal of Agricultural Research 31(1): 1-7 (1980)

Morphological observation on the photodynamic effect of carcinophotofrin plus light radiation killing human liver cancer cells in vivo
, Acta Pharmacologica Sinica 8(5): 471-474 (1987)

Morphological observations and chromosome numbers in trifolium section chronosemium
, Cytologia 48(3): 671-678 (1983)

Morphological observations and microspectrophotometric data from photoreceptors in the retina of the sea raven hemitripterus americanus
, Biological Bulletin (Woods Hole) 167(2): 437-444 (1984)

Morphological observations and rates of protein synthesis in rat muscles incubated in vitro
, Biochemical Journal 232(3): 927-930 (1985)

Morphological observations concerning the pattern of mineralization of the normal and the rachitic chick growth cartilage
, Anatomy and Embryology 175(4): 457-466 (1987)

Morphological observations during the ontogenetic development of cilliba cassidea anactinotrichida uropodina
, Acarologia 18(4): 575-593 (1977)

Morphological observations of Diplodia maydis on synthetic and natural substrates as revealed by scanning electron microscopy
, Applied Microbiology 27(1): 232-250 (1974)

Morphological observations of mineralizing pericardium cardiac grafts
, Scanning Electron Microscopy 1985(Pt 3): 1253-1258 (1985)

Morphological observations of ookinete formation in rodent plasmodium plasmodium berghei yoelii in vitro
, Acta Zoologica Sinica 27(2): 153-157 (1981)

Morphological observations of peripheral nerves by the scanning electron microscope
, Folia Psychiatrica et Neurologica Japonica 35(4): 501-506 (1981)

Morphological observations of rabbit gastric fundus cells in primary culture
, Hiroshima Journal of Medical Sciences 36(3): 283-287 (1987)

Morphological observations of the fetal rat spleen during prolonged gestation
, Acta Anatomica 117(3): 231-238 (1983)

Morphological observations of the large intestine in the common vole microtus arvalis pallas
, Zoological Science 5(1): 205-208 (1988)

Morphological observations of torsional fractures of the adult tibial shaft
, Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica 54(4): 627-633 (1983)

Morphological observations of tubal eggs super ovulated from immature hamsters
, Japanese Journal of Animal Reproduction 26(3): 138-140 (1980)

Morphological observations on acrothrix gracilis new record chordariales phaeophyta in japan
, Japanese Journal of Phycology 31(3): 167-172 (1983)

Morphological observations on cell division and conjugation of myxamoebae of physarum polycephalum
, Natural Science Report of the Ochanomizu University 30(2): 53-60 (1979)

Morphological observations on cleavage of the egg of the medaka oryzias latipes following injection with flagellar micro tubules of sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus spermatozoa
, Journal of Experimental Zoology 218(2): 293-300 (1981)

Morphological Observations on Clonorchis Sinensis Obtained from Rats Treated with Praziquantel
, Kisaengch'unghak Chapchi. Korean Journal of Parasitology 18(2): 192-198 (1980)

Morphological observations on holothyrida 1. thonius braueri
, Acarologia 24(4): 333-342 (1983)

Morphological observations on leaf haustoria and related organs of the south african genus hyobanche scrophulariaceae
, Canadian Journal of Botany 56(23): 2981-2986 (1978)

Morphological observations on mesoporos perforatus new record dinophyceae
, Japanese Journal of Phycology 33(3): 210-214 (1985)

Morphological observations on patients with presumed trichiasis
, British Journal of Ophthalmology 72(1): 17-22 (1988)

Morphological observations on polyaspis patavinus acari uropodida part 1 morphology of the idiosoma during ontogenetic development
, Acarologia 17(3): 410-435 (1976)

Morphological observations on polyaspis patavinus acari uropodida part 2 morphology and chaetotaxy of the appendages during post embryonic development
, Acarologia 18(2): 194-216 (1976)

Morphological observations on porphyra occidentalis rhodophyta bangiales collected near carmel california usa
, Journal of the Faculty of Science Hokkaido University Series V Botany 13(1): 77-98 (1983)

Morphological observations on prasiola japonica and related species chlorophyta prasiolales
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