Morphology and bionomics of the chamaesphecia schmidtiiformis freyer 1836 and chamaesphecia doleriformis herrich schaffer 1846 and bionomics of bembecia leucomelaena zeller 1847 lepidoptera sesiidae

Tosevski, I.

Fragmenta Balcanica Musei Macedonici Scientiarum Naturalium 12(16): 179-189


Accession: 005932295

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The host plant of the Chamaesphecia schmidtiiformis (Freyer, 1836) and Chamaesphecia doleriformis (Herrich-Schaffer, 1846) is Salvia sclarea (Lamiaceae). A detailed description of the male and female genitalias of these species is given. The host plant of Bembecia (Synansphecia) leucomelaena (Zeller, 1847) is Sanguisorba minor (Rosaceae). This has been established in the course of 1984-1985 in the surroundings of Trogir and Zadar (Dalmacia, Yugoslavia) where plants attacted by caterpillars of the mentioned species have been found.